Dr Efthymios Balomenos

Laboratory of Metallurgy, National Technical University of Athens (NTUA), School of Mining and Metallurgical Engineering, 15780 Zografou, Greece

Dr Efthymios Balomenos studied Mining and Metallurgical engineering at National Technical University of Athens, Greece, and received his PhD degree in Thermodynamics from the same university in 2006. Since 2008 he has been working in the Laboratory of Metallurgy as a postdoctoral researcher focusing on sustainable process development, CO2 mitigation strategies, exergy analysis and resource utilization efficiency. He is involved in the research management and coordination of several collaborative large scale research projects (ENEXAL, EURARE, SCALE, ENSUREAL, REMOVAL, BIORECOVER, AlSiCaL, ReActiv) most of which focus on bauxite residue valorisation.

He has more than 75 research publications in journals and conference proceedings with more than 600 citations and an h-index of 14. Since 2015, he is employed in MYTILINEOS SA as residue valorisation engineer. He was a recipient of the TMS Light Metals Subject Award – Alumina & Bauxite in 2017 and since 2020 he is an ICSOBA regional ambassador.

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