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Platinum Metals Rev., 1966, 10, (4), 144

Supported Platinum Metal Catalysts

A Review of Russian Researches

While a great volume of literature is nowadays flowing from workers in the field of catalysis throughout Europe and the United States, a significant amount of work is also being published on this subject in the Soviet Union. The difficulty of keeping abreast with developments is great enough in the more generally understood languages, but is even more onerous with Russian papers. The recent enterprise in publishing full translations of Russian journals has, however, helped materially, a good example being an exhaustive review on supported platinum metal catalysts. This quite massive paper, by E. I. Gil’debrand, first published as “Katalizatory na Nositelyakh” (Trudy Inst. Khim. Nauk, Akad. Nauk Kaz. S.S.R., 1965, 13, 67–117), and now available in English (Internat. Chem. Engng., 1966, 6, (3), 449–480), surveys over two hundred and forty published papers, the great majority of them of Russian origin.

Many aspects of the whole field of catalyst theory and practice are covered, starting with methods of preparation and the role of the support in determining catalytic properties, and going on to deal with methods of investigating the structure of supported catalysts and with both theoretical views and experimental data on their activity.

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