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Platinum Metals Rev., 1980, 24, (4), 137

The Niobium-Palladium System

The production of accurate alloy constitution data is not generally considered to be a popular pursuit at present. It is therefore all the more commendable to see that the extended collaborative study under way on alloys of the Group V transition metals with some of the platinum group is continuing to produce valuable information. The latest phase diagram published (B. C. Giessen, N. J. Grant, D. P. Parker, R. C. Manuszewski and R. M. Waterstrat, Metall. Trans., 1980, 11A, (5), 709–715) is concerned with the niobium-palladium system over the full range of compositions. Terminal solubilities are reported to be high, with a maximum of 36 atomic per cent palladium in α -niobium at 1520°C and 31 atomic per cent niobium in α -palladium at 1610°C. The presence of three intermediate phases is confirmed in the system, NbPd2, α -NbPd3 and β -NbPd3. Full crystallographic and lattice spacing data are given for these phases. A further phase NbPd was found at high temperatures only, and is possibly an extension of the α -palladium cubic solid solution. Discrepancies between this and previous work on the intermediate phases in the system are now largely resolved.

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