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Platinum Metals Rev., 1990, 34, (3), 154

A Stimulating Electrode

An electrical prosthesis may be used to artificially restore some function of the body which has been lost due to accident or disease. A review of the role of the platinum metals in this important biomedical application has been published here previously (P. E. K. Donaldson, Platinum Metals Rev., 1987, 31, (1), 2-7).

Now a paper from the University of Michigan describes a process for producing passive multi-electrode stimulating probes for use in neutral prostheses, based on a planar iridium oxide film (S. J. Tanghe, K. Najafi and K. D. Wise, Sens. Actuators B, 1990, BI, 464-467). Activated iridium oxide stimulating sites are shown to be capable of delivering very high charge densities to the tissue on a chronic basis.

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