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Platinum Metals Rev., 1991, 35, (1), 21

Quasicrystals in Rapidly Solidified Alloys

Five-fold electron diffraction patterns were found in a rapidly solidified aluminium-palladium alloy in 1978. Although a number of quasicrystals have since been identified in particular alloys of aluminium with a platinum metal, no systematic study has been made.

Now a series of papers on the topic, reporting work carried out in the P. R. China, has been published in the J. Less-Common Met., 1990, 163, (1). An overview of quasicrystals in aluminium-transition metal alloys in general, and aluminium-platinum group metals in particular, is presented by K. H. Kuo (Pages 9–17). Aluminium-ruthenium and aluminium-osmium alloys have been studied by Zhong-Min Wang, Yi-Qun Gao and K. H. Kuo, mainly by transmission electron microscopy. They observed icosahedral quasicrystals in melt-spun ribbons of Al s Ru, but not in Al 5 Os. Decagonal quasicrystals form readily in the latter, but only rarely in the former (Pages 19-26).

Rong Wang, Lina Ma and K. H. Kuo have discovered decagonal quasicrystals in both rapidly solidified Al s Rh and Al 5 Ir, and in addition have found two new hexagonal aluminium-iridium phases (Pages 27-35). L. Ma, R. Wang and K. H. Kuo confirm the presence of decagonal quasicrystals in rapidly solidified Al5Pd, but not in Al5Pt (Pages 37–49).

Grove Fuel Cell Symposium

The successful First Grove Cell Symposium, held in London, England during September, 1989, was reviewed here immediately after the conference (D. G. Lovering, Platinum Metals Rev., 1989, 33, (4), 169-177). A second meeting is now planned, and this will again be held at the Royal Institution, London, from 24th to 27th September, 1991.

In addition to those already engaged in fuel cell technology, the Symposium is expected to be of particular importance to people involved with advanced energy systems, and those responsible for energy and environmental policy making.

Further information can be obtained from: Kay Russell, Elsevier Seminars, 256 Banbury Road, Oxford OX2 7DH, England.

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