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Platinum Metals Rev., 1991, 35, (4), 208

Palladium Contact Materials

The development of a process that enables palladium-nickel alloy films of accurately controlled composition to be electrodeposited has been reported by scientists at AT&T Bell Laboratories, Murray Hill, New Jersey, (J. A. Abys, H. K. Straschil, I. Kadija, E. J. Kudrak and J. Blee, Metal Finish., 1991, 89, (7), 43).

The formulation of the bath depends upon the intended plating operation and the alloy required. While temperature, pH, current density, and solution agitation all influence the composition of the electrodeposit, the key factor is the palladium:nickel ratio of the bath. The bath is generally operated at about 35°C, and at a neutral to slightly alkaline pH.

Deposits range from 10 to 30 weight per cent nickel. They have excellent appearance and bulk thermal stability; they are very ductile, harder than hard gold and low in contaminants.

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