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Platinum Metals Rev., 1993, 37, (4), 241

Subject Index to Volume 37

a = abstract Page
Acetic Anhydride, synthesis, a 116
Acetoxylation, hexane-1, cyclohexane, in PdCl4 2, a 173
Acetylene, reactions, a 117, 229
Acrolein, asymmetric Michael addition, a 49
Advanced Coating Technology, A.C.T. 62
Air, pollution control 210
Alcohols, allyl, for addition of steroidal acetylenes, a 117
benzyl, electro-oxidation on [Ruv(L)(0)]2+/Nafion, a 43
electro-oxidation, on [Ru(trpy)(bpy)O] 2+, a 44
methyl, adsorbed species on Pt electrodes, a 42
electro-oxidation, at modified Pt/Nafion electrode, a 117
at Pt/, Pt-Ru/C electrodes, a 110
on Ir, a 43
on Pt/Au, a 42
to HCHO and CO2, a 228
optically active, synthesis, a 115
oxidation with tert-butyl hydroperoxide + Rh catalyst, a 175
oxidation, a 117
sensor, a 227
unsaturated, synthesis from citral hydrogenation, a 47
Aldehydes, reactions, a 114, 115, 117, 173
Alkanes, trichlorosilyl, synthesis, a 115
Alkenes, reactions, a 49, 113, 115, 116, 173
Alkyl Halides, oxidation to carboxylic acids, a 117
Alkylation, of allylic carbonates, a 48
Alkynes, reactions, a 48, 115, 173, 175
Allylic Carbonates, O-alkylation, a 48
Alphacalcidiol, synthesis, a 48
Ammonia, reactions, for NO reduction with Pt electrode 8
oxidation, Russian catalysis 136
Anilines, reactions, a 47, 230
Arenes, mono-, dinitro-, carbonylation, a 173
Aromatisation, ethane, hexanes, a 46, 114, 171
Aryl Triflates, for biaryl synthesis, a 48
Benzene, reactions, a 171, 228
Benzylideneacetone, reduction, by Ir complex, a 174
Biaryls, electrosynthesis, a 48
Biology, Pt in, book review 85
Bonding, Pt, Pd in 45, 143
Book Reviews, “Availability of Platinum and  
Platinum-Group Metals”, U.S. Bureau of Mines 71
“Catalytic Activation of Dioxygen by Metal Complexes” 23
“Catalytic Control of Air Pollution: Mobile and Stationary Sources, ACS Symp. Series 495” 210
“Homogeneous Transition Metal Catalysed Reactions” 151
membrane catalysis 153
“Noble Metals and Biological Systems: Their Role in Medicine, Mineral Exploration and the Environment” 85
“Transition Metal Organometallics for Organic Synthesis” 71
Brazil, Pt potential, geology, research 223
n-Butane, reactions, a 47, 114, 228
Butenes, production from neohexane, a 116
γ-Butyrolactones, substituted, production, a 114
Cadmium, determination in water, a 170
Calcitriol, synthesis, a 48
Cancer, antitumour complexes, a 50, 175, 231
Capacitors, multilayer, ceramic, with Pd inks, a 166
Carbon, determination in seawater, a 170
fibres, oxidation in Pt holder, a 113
structural, Ir coatings on 219
Carbon Oxides, CO2, reduced, adsorbed species on Pt, a 42
sensor, a 45
CO, adsorption in 3 forms on Pt, a 42
carbonylation of pentane by RhCl(PMe3 )2 (CO), a 168
for cyclooctadiene hydrogenation, a 114
interaction with Pt(NH3)4 2+/zeolite NaX, a 171
oligomerisation with norbornene, a 46
oxidation, on Pd, a 46, 114
removal with NO over Pt/V2 O5 /TiO2, a 43
sensors, a 227
Carbonylation, a,Ω-diamines, polyurea synthesis, a 174
arenes, by Pd clay + Ru3 (CO)12, a 173
book review 151
pentane, by Rh complex, a 168
Carboxylic Acids, reactions, a 48, 117, 173, 175
Catalysis, heterogeneous, a 45-47, 113-114, 171-172, 228-229
homogeneous, a 47-49, 114-117, 172-175, 229-230
book review 151
membrane, review of journals 153
Iridium, Ir/Al2O3, sol gel preparation, a 47
Ir/γ-Al2 O3, for selective reduction of NOx by HC, a 171 Iridium Complexes, IrCl3 H(P’Pr3 )2, for reduction of unsaturated organic substrates, a 174
Osmium Complexes, OsO4 for crotylsilane, olefin dihydroxylation, a 116, 174
for oxidation of fluorinated olefins, a 116
Palladium, amine precursor anchoring to SiO2, a 46
black, for cyclooctadiene hydrogenation, a 114
giant ligand stabilised clusters, a 171
for norbornene-CO oligomerisation, a 46
Pd+Ag/C, preparation, properties, a 42
Pd(110), for CO oxidation, a 114
Pd-Rh, Hg poisoning, a 229
Pd-Rh/SiO2, CO oxidation, a 46
Pd/Al2 O3, graphite, AIF3, Pd black, CF3 Cl2 conversion, a 229
Pd/C, for organic waste pollution control in water, a 46
for phenol hydrogenation, a 114
Pd/γ-Al2 O3, for selective reduction of NOx by HC, a 171
Pd/Pt colloids+polymer, for diene hydrogenation, a 229
Pd/support, solvated metal atom impregnation 72
Pd(II), electroless, for photopatterning, a 169
Pd(II) complex/montmorillonite  
silylpropylethylenediamine, olefin oxidation, a 46
Pd(II) polymer supported, for dec-1 -ene oxidation, a 229
PdO-MoO/γ-Al2O3, for NO reduction, a 172
PdO/ZrO2, preparation, activity, a 47
PdSO4 -H2 SO4 /SiO2, for methane oxidation, a 172
Palladium Alloys, Pd-Cu, for nitrate, nitrite removal 211
Palladium Complexes, chiral monophosphine-Pd, a 115
colloidal, for hydrogenation, dehydrohalogenations, a 230
for cross-coupling reactions, a 48
Pd(0) highly active from Pd(OAc)2 + Bu3 P, a 173
for O-alkylation of allylic carbonates by phenols, a 48
Pd2 (dba)3 -PBu3, for alkynes hydrogenation, a 173
Pd2 (dba)3.CHCl3 +PPh3, for vitamin D synthesis, a 42
Pd-R-, S-l-(4-vinylphenyl)ethylamine+styrene+  
divinylbenzene, for hydrolysis, a 172
Pd(acac)2 -Ph3 P-CF3 COOH, aniline-isoprene reaction, a 47
PdCl2, with phosphine, for olefin hydrocarboxylation, a 48
PdCl2 (PhCN)2.SnCl2, for butyrolactones & furanones, a 114
PdCl2 (PPh3)2 for aryl vinyl ketones, a 115
for biaryl synthesis from aryl triflates, a 48
for ethyl arylpropiolates, a 48
PdCl4 2 nitrate-iodate, for hexanes, cyclohexane, a 173
Pd(dba)2 -2P(OCH2)3 CEt, for alkyne insertion into  
Ge-Ge bonds, a 48
Pd(II) montmorillonilebypyridinyl acetate +  
Ru3 (CO)12, for arene carbonylation, a 173
Pd(II)tetraammine chloride, metallising lipid tubules, a 174
Pd(OAc)2 diamines carbonylation polymer synthesis, a 174
for coupling reactions a 48, 230
for ene-yne synthesis, a 173
for hydrocarboxylation, a 173
for isomerically pure cyclopentanes, a 173
for polymer, polyurea synthesis, a 174
Pd(OAc)2, Pd(acac)2, PdCl2 (PPh3 )2, diazomethane  
cyclopropanation with olefins, a 173
Pd(OAc)2, PdCl2 (PPh3)2, for phthalides synthesis, a 115
Pd(PPh3 )4 for 1,3-diene synthesis, a 48
cross coupling reactions, for ketone enol acetates, a 115
Platinum, amine precursor anchoring to SiO2, a 46
C content of seawater, a 170
colloidal, for H2 photogeneration, a 168
EUROPT-1, diesel exhaust control, alkane reactions, a 228
for H2 photogeneration from H2O, a 168
holder for C fibre oxidation, a 113
Pt film/YSZ disc in reactor, for MeOH oxidation, a 228
Pt polycrystalline films/Y2O3 -ZrO3, NEMCA, a 113
Pt-Co/Al2 O3, interface studies, a 45
Pt-Cr/SiO2 /Al2O3 /Na2O, Pt effect on, a 46
Pt-Rh/γ-Al2O3, for engine NOx reduction 101
Pt-Sn/Al2O3, Nb3O3, characterisation, a 228
Pt-WO3 /Al2O3, for hexane reactions, a 113
Pt/Al2O3, benzene hydrogenation, a 228
for halogenated VOCs destruction 186
for NO reduction by methane, a 171
surface area effects, in 2-methylimidazole synthesis, a 46
Pt/Bi2 O3 /RuO2, for H2 photoproduction, a 112
Pt/γ-Al2O3, NOx selective reduction by HC, a 171
Pt/KL+KCl, for hexane aromatisation, a 171
Pt/KL, for hexane aromatisation, S poisoning, a 114
Pt/SiO2, EUROPT-1, diesel emission control, a 228
sol gel prepared, a 113
Pt/SiO2 gel, silicalite, H-ZSM-5, + Mg, Ca, Sr, Ba,, a 228
Pt/TiO2, for HCOOH photooxidation, a 168
Pt/V2O5 -TiO2, for NO, CO removal, a 46
Pt/zeolite Y, L, mordenite, for n-hexane aromatisation, a 171
Pt/ZSM-5 zeolite, for reducing NO by ethene, a 113
PtNi/TiO2, for crotonaldehyde hydrogenation, a 171
PtRe/H-mordenite, for xylene isomerisation, a 113
Platinum Alloys, Pt-Cr/C, for phenol hydrogenation, a 114
Pt-Rh for HNO3 production 76, 136
Platinum Complexes, H2 PtCl6, polymer protected, for  
acetylene hydrosilylation, a 229
Pt diphosphine-Sn(II)fluoride, for asymmetric  
styrene hydroformylation, a 229
PtCl(SnCl2 )+p-aryl substituted ligands, for styrene  
asymmetric hydroformylation, a 172
Pt(NH,)4 2+/zeolite NaX, interaction with CO, a 171
Rhodium, amine precursor anchoring to SiO2, a 46
monoliths, for syngas formation from methane, a 172
Pd-Rh/SiO2, studies during CO oxidation, a 46
Rh/Al2O3, /SiO2, for butane hydrogenolysis, a 114
Rh/CeO2, a 172, 229
Rh/γ-Al2 O3, for selective reduction of NOx by HC, a 171
Rh/NO3/CeO2, for nitrate reduction, a 47
Rh/TiO2, for n -butane hydrogenolysis, a 47
RhSn(n -C4 H9 )2 /SiO2, hydrogenation, a 47
Rhodium Alloys, Rh-Pt, for HNO3 production 136
Rhodium Complexes, [(1,5-COD)RhH]4, a 116
[(COD)RhCl]2, for silylformylation of aldehydes, a 174
diRh(II) carboxamides, carboxylates, perfluorobutyrate,  
in C-H insertion reactions, a 115 diRh(Il) perfluorobutyrate, for silylcarbonylation of  
terminal acetylenes, a 115
[(Et3P)2RhCl]2 + LiNHPh, for styrene-aniline  
hydroamination, a 230
R-C(COCH3)2Rh(CO)3 /SiO2, for hydrogenation, a 49
[Rh2 (cod)2 (imH)2 im]PF6, for phenlyacetylene  
polymerisation, a 49
Rh2 (OAc)4, chloro-diazoacetophenone decomposition, a 116
for oxathioles, oxazolethione synthesis, a 115
Rh(Ac)2 (CO)2 + organophosphites, hydroformylation, a 230
[Rh(acac)(CO)2 ]-polymer TRIM, for propene  
hydroformylation, a 230
RhCl3 (pybox)+Ag* salts, for ketone silylation, a 174
RhCl(PMe3 )2 (CO), for pentane photoreaction, a 168
[Rh(η3-2-Me-allyl){(Pr2 lPCH2 )2 }], for vinylarene  
hydroboration, a 48
RhH(CO)(PPh3 )+TRAP, for Michael additions, a 49
RhI2 (CO)2, for acetic anhydride synthesis, a 116
Rh(II) acetate, for ethyl diazoacetate cyclopropanation, a 116
for furan synthesis, a 115
Rh(II) trifluoroacetamide, for cyclopropanation of ethyl  
diazoacetate with alkenes, a 116
Rh(II) triphenylacetate, for C-H aromatic insertion, a 49
[Rh(NBD)(PMe2 Ph)3 [BF4 ], for ether oxidation, a 49
Ruthenium, amine precursor anchoring to SiO2, a 46
Nix Ru1-x,S2 /Al2 O3, increased hydrogenation activity, a 229
Pt/Bi2 O3 /RuO2, for H2 photoproduction, a 112
Ru/, Cs-Ru/, Cs-Ru-Ba/C/Al2 O3, N2 chemisorption, a 47
Ru/Al2 O3, Fischer-Tropsch, pore sizes, a 47
Ru/γ-Al2 O3, reduction of NOx by HC, a 171
Ru/SiO2, D exhange with HCs, a 172
RuO2 /TiO2, for HCOOH photooxidation, a 168
Ruthenium Alloys, Ru-Fe, for water gas shift reaction, a 172
Zr-Co-Ni-Ru-Cu, for Fischer-Tropsch, a 114
Ruthenium Complexes, [(bpy)2 (H2 O)Ru-O-  
Ru(H2 O)(bpy)2 4+/Nanon film, for water oxidation, a 168
Cp*Ru+, reactivity to acyclic hydrocarbons, a 116
Ru2 Cl4 (binap)(NEt3 ), asymmetric hydrogenation of  
2-fluoroalkenoic acids, a 116
Ru3 (CO)12, [Ru(RCOO)(CO)2 (L)]2, a 175
RuO2.xH2 O for RuO4 reduction by H2 O, a 230
[RuO4 ]-, for alcohols oxidation, a 117
Ru(PPh3 )2 Cl, for steroidal acetylenes+allyl alcohols, a 117
Ru(PPh3 )3 Cl2, for acyl cyanides synthesis, a 175
Catalytic Reactors, Pt single pellet, MeOH oxidation, a 228
Cells, electrochemical, for O isotope exchange, a 42
electrolysis, zero-gap, anode performance, a 43
photoelectrochemical, a 112
Cellulose Acetate, Pd(OAc)2 in, a 40
Ceramics, bonding, using Pt 143, 228
Pt-PSZ, powders, thin films, a 225
Cerium, in electrodes, see Electrodes  
catalyst promoter for Pt, Rh, a 40
Chemisorption, reactions, a 47, 228
Chlorocarbons, catalytic emission control 186
2-Chloroethyl Ethyl Sulphide, adorption on Pt(111), a 225
Chlorofluorocarbons, conversion, a 229
Cholesterol.sensor 219
Chromatography, thin layer, using Pt microelectrode, a 169
Chromium, diffusion through Pt coatings, glass technology 62
CIS, nitric acid production 136
Cisplatin, analogues, synthesis, DNA binding, a 50
Citral, hydrogenation, by RhSn(n-C4 H9 )2 /SiO2, a 47
Clusters, see Palladium, see Platinum, see Iridium  
Coatings, for glass manufacturing equipment by A.C.T. 62
Ir on structural C materials 219
Pd, deposited on a-Al2 O3, a 44
Pd thin films, for H2 sensor, a 44
Pt aluminide on Ni base superalloys 16, 112
RuO2, IrO2, TiO2,/ Ti, glassy C substrates, a 112
Zr-Pd-Rualloys 194
Cobalt, in Co/Ni/Co/Pt multilayers, magnetism in, a 40
in Co/Pd multilayers, films, magnetism, a 40, 108
in Co/Pt alloys, for recording media 13 in Co/Pt multilayers, magnetism, superlattices, a 108, 225
see also Magneto-Optics; Thin Films  
ultrathin films/Ru(0001), growth, magnetic properties, a 109
see also Palladium Alloys; Platinum Alloys  
Cold Fusion, 3rd Intl. Conf. report 14
Colloids, Pd, stabilised, for electroless Ni deposition, a 111
Pd/Pt, polymer protected, for diene hydrogenation, a 229
Pt-Ag, preparation, characterisation, a 225
RuO2.xH3 O, a 230
Composites, C-C Ir coatings on 219
powders, Pt-PSZ, a 225
Condensation, aldol-type, enol esters with aldehydes, a 114
reconstitutive, Ru catalysed, a 117
Conferences, 10th Int. Conf. Internal Friction & Ultrasonic  
Attenuation in Solids, Rome, 6-9 Sept. 1993 322
13th Fuel Cell Seminar, Tuson, Nov.-Dec, 1992 24
1st Intl. on Diffusive-Cooperative Phenomena in  
Metal-Hydrogen Isotope Systems, Donetsk, Sept., 1992 97
3rd Grove Fuel Cell Symp., London, Sept.-Oct., 1993 197
3rd Intl. Conf. on Cold Fusion, Oct., 1992, Japan 14
3rd Intl. Symp. Heterogeneous Catalysis and Fine  
Chemicals, Poitiers, April 1993 144
“Auto Emissions 2000”, future standards for E.C. 7
Platinum Group Elements in Brazil, Univ. Brasilia,  
12-14 April, 1993 223
“Precious Metals-Horizon 2000”, Nice, Oct., 1992 38
The Chemistry of the Platinum Group Metals, 5th Int.  
Symp., St. Andrews, 11-16 July 1993 212
Contacts, see Electrical Contacts  
Copper, determination in water, a 170
Corrosion, protection, stainless steel in acid media a 117
Coupling reactions, N heterocycles with cyclic ethers, a 230
Cresols, isomeric, hydrogenation, a 114
Cross-Coupling Reactions, by Pd catalysts, a 115
Crotonaldehyde, hydrogenation, a 171
Crotylsilanes, dihydroxylation, a 116
Cyanides, acyl, synthesis from cyanohydrins, a 175
α-Cyano Carboxylates, reaction with vinyl ketones, a 49
Cyanohydrin, oxidation, to acyl cyanides, a 175
Cyclisation, reactions, a 48, 115
Cyclohexane, reactions, a 173, 228
Cyclohexanone, production from phenol, a 114
Cyclooctadiene, hydrogenation, a 114
Cyclooctene, production, a 114
Cyclopentanes, isomerically pure, syntheses of, a 173
Cyclopropanation, ethyl diazoacetate with alkenes, a 116
Dec-l-ene, oxidation, on Pd(II) polymer supported, a 229
Dehydrofurans, hydroformylations, a 230
Dehydrogenations1 by alkaline modified Pt/oxides, a 228
cyclohexane, on Pt-Sn/Al2 O3, Nb2 O3, a 228
Dehydrohalogenations, by Pd colloidal catalysts, a 230
Detectors, a 44, 45, 113, 169-171
acidity monitoring of phosphate esters, a 167
alcohol, by Ru-dispersed graphite enzyme, a 227
biosensors for H2 O2 oxidation on Pt+Ir wire, Pt disk, a 175
optical, using Pt-, Pd porphyrins, a 170
C in seawater, Pt catalysts for, a 170
cholesterol 219
CO, O2, by Pt-SnO2 -Si3 N4 -SiO2 -Si-Al, a 227
constant potential electrolysis sensors 146
DNA, binding mode probe, by Ru complex, a 228
gas, PdCl2 -SnO2, a 45
glucose, a 113, 170
glutamate, ultra micro 70
hydrogen by Pd-SiO2 -Si, a 44
optical detection at Pd/dielectric interface, a 227
methane, by planar Pt sensor, a 170
MOS field effect 146
nitrobenzene, by Pt-Pb denuder, a 170
NO2, by Langmuir-Blodgett film, a 171
O, in gases and liquids, by Si/LaF3 /Pt, a 44
Pd-gate MOS, CO, H2, study, a 170
pH by IrO2 film/Au wire, a 227
luminescent, a 45
Se, in water 158
Sn, in seawater, Pd in W-coated graphite tube, a 170
in thin layer chromatography, a 169
toxic gas, catalytic 146
trimethylamine, by Ru/In/TiO3, a 113
Deuterium, in cold fusion reactions, conference 14
cracking in Pd, a 111
exhange reactions with hydrocarbons, over Ru/SiO2, a 172
Ω-Diamines, carbonylation, polymer, polyurea synthesis, a 174
a-Diazocarbonyl Compounds, reactions, a 49, 116
Diazomethane, cyclopropanation with Pd catalysts, a 173
Dichlorodifluoromethane, conversion, over Pd catalysts, a 229
Dienes, cycloocta-1, 3-diene, hydrogenation, a 229
1,3-Dienes, 2-thiophenyl substituted, synthesis, a 48
Diesel Engines 101, 228
Diffusion, atomic, during PtSi formation, a 40
bonding, Pt to Al2 O3, a 45
H in Pd-Ag alloys, Pd, Ni membranes 108, 220
through Pt coatings, by Ni, Cr 62
Difluoromethane, production from CF2 Cl2, a 229
Digermanes, alkyne insertion into Ge-Ge, a 48
Dihydroxylation, reactions, a 116, 174
Diodes, photochemical, with Ru(bpy)3 2+,a 169
planar Si p*n, Pt diffusion in, a 231
Diols, reactions, a 116, 117
Dioxygen, catalytic activation, book review 23
Diphenylacetylene, hydrogenation, by Pt-Ru cluster, a 109
DNA, binding to antitumour agents, a 50, 228
E.C., Stage 2, Stage 3 standards for automobile emissions 7
Electrical Conductivity, in RuO2 -glass resistors, a 118
Electrical Connectors, Pd, Pd-Ni, porosity, a 44
Electrical Contacts, ohmic, Pd/Zn/Pd to p-GaP, a 50
Ti/Pd/Au to Zn/p*-GaAs, in microwave devices, a 50
Ti/Pt/Au,a 118, 175
Electrochemical Cells, for O isotope exchange, a 42
Electrochemiluminescence, for DNA binding probe, a 228
Electrochemistry, a 42-44, 110-111, 167-168, 227-228
Electrodeposition, a 44, 112, 169
Electrodes, anodes, Pd foil, for Pd complex formation, a 111
Pd-Ag/Ni for AFC, a 231
Ru/YSZ, for SOFC a 231
RuO2 /IrO2 /Ti, for brine electrolysis cell, a 43
Au/Pt/polypyrrole, for MeOH oxidation, a 42
C paste, for Pd(II),Pd(0),Pd black electrochemical study, a 43
cathodes, Pd black, for organic reductions, a 110
for glucose detection, screen printed, a 170
Ir, for MeOH electro-oxidation, a 43
Ir in Hg, ultramicroelectrode for Cu, Cd, Pb analysis, a 170
ITO/Nafion[Ru(bpy)3 2+]/Nafion[MV2+]/ITO, a 169
[Os(bipy)2 (PVP)10 Cl]Cl, for nitrite reduction, a 43
Pd, in cold fusion 14
electrocatalytic behaviour in NaOH, H2 SO4, a 167
Pd inks, for capacitors, a 165
photo-, Ru(bpy)3 2++Nafion/ITO, a 112
poly(pyrrole-[Ru(trpy)(bpy)(OH2 )]2+), alcohol oxidation, a 44
Pt+Co3 O4, electrochemical behaviour, a 167
Pt+Ir wire, for H2 O2 oxidation, a 175
Pt(111 ), Pt(322), hydrazine behaviour on, in H2 SO4, a 42
Pt, H2 SO4 adsorbed species from MeOH, HCOOH, CO2, a 42
disk, for H2 O2 oxidation, a 175
electrodeposited, glucose oxidation, a 110
in glucose sensor, a 113
luminescence on O evolution, a 111
micro-, cyclic voltammetry of Cu-histidine system, a 110
microwire, for thin layer chromatography, a 169
O isotope exchange in electrochemical cell, a 42
paste, impedance of hydronium-nasicon electrolyte, a 110
polycrystalline, Potentiometrie NO reduction by NH3 8
Pt-Fe, in PAFC, a 117
Pt/C gas diffusion, in SPE, PEM fuel cells, a 111, 117
Pt/perfluorinated Nafion, modified, in fuel cell, a 117
reference, high impedance responses, a 42
ring disk, for S-O compound reactions, a 42
rotating disk, for O reduction in H3 PO4, a 167
single crystal, for nitrite, NO reduction, a 110
sputtered in PEMFC, a 230
thin film, in glutamate sensor 70
Pt-Ru/C for AFC, a 230
preparation, MeOH oxidation, a 110
Pt-Ru/Pt-Rh/Pt/Pd, in Ni-Zr, Ni-Ti, in fuel cells, a 49
Pt/C in fuel cells, a 49
porous, for O reduction in H3 PO4, a 175
preparation, MeOH oxidation, a 110
Pt/Ir/C gas diffusion, in SPE, H2 -Cl2 fuel cells, a 117
Ru-Ni, La phosphate bonded, Η, O evolution reaction, a 227
Ru-Sn-Ti/Ti, service life and O evolving ability, a 167
RuTiCeO, characteristics, a 43
ultramicro Ir-based Hg, for Cu, Cd, Pb in water, a 170
Pt, for phosphate ester acidity monitoring, a 167
Electroless Plating, Ni, a 111, 169, 175
Electrolysis, brine, in cation exchange membrane cell, a 43
Electromigration, damage resistance, by Pd-Cu alloys, a 165
Emission, from W-Os alloys, a 166
Electron Transfer Reactions, in membrane system, a 50
Electroplating Baths, Pt 17, 169
see also Plating Baths  
Emission Control, automobile, Europe standards 7
NO, SO2, in diesel exhaust, a 228
for VOCs 186
Ene-Yne, synthesis, by Pd(OAc)3, a 173
Engines, diesel and lean burn, catalyst to control NOx 101
Enthalpy, of intermetallic alloys, a 108, 225
Entropies, of intermetallics, a 225
Environment, air pollution control, book review 210
reduced pollution by fuel cell use 197
see also Emission Control; Pollution Control  
Enynes, for vitamin D metabolite, synthesis, a 48
Epoxy Resins, electroless metallisation, by Pd(O)1 a 226
Esters, cyclic osmate(VI), sythesis, a 116
enolf aldol-type condensation with aldehydes, a 114
phosphate, acidity moitoring, a 167
Etching, sputter, SiN for Pt/Co multilayer films, a 118
Ethane, aromatisation, a 46
Ethene, for selective reduction, by NO1 a 113
Ethers, allylic aryl, synthesis, a 48
cyclic enols, coupling reactions, with N heterocycles, a 230
oxidation, CO2 -aerobic, a 49
silyl enol, synthesis, a 174
Ethyl Arylpropiolates, synthesis from aryl iodides, a 48
Ethyl Diazoacetate, cyclopropanation with alkenes, a 116
Ethylenediamine, for 2-methylimidazole, synthesis, a 46
EUROPT-l, catalyst reactions, a 228
Fabergé, Carl, Pt jewellery 159
Fibre Optics, for CO2 sensor, a 45
Films, Pd-Cu/SiO, wafers, properties, a 165
Pt, Pt-C, changing surface morphology, by STM, a 165
see also Thin Films; Langmuir-Blodgett; Thick Films  
Fine Chemicals, manufacture, conference 144
Fischer-Tropsch, reactions, a 47, 114
2-Fluoroalkanoic Acid, optically active, synthesis, a 116
Fluoroalkenes, reaction with OsO4, to osmate esters, a 116
Formaldehyde, from MeOH in catalytic reactor, a 228
Formic Acid, reactions, a 42, 168, 173
Fuel Cells, 13th Fuel Cell Seminar 24
3rd Grove Symp. 197
alkaline, a 49, 230, 231
H2 -Cl2, a 117
H-O H3 SO4, electrodes for, a 49
MeOH oxidation at Pt/, Pt-Ru/C electrodes, a 110
PAFCa 49, 117, 175
PEM, a 111,230
SOFC, anodes for, a 231
SPE, a 117
Furanones, substituted, production, a 114
Furans, synthesis, a 115
Gas Separation Technology, journal reviews 153
Gauzes, catchment, in Russian nitric acid plants 136
knitted Pt-Rh, for nitric acid manufacture 76
Geology, new Rustenburg Pt mine 224
Os isotopes, in Falconbridge East Mine, Canada, a 45
Pt in Brazil 223
Germanes, digermanes, alkyne insertion, a 48
Glass, industry equipment, A.C.T. coated 62
seals to metals with Pd alloy 143
Glucose, a 110, 113, 170
Glutamate, ultra micro, sensor 70
Glycals, furanoid, coupling with N heterocycles, a 230
Guanine, crosslinking with cis-[Pt(NH3 )2 (H2 O)2 ]2+,a 118
Halocarbons, catalytic destruction 186
Heteroannulation, of acetylenic compounds, a 115
Heterocycles, N, coupling reactions, a 230
Hexanes, reactions, a 46, 113, 114, 171, 173
1-Hexene, regioselective oxidative hydroamination, a 230
History, Fabergé 159
Pt in Spain 102
Hydrazine, a 42, 47
Hydroamination, styrene with aniline, by Rh complex, a 230
Hydroboration, vinylarenes with catecholborane, a 48
Hydrocarbons, added to exhaust gas to control NOx 101
aromatic, hydrogenation, a 116
chlorinated, toxic organics in waste water, a 46
exchange reactions with D, over Ru/SiO2, a 172
to reduce N oxides, a 171
unsaturated acyclic, reactivity with Cp*Ru+ a 116
Hydrocarboxylation, reactions, a 48, 173
Hydrocracking, hexanes, on Pt/WO3 /Al2 O3, a 113
Hvdrodechlorination, toxic orgànics in waste water, a 46
Hydroformylation, reactions, a 172, 229, 230
Hydrogen, in 1D Pd rod, temperature effects, a 108
adsorption on Pt electrodes, hydrazine effects, a 42
chemisorption, on Pt-Sn/Al2 O3, Nb3 O3, a 228
effects in Pd-Ag alloys 220
evolution reactions, on Ni-Ru La phosphate electrodes, a 227
optical detection, a 227
in ordered and disordered Pd alloys 26
oxidation, in fuel cell, a 49
permeable membranes for 97, 117
phase Naklep, conf. report 97
photoproduction, a 112, 168
purification, by Pd membranes, a 44
reactions with Hf3 Pd, Zr3 Pd, a 165
sensor, a 44, 227
up-hill diffusion, in Pd, Ni membranes, a 108
Hydrogen Peroxide, oxidation on Pt, Pt+Ir electrodes, a 175
Hydrogenation, alkenes, a 49, 113
alkynes, to cis-alkenes, by Pd complex catalyst, a 173
aromatic hydrocarbons, a 116
asymmetric, of fluoro-alkenoic acid, a 116
benzene, a 228
by Pd colloidal catalysts, a 230
catalysts, conference 144
citral, a 47
Crotonaldehyde, a 171
cyclooctadiene, on Pd catalysts, a 114
diphenylacetylene, by Pt-Ru cluster complex, a 109
increased activity by Ni1 Ru1-x S2/ Al2 O3, a 229
of organic molecules, at Pd black electrodes, a 110
phenol, to cyclohexanones, a 114
Hydrogenolysis, reactions, a 47, 114, 172
Hydrolysis, by Pd chiral polymeric catalysts, a 172
Hydrosilylation, acetylene, alkenes, olefins, a 49, 115, 229
Impedance, of hydronium-nasicon electrolyte,  
Ν222 Ο gas phase, Pt paste electrodes, a 110
Infrared, studies of Pd-Rh/SiO2 in CO oxidation, a 46
Inks, Pd in capacitors, morphology, a 165
Integrated Circuits, manufacture, a 175
Ion Beam Mixing, Pd/Si, a 45
Iridium, clusters, in NaY zeolite, formation, a 226
coatings on structural C 219
electrodes, see Electrodes  
InFe4 N, Properties, a 166
Ir-Sb phase diagram, a 226
for modifying YBaCuO superconductors 86
in sensors, see Detectors  
thin films, MOCVD, characterisation, a 226
Iridium Complexes, [Ir4 (CO)11 H], fluxional behaviour, a 43
Iridium Oxides, IrO2, RuO2, TiO2, on Ti, glassy C, a 112
Iron, Fe4 N,With Ir1 Os, Ru, a 166
in Fe/Pd compositionally modulated films, a 40
Fe/Pd/Fe, electronic, magnetic properties, a 108
in magneto-optics see Magneto-Optics  
Isomerisation, hexanes, xylene isomers, a 113
Isoprene, reaction with aniline on Pd complexes, a 47
Jewellery, Pt, Fabergé 159
Johnson Matthey, Advanced Coating Technology, A.C.T. 62
knitted Pt-Rh alloy gauzes 76
“Platinum 1993” 145
Pt-Co coated magneto-optic disks 130
VOC destruction 186
Joining, a 45, 228
Pd alloy for glass to metal 143
Pt foil in bonding ceramics 143
Josephson Junctions, YBCO with SrRuO3, a 231
Kerr Rotation Spectra, of Fe/Pt, Co/Pt multilayers, a 108
Ketones, dehydrogenative silylation, a 174
enol acetates of, stereodefined, a 115
synthesis, a 46, 115, 117, 229
Knitting, for Pt-Rh gauze 76
γ-Lactones, trans-4,5 substituted, synthesis, a 116
Langmuir-Blodgett Films, a 40, 118, 168, 171
Lead, determination in water, a 170
Lipid Tubules, Pd ions to metallise rigid structures, a 174
Lubricants, acidity monitoring, a 167
Luminescence, at a Pt electrode on O evolution, a 111
[Pt(dansen)Cl2 ] cisplatin analogue, a 50
in Ru, Os mixed ligand complexes, a 110
[Ru11(bpy)2 ]2+ for pH sensor, a 45
tris[2-(2-pyrazinyl)thiazole]Ru(II), for CO2 sensor, a 45
Magnetism, AC susceptibility, NdRhRuSi, phase diagram of 109
in Co ultrathin films/Ru(0001 ), a 109
in Co-Cr-Pt and Co-Cr-Ta films, read/write, a 231
in Co/Ni/Co/Pt multilayers, a 40
in Co/Pd in multilayered films, a 40, 108
inCo/Pt 13, 169, 225
in Fe/Pd/Fe, electronic, magnetic properties, a 108
in Ir, Os, Ru-substituted Fe4 N, a 166
in NdRu2 Si2, magnetoresistance at Neel point, a 226
in Pd2 GdIn, induced, a 41
in Pd-Cu-M alloys, a 165
in Pt/Co/SiN, a 118
in Ru perovskites, BaLaRuSbO, BaTaRuNaO, a 166
in Srn LaCuRuOn+5, spin glass behaviour, a 226
U3 Rh4 Sni13, a 09
Magneto-Optics, Co/Pt 13, 118, 175
in Fe/Pt, Co/Pt multilayers, a 108, 118
see also Thin Films  
Magnetocooling, by Rh-Fe alloys 37
Medical, A 50, 118, 175, 231
DNA binding probe to antiviral agents, a 228
Pt complexes, carsinostatic, a 231
Zr-Pd-Rualloys 194
Membranes, bilayer, with Ru complex, electron transfer, a 50
catalysis, journal reviews 153
Ni, Pd, H strain induced diffusion, a 108
Pd, thin films, for H; purification, a 44
Pdalloys 97, 117, 153, 220
Mercury, effects on Pd-Rh catalysts, a 229
Metallisation, electroless, by Pd(O) complex, a 226
lipid tubules, by Pd ions, a 174
of MOS devices, for IC manufacture, a 175
Methane, for NO reduction on Pt/Al2 O3, a 171
oxidation reactions, a 113, 172
planar Pt sensor, a 170
Methanol, see Alcohols, methyl  
Methyl Formate, for acetic anhydride synthesis, a 116
2-Methylimidazole, synthesis, a 46
Michael Addition, asymmetric, α-cyano carboxylates, a 49
Microwave Devices, Ti/Pd/Au ohmic contacts, a 50
Mining, Platinum group metals 70, 223, 224
Mirrors, X-ray, Pt-Pd alloy films for 158
MOS devices, metallisation for, a 175
MOSFETs, in H sensor, a 44
Multilayers see Thin Films  
Nanoscale Technology, Pt 101
NEMCA, reactions, a 42, 113
Nickel, diffusion through Pt coatings, glass technology 62
electroless deposition on Pd/Si, a 175
membranes, up-hill diffusion, a 108
superalloys, with Pt alumininde coatings 16
Nitrates, reduction, in Rh/-. NO3 /CeO2, a 47
removal from drinking water 211
Nitric Acid, production by knitted Pt-Rh alloy gauzes 76
Russian production 136
Nitric Oxide, see Nitrogen Oxides, NO  
Nitrite, electroreduction, a 43, 110
removal from drinking water 211
Nitroalkanes, oxidation to carboxylic acids, a 117
Nitrobenzene, effect of humidity on detection, a 170
Nitrogen, chemisorption, on Ru/, Cs-Ru-Ba/C Al2 O3, a 47
Nitrogen Oxides, in diesel and lean-burn engines 101
NO2, detection by Langmuir-Blodgett film, a 171
NO, catalytic reductions 171, 172
electroreduction, on Pt 8, 110
reduction, selective, by ethene, a 113
removal with CO over Pt/V2 O5 /TiO2, a 43
catalytic oxidation in presence of SO;, a 228
selective reduction, by hydrocarbons, a 171
Norbornene, oligomerisation with CO, a 46
Ohmic Contacts, see Electrical Contacts  
Olefins, for aryl vinyl ketones production, a 115
asymmetric dihydroxylation, by OsO4, a 174
fluorinated, conversion into fluorinated diols, a 116
hydrocarboxylation, a 48
hydrosilylation, a 115
oxidative hydroamination, a 230
terminal, selective oxiadation to methyl ketones, a 46
unsaturated, cyclopropanation with diazomethane, a 173
Oligomerisation, norbornene-CO, a 46
Organohalides, addition to Pd(II), for Pd(IV) complexes 2  
Organometallic Chemistry, Pd(IV) complexes, 2
Osmium, electrodes, see Electrodes  
in Fe4 N, properties, a 166
isotopes, in Falconbridge East Mine, Canada, a 45
for modifying YBaCuO superconductors 86
Osmium Alloys, Os-W, electron emission, a 166
Osmium Complexes, [OS3 ( CO)10 (μ-L)] clusters, a 167
Os(bpy)3 2+ in PE matrices, photophysics, a 168
polypyridine, luminescence, a 110
Oxathioles, synthesis, a 115
Oxazolethione, synthesis, a 115
Oxidation, aerobic, ethers in CO2, by Rh catalysts, a 49
alcohols, for carbonyl synthesis, a 175
alcohols, halides, aldehydes, diols, a 117
CO, a 46, 114
cyanohydrins, to acyl cyanides, a 175
dec-l-ene, on Pd(II) polymer supported, a 229
electro-, MeOH, in fuel cell, a 117
glucose, at Pt electrodes, a 110
H, in fuel cell, a 49
high temperature of Ru alloys 75
methane, catalytic, a 113, 172
olefins, terminal, to methyl ketones, a 46
water, Ru complex/Nation catalyst, a 168
Oxygen, coverage of Pd(110), effect on CO oxidation, a 114
electrochemical reduction, by Ru(NH3 )5 +Co compIex/C, a 43
in fuel cells, a 49, 111, 167
evolution with luminescence at Pt electrode, a 111
isotope exchange, in electrochemical cell, a 42
sensors, a 44, 227
Palladium, AuPd films, as lift-off mask for Si pillars, a 225
clusters, <100Å, synthesis, in diblock copolymers, a 41
giant, ligand stabilised, a 171
Pd/Pt polymer protected, diene hydrogenation, a 229
thin films, magnetism in, a 40, 108
colloids, preparation, stabilisation, a 111
compounds, A2 PdH2, electronic properties, a 41
electrochemical study at C paste electrode, a 43
Hf2 Pd, Zr2 Pd, reaction with H2, a 165
LnPd2 Ga, structure, a 41
in organometallic chemistry, book review 71
Pd2 GdIn, induced magnetism, a 41
PdCl2, additive in SnO2 gas sensors, a 45
YPd2 Si, structure, A 41 in contacts, see Electrical Contacts  
D cracking mechanism in, A 111
electrodes, see Electrodes  
as electroless catalyst for photopatterning, a 169
Fe/Pd films, structure, magnetism in, a 40
Fe/Pd/Fe, electronic, magnetic properties, a 108
for H technology, in CIS, conf. report 97
ink, in capacitors, a 165
membranes, see Membranes  
for modifying YBaCuO superconductors 86
Pd/dielectric interface for optical detection of H. a 227
Pd/Si, ion beam mixing, a 45
porosity in connectors, a 44
powder, in PE, PS matrix, a 165
in sensors, see Detectors  
simultaneous deposition with Ag on stainless steel, a 169
sols, preparation, a 111
supply, demand, availability 70, 145
thin films, see Thin Films, see also Schottky  
to activate Si for Ni electroless deposition, a 175
Palladium Alloys, hydrogen in ordered and disordered 26
membranes, conf. report 97
Pd-Ag, H interstitial structures 220
Pd-Ag-Cu-Au-Pt-Zn, for glass to metal seals 143
Pd-Cu films/SiO2, electromi grati on resistant, a 165
Pd-Cu-M. magnetic susceptibility, a 165
Pd-Mn, structure, H solubility in 26
Pd-Ni, Au-flashed in connectors, a 44
Pd-Pt, membranes, H permeable, a 117
for X-ray mirrors 158
Pd-Rh, membranes, H permeable, a 117
Pd-Ti-Co, phase equilibria, a 165
Zr-Pd-Ru, wear resistant 194
Palladium Complexes, chloro, bromo, electrosynthesis, a 111
(Me2 Et2 N][Pd(dmit)2 ]2, superconductivity, a 109
organo Pd(IV) 2
Pd(0), synthesis, a 41
Pd(0)(4,4)-(2,3-epoxypropoxy)dibenzylideneactone, a 226
Pd thioazobenzene. synthesis, structure, a 41
Pd-rhodamine B. anti-cancer activity, a 50
PdL'Cl, O insertion into Pd-C bond, a 41
[Pd(Me)(OMe)((S,S)-bdpp)], synthesis, a 166
Pd(OAc)2, in cellulose acetate, a 40
for zerovalent Pd formation, a 41
valine-derived chiral Ρ,Ν-bidentate, a 109
Palladium Hydrides, 1D rod, temperature effects, a 108
Li2 PdH2, Na2 PdH2, electronic properties, a 41
Palladium Silicides, films, strain, a 166
Pd2 Si, from ion beam mixing Pd/Si, a 45
Patterns, micro, by Pt, photo, with Pd(II), a 168, 169
Pentane, photocatalytic conversion, a 168
α-Peptides, with Ru complex, in electron transfer system, a 50
pH, sensor, a 45, 227
Phase Diagrams, Ir-Sb. a 226
magnetic, NdRhRuSi, in high magnetic field, a 109
Pd-Ti-Co, a 165
Phenol, hydrogenation, vapour phase, a 114
Phenylacetaldehyde, for cyclooctadiene hydrogenation, a 114
Phenylacetylenc, reduction, by Ir complex, a 174
Photo Systems, with Ru bipyridine, in artificial proteins, a 50
Photocatalysis, a 44, 111, 112, 168, 169
Photodeposition, of homogeneous Rh/TiO2 /SiO2, a 112
Photoelectrochemical Cells, a 112
Photoproduction, H2, a 112, 168
Photoreduction, dyes, a 112
Rh(III),a 112
Phthalides, synthesis, a 115
Plating, Rh on reed switches, a 231
Plating Baths, Pd tetramine sulphate for Pd/α-Al2 O3, a 44
see also Electroplating Baths  
“Platinum 1993” 145
Platinum, 195Pt NMR, for monitoring Pt electroplating baths 17
in A.C.T. coatings 62
aluminide coatings, for Ni superalloys, a 112
clusters, <100Å, synthesis, in diblock copolymers, a 41
in a network on NaY zeolite, a 225
Pd/Pt polymer protected, diene hydrogenation, a 229
compounds, oxides, thin hydrous, reduction behaviour, a 227
in contacts see Electrical Contacts  
diffusion bonding to Al2 O3, a 45
diffusion effect in planar Si p*n diodes, a 231
doping in MOS internal diode, a 118
in electrical contacts, see Electrical Contacts  
electrodes see Electrodes  
electroplating baths 17, 169
films, see Thin Films, see also Films  
foil, for ceramic bonding 143
geology 223, 224
holder for C fibre oxidation, a 113
ions, sputtered in stainless steel, a 165
jewellery, Fabergé 159
joining to TiOÅ by Ti interlayer, a 45
magnetic anisotropy in Co/Pt multilayers, a in magneto-optics see Magneto-Optics 225
micropatterns on TiO2, a 168
for modifying YBaCuO superconductors 86, 165
in multilayers see Thin Films  
in nanoscale technology 101
Pt(111), for 2-chloroethyl ethyl sulphide reactions, a 225
Pt III, spark spectra, 5d+5d6s-5d6p transitions, a 108
Pt-Ce/Al2 O3 ), SiO2, microstructures, a 40
Pt-NiO couples, for metal-ceramic bonding, a 228
Pt-Pb denuder for nitrobenzene detection, a 170
Pt-PSZ ceramic, powders, films, a 225
in sensors, detectors, see Detectors  
supply, demand, availability 70, 145
thin films, see Thin Films  
Platinum Alloys, Pt-Ag, colloids, a 225
Pt-Co, in magneto-optics see Magneto-Optics  
Pt-Fe, Pt-Ni, Pt-Fe-S, behaviour in H2 SO4, a 227
Pt-Pb, enthalpy of formation, a 108
Pt-Pd, for X-ray mirrors 158
Pt-Rh, knitted gauzes for HNO3 manufacture 76
ZGS 62
Platinum Complexes, carcinostatic, a 231
in Langmuir-Blodgett films, a 40
Ρt3 Ru6 (CΟ)21,(μ-Η)33 -Η), synthesis, a 109
[Pt(bpy)2 ]2 [Pt2 (pop)4 ].nH2 O, a 168
[Pt(dansen)Cl2 ], antitumour, a 50
Pt(H2 O)4 2+, in Pt plating bath, a 169
Pt(IV) ethylenediamine, antitumour, a 175
[Pt(μ-CI)CI(PR3 )12 phosphines, syntheses, a 226
cis-[Pt(NH3 )2 (H2 O)2 ]2+. cross-linking guanine residues, a 118
Pt(NH3 )4 2+/zeolite NaX, CO interaction, a 171
with Ru, (Ru(CO)2 (PPh3 )2 (μ –O2 CCO2 )2 Pt(PPh3 )2 ], a 167
tetrakis-(trifluorophosphine)-Pt for nanotechnology 101
valine-derived chiral Ρ,Ν-bidentate, a 109
Platinum Group Metals, conf. on chemistry of 212
Platinum Oxide, hydrous, thin films, a 227
Platinum Silicides, PtSi, growth study, a 40
PtSi/p-Si, IR absorption, a 40
Poisons, catalysts, Hg, on Pd-Rh, a 229
S as thiophene, effect on Pt/KL catalyst, a 114
Pollution Control, air, book review 210
automobile, Europe Stage 2, Stage 3 standards 7  
diesel emissions, a 228
NOx from diesel-, lean burn engines 101
toxic organics in waste water, a 46
for VOCs 186
Polymerisation, phenylacetylene, a 49
Polymers, PE, PS with Pd, RuO2, a 165
synthesis, with oxamide, urea links, a 174
Polyphenylacetylene, synthesis, a 49
Polyureas, synthesis, with oxamide, urea links, a 174
Powders, Pd, RuO2, in PE, PS matrix, a 165
Pt-PSZ ceramic, composite, a 225
[Pt(bpy)2 ]2 [Pt2 (pop)4 ].nH2 O, for H2 photogeneration, a 168
Rh, from fullerene-[(l,5-COD)RhCl]3, a 167
Promoters, Ce, for Pt, Rh catalysts, a 40
Pt, to Cr/zeolite catalysts, a 43
Propane, reactions on modified EUROPT-1, a 228
Propene, hydroformylation, by Rh-TRIM catalysts, a 230
Proteins, artificial, electron transfer system, a 50
Proust, Joseph Louis, Pt in Spain, history 102
Reactors, for Fischer-Tropsch reaction, a 114
Reduction, NOx, selective, a 171,172
O, at Pt/Nafion interface in PEM fuel cell, a 111
unsaturated organic substrates, by Ir complex, a 174
Reed Switches, Rh plated, a 231
Refrigerants, Rh-Fe alloys, for magnetocooling 37
Resistors, Pd thin film, for Josephson LSI circuits, a 50
RuO2 thick film, temperature dependence, a 118
Rhodium, compounds, NdRhRuSi, magnetic properties, a 109
in organometallic chemistry, book review 71
[Rh2 (O2 CCMe3 )4 BQ]n, chain, a 109
Rh2 O3, optical bandgap, electron affinities, a 50
Rh selenide, for cathodic stripping voltammetry 158
U3 Rh4 Sn13, structural, magnetism, a 109
crystallites, production from [(1,5-COD)RhH]4, a 116
homogeneous particles on TiO,/SiO2, a 112
for modifying YBaCuO superconductors 86
plated reed switches, a 231
powders, nanocomposite, synthesis, a 167
reactions with Ce, a 229
Rh-Ce/Al2 O3, -/SiO2, microstructures, a 40
supply, demand, availability 70,145
Rhodium Alloys, Pt-Rh alloy knitted gauzes 76
Rh-Fe, in magnetocooling devices 37
Rhodium Complexes, [(pp3 )RhSC(S)SCH3 ], synthesis, a 166
trans-Rh(CI)(CO)(PPh3 )2 conversion to Rh(CI)(PPh3 )3, a 174
Russia, Fabergé, jewellery 159
nitric acid production 136
Rustenburg, new Pt mine 224
Ruthenium, compounds, CeRu3 Si3. energy detection, a 166
H2 Ru4 (CO)13 /SiO3, photochemistry, a 112
Mn3 RuH6, preparation, a 227
NdRhRuSi, magnetic properties, a 109
NdRu2 Si2, magnetoresistance at Néel point, a 226
Pb2 Ru2 O7, high temperature formation, a 226
perovskites, BaLaRuSbO, BaTaRuNaO, structure, a 166
Srn LaCuRuOn+5 , spin glass behaviour, a 226
SrRuO3, with YBCO Josephson junctions, a 231
URuSi, superconductivity in, a 109
electrodes, see Electrodes  
in Fe4 N, properties, a 166
for modifying YBaCuO superconductors 86
Ru(0001), Co ultrathin films grown on, a 109
in Schottky contacts, a 231
in sensors, see Detectors  
thin mirror films, synthesis, properties, a 41
Ruthenium Alloys, Ru-Al, Ru-Al-Y, for high temp, use 75
Zr-Pd-Ru, wear resistant 194
Ruthenium Complexes, [(bpy)2 (H2 O)Ru-O-Ru(H2 O)  
(bpy)2 ]4+/Nafion film, water oxidation catalyst, a 168
(cymene)Ru(μ-Cl)3 Ru(μ-Cl)3 Ru(cymene), a 42
K4 [Ru2 (HPO4 )3 (PO4 )(H2 O2 )], a 110
poly(pyrrole-[Ru(txpy)(bpy)(OH2 )]2+),a 44
Pt3 Ru6 (CO)21 (P-H)3 (P3 -H)1 a 109
with Pt, [Ru(CO)2 (PPh3 )2 (μ-O2 CCO2 )2 Pt(PPh3 )2 ], a 167
Ru2 (dpf)4 (CCC6 H5 )2, a 111
Ru ammines, crown ether interactions, a 174
Ru bipyridyl, in Langmuir-Blodgett films, a 118
Ru tris(l,10-phenanthroline), DNA probe, a 228
Ru trisbypyridine, for electron transfer system, a 50
[Ru(bpy)2 bpaH][PF6 ]2, luminescence, a 110
Ru(bpy)3 2++Nafion/lTO, electrode, a 112
Ru(bpy)3 2+, excited state energy, a 169
[Ru(bpy)3 ] 2+, for photoelectrochemical cells, a 112
Ru(bpy)3 2+, Ru(bpy)2 (biq) 2+, in PE matrices, a 168
Ru(bpy)3 2+/zeolite Y, electron transfer, a 44
Ru(bpy)3 2+, in Langmuir-Blodgett film, a 168
[Ru11(bpy)3 ]2+, in luminescent pH sensors, a 45
Ru11tris[2-(2-pyrazinyl)thiazole], in CO2 sensor, a 45
Ru(NH3 )5 +Co meso-tetrakis(4-pyridyl)porphyrin/C, a 43
Ru(OEP), on gas sensing Langmuir-Blodgett film, a 171
[Ruv(L)(O)] 2+/Nafion, benzyl alcohol oxidation, a 43
Ruthenium Oxides, powder, in PE, PS matrix, a 165
RuO2 +TiO2, pzc, a 111
RuO2, hydrate, oxidative dissolution, a 41
thick film mK thermometers 39
TiO2, IrO2 /Ti, glassy C, a 112
RuO2 -glass, thick film resistors, size effect, a 118
RuO2.XH2 O, colloid preparation, a 230
Schottky Barrier, in PtSi/p-Si, a 40
Schottky Contacts, Ru n-GaAs, thermal stability, a 231
Schottky Diodes, Pd/n-InP, high barrier heights, a 50
Seawater, organic C content, a 170
tin content, a 170
see also Water Selective Catalytic Reduction, NO by ethene, a 113
Selenium, in water, detection 158
Semiconductors, Pt doped MOS, switching speed, a 118
Rh2 O3 (I)/(III), properties, a 50
Silicon, ion beam mixing with Pd, a 45
pillars, using AuPd lift-off mask, a 225
Silver, electroless plating with Pd, a 169
Silylation, dehydrogenative, of ketones, a 174
Silylcarbonylation, alkynes, a 115
Silylformylation, aldehydes, Rh catalyst for, a 174
α-Silyloxyaldehydes, synthesis, a 174
Sodium Chloride, electrolysis, a 43
Sol Gel, method of catalyst preparation, a 47, 113
Sols, Pd, preparation, a 111
Solvated Metal Atom Impregnation 72
Specific Heat, in superconducting URuSi, a 109
Spectroscopy, Kerr rotation, of Fe/Pt, Co/Pt multilayers, a 108
NMR, for monitoring Pt electroplating baths 17
Pt III, by triggered and sliding spark, a 108
Sputtering, Pt ion in stainless steel, a 165
SQUIDS, to detect resistance oscillations in CeRuSi, a 166
Steel, stainless, surface modification, a 117, 165, 169
Styrene, reactions, a 172, 229, 230
Sulphur, levels in gasoline 7
S-O compounds, voltammetry on Pt electrodes, a 42
Sulphuric Acid, Pt electrodes test media, a 42
Superalloys, Pt aluminide coatings 16, 112
Superconductivity, a 109, 231
Superconductors 86, 165, 231
Superlattices, Co/Pt, Fe/Pd, a 108
SynthesisGas 151, 172
Thermocouples, A.C.T. coated, glass manufacture 62
Thermodynamics, Pt-Transition Metal Systems, a 225
Thermometers, RuO2 /Al2 O3, for mK use 39
Thick Films, RuO2 /Al2 O3, for mK thermometers 39
Thin Films, C/Co-Cr-Pt/Cr, read/write characteristics, a 231
Co, ultrathin, growth on Ru(0001), a 109
Co/Ni/Co/Pt, multilayers, magnetism in, a 40
Co/Pd, multialyers, magnetism in, a 40, 108
CoNi/Pt, multilayers, cyclability, a 175
Fe/Pd, compositionally modulated films, a 40
Fe/Pt multilayers, a 108
Ir, MOCVD deposited, a 226
IrO2 on Au wire, for pH sensor, a 227
membranes, journal reviews 153
Pd, deposition, for H2 sensor, a 44
permeation membranes for H2 purification, a 44
resistors, for LSI circuits, a 50
Pt, for methane sensor, a 170
ultrathin, morphology, a 44
Pt oxide, hydrous, formation, reduction, a 227
Pt poly cry stalline structures, nanoscale technology 101
Pt-Pd, for X-ray mirrors 158
Pt-PSZ, properties, a 225
Pt/Co multilayers, a 108, 118, 169, 175, 225
Pt/Co, Pt/Fe multilayers see Magneto-Optics  
Pt/Co/SiO2, Si, magnetic properties 13
FVMgO(100), pulsed laser deposition, a 169
Ru, mirror, synthesis, properties, a 41
see also Films; Langmuir-Blodgett Films; Magneto-Optics  
Thiocarbonyl Ylide, synthesis, a 115
Thiophene, catalyst poison effects, a 114
Tin, determination in seawater, a 170
Titanium, adhesive layer between Pt/Al2 O3,TiO2, SiO2, a 45
TiO2, photoetched/photoreduced Pt patterns, a 168
Transistors, IrO2 -Au for pH sensor, a 227
Trichloroethane, hydrodechlorinated, a 46
Trimethylamine, sensor, a 113
Urethanes, mono-, di-, synthesis, a 173
U.S. Bureau of Mines, supply, of Pt,Pd,Rh 70
Vinyl Esters, synthesis, a 175
Vinyl Ketones, a 49
Vinylarenes, hydroboration, a 48
Vinylation, carbonylative, of arylmercuric chlorides, a 115
Vitamin D, metabolites, synthesis, a 48
Volatile Organic Compounds, halogenated, destruction 186
Voltammetry, anodic stripping, metal detection in water, a 170
cathodic stripping, Se detection in water 158
cyclic, of Cu-histidine system, on Pt micro-electrode, a 110
of Ru complex/Nafion for water oxidation catalyst, a 168
Wacker, type catalysts, a 229
Water, containing Cu, Cd, Pb, detection by voltammetry, a 170
containing Se, detection by voltammetry 158
nitrate, nitrite removal 211
organic pollution control, a 229
oxidation catalyst, a 168
see also Seawater  
Water Gas Shift Reaction, a 172
X-Rays, Pt-Pd surfaced mirrors for 158
Xylene, isomers, isomerisation, a 113
Zirconium Alloys, Zr-Pd-Ru, wear resistant 194

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