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Johnson Matthey Technol. Rev. 2021, 65, (3), 502
doi: 10.1595/205651321X16248677698588



我们发现,最近在《Johnson Matthey Technology Review》发表的一篇文章中,炼油厂航空喷气燃料的全球均价有误 (1)。


Erratum: Sustainable Aviation Fuels

Status, challenges and prospects of drop-in liquid fuels, hydrogen and electrification in aviation

    • Ausilio Bauen*
    • E4tech Ltd, 83 Victoria Street, London, SW1H 0HW, UK; Centre for Environmental Policy, Weeks Building, 16–18 Prince’s Gardens, Imperial College London, South Kensington, London, SW7 1NE, UK
    • Niccolò Bitossi, Lizzie German, Anisha Harris, Khangzhen Leow
    • E4tech Ltd, 83 Victoria Street, London, SW1H 0HW, UK
    • *Email:

Article Synopsis

It has come to our attention that there was an error with the global average price paid at the refinery for aviation jet fuel in a recent article published in Johnson Matthey Technology Review (1).

The correct price should be US$600 per tonne.


  1. 1.
    A. Bauen, N. Bitossi, L. German, A. Harris and K. Leow, Johnson Matthey Technol. Rev., 2020, 64, (3), 263 LINK

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