How to Get Your Article Cited

Congratulations on having your article published in Johnson Matthey Technology Review! Here are some things you can do to make sure people see your work and maximise its chances of being cited in other publications.

Now that your article is published you will want to make sure other scientists see, read and cite your work to maximise its impact. The journal team already work to disseminate all articles published in the journal. However, the most effective way to promote your own work is to take some of the simple steps and top tips outlined below.

Author’s Toolkit

Here are some do’s and don’ts to make the most of new tools available online and offline:

• DO Write editorial content on other websites

• DO Post information about your article to blogs (but don’t duplicate posts)

• DO Contribute to social media (but only if you are using it already. Don’t create a special account just to promote your scientific writing)

• DO Reference your article in your email signature

• DO Link to the article from your university profile page or LinkedIn account

• DO Use Kudos and ORCID (they are free tools for authors to use) – find out more about how to use ORCID here: and Kudos here:

• DO Ask if you can put flyers on chairs if you are speaking at an event (Ask the Editorial Team for a bespoke PDF flyer that you can print out and give to students, contacts and colleagues)

• DO Share the link via the article DOI or link directly to your article on the website

• DO Think of other ways to spread the word about your article published in the Johnson Matthey Technology Review!

 The Journal Publisher’s Toolkit

The Editorial Team already works to promote the journal, both online and offline. Here are some of the things we do “behind the scenes”:

• Quarterly Email alert goes to approximately 5000 subscribers

• Search engine optimisation or SEO (currently optimised for Google and Bing)

• Platinum Open Access – no author fees

• Hosting on and IngentaConnect

• Deposit DOIs with CrossRef

• Indexing in major databases, libraries and abstracting services

• Posting on Twitter and LinkedIn

 Download the Toolkit – “How to Get Your Article Cited” (PDF, 25 KB)