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  • Catalytic properties of pgms Explore
  • Water solubility of platinum salt Explore
  • Emissions Control

  • Methane exhaust reduction for Euro 5 Explore
  • How much pollution has been saved by autocatalysts? Explore
  • CO light-off temperatures on Pt, Pd & Rh supported on gamma alumina Explore
  • PGM loading and recycling rates in autocatalysts Explore
  • Energy Conversion and Storage

  • Are fuel cells and batteries similar? Explore
  • Types of Cell Construction Explore
  • Automotive battery Explore
  • Industrial Processes

  • Can metals be heated with microwave energy? Explore
  • Questions about platinum/rhodium catalyst gauzes used for ammonia oxidation Explore
  • Metallurgy

  • How to identify iridium Explore
  • How can I test if a metal is platinum? Explore
  • Thermocouples: what are their problems in use and prevention? Explore
  • Platinum wire bonding Explore
  • Crystal structure of platinum Explore
  • PGMs in oxygen sensors and spark plugs Explore
  • Test for palladium Explore
  • How can platinum wire be joined to platinum? Explore
  • Is platinum more ductile than gold? Explore
  • Pharmaceuticals and Fine Chemicals

  • How much palladium is in ibuprofen and is it harmful? Explore
  • Sustainability

  • Platinum produced since 1900 Explore
  • Osmium applications Explore
  • In pgm recovery from effluent are there alternatives to using hydrazine? Explore
  • Types of platinum and platinum nuggets Explore