Platinum wire bonding

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Category: Metallurgy

Subject: Platinum wire bonding


Are there any suggestions for settings/substrate temperature to successfully bond (1 & 2 mil) Pt wire to Pt pads?


Ultrasonic bonding of platinum (Pt) wire requires a different approach to conventional aluminium and gold bonding processes.

Pt is a harder material than both Al and Au, and work hardens significantly during ultrasonic bonding. Increasing the power setting on the wire bonder increases the amplitude of the ultrasonic vibration, which would increase the propensity of Pt to work harden.

Recommendations for bonding Pt wire are to use high substrate heating, e.g 300ÂșC with minimum ultrasonic power. Adjust the time and force settings as required to produce a bond.

Parallel gap resistance welding should be considered as an alternative and often preferred method of bonding Pt wire.

Answer posted 14 November 2005

Submitted by: Mr Paul Richard

Affiliation: Georgetown University, Department of Physics

Answered by: Chris Otter

Affiliation: TWI, Cambridge, U.K.