Test for palladium

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Category: Metallurgy

Subject: Test for palladium


Are there any tests to identify palladium metal?


There are some tests which can be used, for example:

-Relative to platinum, palladium will form a bluish oxide film when heated in a Bunsen flame and then, unlike base metals, will if heated in a reducing flame revert back to a silver colour. Conversely if, once the oxide film is formed, the temperature is increased to ~1000ÂșC the oxide again reverts back to pure metal.

-Palladium will be slowly dissolved by concentrated nitric acid to colour the solution orange/brown. Platinum will not be affected and nickel alloys will produce a solution with a green colouration.

Other physical and chemical properties can be found through The PGM Database.

Answer posted 14 February 2007

Submitted by: Ms Sara Coles

Affiliation: Johnson Matthey Technology Review

Answered by: Robert McGrath

Affiliation: Johnson Matthey Noble Metals