Water solubility of platinum salt

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Category: Catalysis

Subject: Water solubility of platinum salt


Could you please provide some information about the water solubility of K2PtCl4? We have checked CRD, and some other reference books, however, none of them could provide an accurate number for the solubility of this platinum salt.


I can tell you that the material is soluble at AT LEAST 5% w/v in water as we use this as a solubility test in Fine Chemicals.

Looking at a range of solubility texts, we cannot find any published reference to the solubility of K2PtCl4. I would imagine the data is not available in the public domain. However, we measured the concentration of Pt in the mother liquor at the end of the process and this would be a saturated solution, albeit with a 5-10% excess of KCl present within it.

This allows me to estimate the solubility as being in the range of 5.3-5.7% w/w (on salt basis), which ties in nicely with a 5% w/v solubility test. This range is approximate, no definitive concentration has yet been measured or published to our knowledge.

Answer posted 18 June 2007

Submitted by: Dr Shu Chen

Affiliation: University of St Andrews

Answered by: Dr Will Weston

Affiliation: Technical Support Manager, Chemicals Production, Johnson Matthey