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01 四月 2003
Optimised Mechanical Properties of Ordered Noble Metal Alloys Read more
01 七月 2003
Nucleation and Growth of Platinum Clusters in Solution and on Biopolymers Read more
01 七月 2003
Fuel Cells at the Hannover Industrial Fair Read more
01 七月 2003
Polymeric Platinum-Containing Anticancer Drugs Read more
01 七月 2003
Recovery of Value Fission Platinoids from Spent Nuclear Fuel Read more
01 七月 2003
50 Years in Surface Chemistry Read more
01 七月 2003
Understanding Heterogeneous Catalysis Read more
01 七月 2003
Videos of Palladium Hydride Phases Read more


02 一月 2015
10th International Congress on Membrane and Membrane Processes Read more
30 五月 2019
10th International Symposium on Continuous Flow Reactor Technology for Industrial Applications Read more
22 六月 2015
12th Greenhouse Gas Control Technologies Conference Read more
07 一月 2016
12th International Conference on Materials Chemistry Read more
09 三月 2015
14th Ulm Electrochemical Talks Read more
02 一月 2015
17th International Meeting on Lithium Batteries Read more
03 四月 2018
21st International Conference on Solid State Ionics Read more
15 七月 2014
247th American Chemical Society National Meeting and Exposition: Part I Read more

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Current Status of Platinum Based Nanoparticles: Physicochemical Properties and Selected Applications – A Review

Hydrocarbonyl Processes for Conversion of Platinum-Rhodium-Palladium Alloys

Mechanical Properties of Platinum Jewellery Casting Alloys

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