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image of Active Sites of Cu/ZnO-Based Catalysts for CO2 Hydrogenation to Methanol


Heterogeneous Cu/ZnO-based catalysts are widely used for CO2 hydrogenation to methanol, but limitations remain for industrial applications. These include achieving high methanol selectivity and conversion, and mitigating deactivation by water poisoning. This review explores the role of active sites on Cu/ZnO-based catalysts in CO2 conversion. The synergistic interaction between Cu and ZnO is emphasized, particularly regarding interfacial effects on CO activation and formate formation. The discussion covers theoretical and experimental perspectives on active site characteristics, including defects, vacancies, steps, and strain. Additionally, the review explores the connection between Cu/ZnO-based catalysts properties and methanol synthesis activity. It examines how preparation methods influence catalyst performance and the impact of doping with elements like CeO2, Al2O3, and ZrO2 on CO2 conversion selectivity. We conclude that ZnO enhances Cu dispersion and promotes a synergistic effect at the interface, leading to improved catalytic performance.


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