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Website FAQ

Do I need to register or sign in to access the site?

No, you can browse and search the site for free. Some features such as signing up for alerts or saving your searches will require you to register or sign in.

Why would I want to register on the site?

Registering your profile on the site allows you to use features such as setting and managing alerts, marking an item as a favourite and saving searches. 

How do I register on the site?

Please click on the  icon in the top navigation. You can then register to create your profile on the site.

How do I sign up for new content email alerts?

You can select an alert from the options on the right hand side of the page. An alert will then be setup.

How do I unsubscribe from email alerts?

To remove an alert, go into ‘My Profile,’ select the type of alert you’ve created (e.g. for an individual publication) and view the list of your current alerts. Uncheck the alert you no longer wish to receive.

You can unsubscribe by clicking on the unsubscribe link in an email alert.

Can I save searches and receive search alerts?

Yes. Whenever you conduct a search, when you are logged in you will see an option to ‘Save this search’ (in the dropdown under Tools at the top of the search results). Clicking on this link will take you to the searches part of your ‘My Account’. Under the tab ‘Search history’, select the checkbox next to your recent search, choose from the dropdown where you want to save the search (as an individual item or a new folder) and click ‘Go’. This will save the search into the Saved Searches tab.

All searches that are conducted within a particular session are also stored in the Search history, which you can find under 'My Account'. You can permanently save any searches from the history as well as creating alerts from them.

Journal FAQ

How do I publish a paper in Johnson Matthey Technology Review?

Guidelines for how to prepare your manuscript are in our Information for Authors section. For more information, please visit our Submit a paper page. 

How much does it cost to publish in the Johnson Matthey Technology Review?

Publishing in the journal is free of charge. There are no author fees. Please see the Open Access policy for more information.

How do I track the progress of my manuscript?

Please contact us or email your corresponding Editor directly to ask about the current status of your manuscript.

How long does peer review take?

For all questions about peer review please refer to our Ethics and Governance policy.

Can I have permission to use an image or an article that has been published in Platinum Metals Review or the Johnson Matthey Technology Review?

Please see the Open Access policy for how to share or re-use content. Or contact us with your enquiry.

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