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Platinum Metals Rev., 1957, 1, (3), 99

Rhodium Plated Slip Rings in Flight Instruments

The design of flight instruments—to give the necessary information about an aircraft’s attitude, heading and position and their rates of change—has become more difficult with the production of aircraft capable of high speeds and with more critical characteristics. A development recently announced by S. G. Brown Ltd., Watford, provides in one instrument an improved means of obtaining such data irrespective of the conditions of flight or of aerobatic manoeuvres. This equipment, based on a design conception of the Royal Aircraft Establishment and sponsored by the Ministry of Supply, is known as the Master Reference Gyro Type A.

These gyros incorporate a large number of light duty slip rings and brushes that must operate efficiently under conditions of very light brush pressure. Rhodium plated rings, used in conjunction with multi-wire brushes made in a copper-silver-gold alloy, have proved very satisfactory even with brush pressures as low as 2 grams.

The output unit of the Master Reference Gyro Type A, developed by S. G. Brown Ltd., showing some of the many rhodium plated slip rings embodied in the instrument

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