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Platinum Metals Rev., 1966, 10, (2), 47

Petrochemicals by Platinum Reforming

World’s Largest Aromatics Plant

The world’s largest aromatics petrochemical plant recently began production in Puerto Rico. Operated by Commonwealth Petrochemicals Inc., a subsidiary of Commonwealth Oil Refining Company, the plant receives raw naphtha feedstock both from the parent company’s refinery and by tanker from Venezuela. The naphtha is fed to a Unifining process unit where it is catalytically desulphurised, and thence to a Platforming unit where it is reformed over a platinum catalyst to produce a high yield of aromatics. These are separated in a Sulfolane unit and finally produced as high purity benzene, toluene, ortho-xylene and mixed xylenes. The total annual capacity of the plant is 172 million gallons of aromatics. Five of the plant’s major units were designed by Universal Oil Products Company.

The aromatics complex at the new Puerto Rico plant of Commonwealth Petrochemicals Inc.

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