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Platinum Metals Rev., 1967, 11, (2), 55

Tungsten-Platinum Alloy Strain Gauges

Earlier studies on dynamic strain gauges for use at high temperatures have shown the advantages of a tungsten-platinum alloy in terms of stability, low temperature coefficient of resistance and high gauge factor, and this alloy—normally containing 8 per cent tungsten—has found considerable use in gauges of the wire type. An interesting further development in this field is the provision of foil type gauges in the same alloy. The illustration shows a typical precision die-cut foil gauge (magnified approximately five times) from a range produced by Dentronics Inc. of Hackensack, New Jersey, from tungsten-platinum alloy foil made by Sigmund Cohn of New York. Gauges of this type are stable at temperatures up to 800°C.

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