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Platinum Metals Rev., 1968, 12, (2), 63

Palladium and Rhodium: Russian Reviews

  • F. J. S.

A valuable summary of knowledge concerning palladium has been published recently by the “Nauka” publishing house in Moscow. This is “Splavy Palladiya” (Palladium Alloys), 1967, 214 pp, by E. M. Savitskii, V. P. Polyakova and M. A. Tylkina of the Institute of Metallurgy named for A. A. Baikov. Part of the information is from original work by these scientists but the majority of it is a thorough review of international effort, fully referenced.

The book is divided into three main sections: the first deals with the occurence, extraction and fabrication of palladium, with the physical and mechanical properties of the metal, and with its chemical reactions and salts; the second part deals with the properties of the alloys; the third part describes the uses of the metal and its alloys.

This comprehensive study is not the first of its type. In 1966 “Nauka” published I. A. Fedorov’s “Rhodium”, which has a similar type of coverage but, since Fedorov works at the Institute of General and Inorganic Chemistry named for N. S. Kurnakov, puts greater emphasis on the chemical compounds of the metal.

If such reviews are to be extended to the remaining platinum metals then a very valuable record of Russian interest in this field will be available.

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