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Platinum Metals Rev., 1974, 18, (2), 57

Topics at the Catalysis Society Meeting

The 3rd North American Meeting of the Catalysis Society, held in February at San Francisco, included 55 papers, many of them dealing with the platinum group metals.

Continued high interest in these metals for automobile emission control was evident from the symposium on catalytic problems relating to the environment, including papers from oil companies: Union Oil Co. of California—D. P. McArthur on “Activity, Selectivity and Degradation of Auto Exhaust NOx Catalysts”, and Mobil Corp.—D. Liederman et al . on “Deactivation Study of a Platinum Monolithic CO/Hydrocarbon Oxidation Catalyst“; from automobile manufacturers: General Motors—R. L. Klimisch et al . on “The Chemistry of Degradation in Automotive Emission Control Catalysts” and on “The Dual State Behaviour of Supported Noble Metal Catalysts”, and Ford Motor Co.—R. A. Dalla Betta on “Hydrogen and Carbon Monoxide Adsorption on Ruthenium”; and from catalyst support manufacturers: Corning Glass Works—C. H. Bartholomew on “Reduction of NO by Monolithic-supported Pd-Ni and Pd-Ru Alloys”. J. Turkevich et al . of Princeton University described “ESR Investigation of Adsorption of Oxygen on Silica, Palladium and Gold Surfaces”. A related general paper by R. J. H. Voorhoeve et al . of Bell Laboratories dealt with “Perovskite-like LaMnO3 Substituted with Potassium or Ruthenium for Reduction of Nitric Oxide.”

General papers covered ammonia oxidation over supported platinum, determination of catalyst surface areas, deuterium exchange over noble metal powders, platinum-catalysed ethylene hydrogenation and oxidations of platinum surfaces, and of ketals of sugar alcohols.

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