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Platinum Metals Rev., 1975, 19, (3), 109

Fire-resistant Silicone Rubber

A continuing and increasing interest in the use of platinum or platinum-containing compounds for the production of fire-resistant silicone rubbers is shown by the patents being filed on this subject.

Specialised rubbers used where fire resistance is particularly desirable may have their fire retardant properties improved by the addition of very small amounts of platinum in a variety of forms, probably together with other materials such as silica fillers, sulphurfree carbon black or Group II metal oxides.

Suggested applications for such rubbers include the insulation of electrical conductors, transformer encapsulants, heater ducts, and window gaskets. With the performance and safety of ships and aircraft depending largely on the correct functioning of electrical devices and wiring it is clearly advantageous for the insulation employed to be flame resistant.

Patents include those held by Dow Corning (British Patents 1,161,052; 1,335,619; 1,262,845; (U.S. Patent 3,635,874); General Electric (U.S. Patents 3,539,530; 3,514,424; 3,711,520; French Patent 2,016,946; British Patent 1,380,323); Shinetsu Chemical (British Patent 1,389,393), and Toshiba Silicone (Japan Kokai 74 67,933; 7467,934; 74 67,935).

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