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Platinum Metals Rev., 1976, 20, (4), 122

Temperature Control in the Casting of Copper Alloys

Temperature control in the continuous or semi-continuous casting of copper alloys is vital to the production of sound material. For any given pouring temperature there are optimum rates of pouring and of cooling, and a new installation for the rapid and visible measurement of this temperature has recently been put in at Usine Metallurgiques Suisse Selve et Cie at Thun. The usual platinum: rhodium-platinum thermocouple not only records graphically but by means of an electronic circuit displays the temperature at any one of eight locations on a large luminous panel when a control button is activated. The operator can thus concentrate on the handling of the immersion pyrometer with an eye on the panel, which shows both the location and the temperature. The installation was supplied by Ets. Dr. Ness of K├╝ssnacht, Switzerland, under the supervision of Dr. F. Roggen of Selve.

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