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Platinum Metals Rev., 1977, 21, (4), 128

Russian Research on the Platinum Metals

Alloys of the Precious Metals, Nauka, Moscow, 1977, 292 pages (in Russian)

  • L. B. H.

The great importance which the Soviet Union attaches to the platinum metals is once again in evidence with the publication of this collection of papers. There are no less than ninety-five contributions by a number of authors headed by Professor E. M. Savitskii and his colleague Madame V. P. Polyakova of the A. A. Baikov Metallurgical Institute of the Academy of Sciences, and originally given at a conference in 1974. All but four or five of the papers, despite the general title, are concerned with the properties and applications of the platinum group metals.

The subjects covered range from the mineralogy of the platinum group to the technique of welding platinum and its alloys, taking in on the way such varied subjects as gas analysis, the solubility and diffusion of impurities in platinum at high temperatures, the phase diagrams of platinum with some of the rare earth elements, the interaction of platinum with molybdenum and rhenium, and studies of the interaction of molten platinum and palladium with various refractory materials.

Some of the more interesting applications discussed include the study of platinum alloys containing both palladium and rhodium for handling molten glass, the properties of cobalt-platinum permanent magnets, potentiometer wire and sliding contact materials, alloys for thermocouples, palladium alloys for the diffusion of hydrogen and ruthenium based catalysts.

As we have come to accept, all but very few of the numerous references are to Russian work, but clearly this fairly short book is a valuable source of information on current work in this field in the Soviet Union.

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