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Platinum Metals Rev., 1978, 22, (1), 24

Fast Response Temperature Detector

A temperature measuring device which is capable of responding quickly to temperature changes, and which in addition is approved for use in some hazardous areas—including certain glass lined reaction vessels—incorporates a Pallaplat (rhodium-platinum versus palladium-gold) thermocouple which is compatible with the glass lining of the enclosing glassed-steel probe.

Recently announced (Electronics W., 1977, (886), 10), the device brings together temperature detecting elements developed by Henry Balfour & Co. Limited of Leven, Fife, and intrinsically safe instrumentation provided by Measurement Technology Limited of Luton, Bedfordshire.

The temperature detecting element responds exponentially to temperature change and has a half-time of only about 2.5 seconds. As the temperature transmitter is considerably faster than this the whole unit is emminently suitable for responding rapidly to any variation from the temperature required in an automatically controlled process, or for activating alarms if the temperature of a product deviates from a critical level.

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