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Platinum Metals Rev., 1978, 22, (1), 33

NEW PATENTS: January 1978


Rhodium Alloys

international business machines corp. U.S. Patent 4,023,965

The alloys, for use in magnetic devices and which enhance corrosion resistance, contain 65−90% Ni, 10−35% Fe and 1−25% Rh.

Titanium Alloy

johnson matthey & co. ltd. Dutch Appl. 76.13127

The corrosion resistance of Ti alloys is improved by the incorporation of 6−40% of one or more of Rh, Ru, Pt and Pd, although Ir may also be present. One alloy contains 6% Pt and 6% Ir.


Platinum or Silver Hydroxymercaptan Salts

american cyanamid co. U.S. Patent 4,018,807

Certain metal salts, such as the Pt and Ag salts of aromatic o–hydroxymercaptans, are prepared by the reaction of an aromatic o–hydroxythiocyanate with a water-soluble salt of the metal in the presence of a strong mineral acid. The salts can be incorporated into plastic lenses to afford eye protection against laser radiation.


Platinum Coating for Electrodes

exxon research & engineering co. British Patent 1,484,645

A photogalvanic device has a thin layer of Pt on a glass surface for use as an electrode.

Platinum Group Metals for Bipolar Press Cell

b.a.s.f. wyandotte corp. British Patent 1,487,237

In the cell, a connection between the anode and cathode can be made of a Pd-Ti alloy and the anode may be coated with one or more Pt group metals or their oxides.

Platinum Group Layer for Electrodes

siemens a.g. British Patent 1,487,485

Electrodes for fuel cells are coated with a catalytic layer of an alloy of a Pt group metal and an Fe group metal, a suitable alloy being of Pt-Ni.

Plating a Substrate

k.k. daini seikosha British Patent 1,488,559

A dry plating process is used to apply a first metallic layer of Pd, Pt, Au or Cu to a substrate, and a wet process is used to deposit a second metallic layer of Au.


Dissolved Oxygen Probes

fischer and porter co. British Patent 1,483,987

A probe for continuously measuring the concentration of O2 dissolved in a liquid has a Pt or Au measuring electrode.

Noble Metal Electrode for Electrochemical Gas Sensor

general electric co. U.S. Patent 4,025,412

The electrode, for the sensor, is made of a noble metal alloy, such as Pt-Ir and is used in association with a Pd foil.

Carbon Monoxide Detection

national research development corp. U.S. Patent 4,036,592

CO is detected in the presence of H2 in combustion exhaust gases by a catalytic alloy of Pt with not less than 10% Rh. The alloy is held at a temperature where CO, but not H2, burns.

Hydrogen Storage

johnson matthey & co. ltd. German Offen. 2,658,648

The hydrogen is concentrated by diffusion through a Pd membrane (optionally as an alloy with up to 20% Ag), and collected in a material which will absorb it reversibly, such as LaNi5, Mg2Ni or Ti-Fe alloys.


Ruthenium Containing Perovskites

johnson matthey & co. ltd. British Patent 1,482,516

A catalyst comprises BaRuO3, CaRuO3, SrRuO3 or MgO/RuO2 together with Pt in free elemental or oxide form, and is used for the purification of I.C.E. exhaust.

Catalytic Destruction of Chlorinated Hydrocarbons

national research & development corp. British Patent 1,485,375

A fuel which is H2 and a hydrocarbon is flamelessly burned in a bed of catalyst comprising metallic Rh, Pd, Ir or Pt or compounds thereof and the chlorinated hydrocarbon is passed into the catalyst bed in which the fuel is burning.

Selective Hydrogenation Catalyst

johnson matthey & co. ltd. British Patent 1,487,915

Catalysts for the hydrogenation of nitric oxide to hydroxylamine comprise a support and a catalytic material consisting of one or more of the elements Ir, Ni, Ag and Au, one of the elements Ru, Rh, Pd, Os and Pt, and Si.

Catalytic Tube for Methanation

institut nawozow sztucznych U.S. Patent 4,019,969

Catalytic tubes for methanation and steam reforming of hydrocarbons have wall supported catalysts chosen from Ru, Ir, Os, Pt, Pd, Fe, Mo, Ag, Co, Th and Ni.

Rhodium and Ruthenium Catalyst for Treating Exhaust Gases

u.o.p. inc. U.S. Patent 4,020,013

A composite consists of a high surface area refractory inorganic oxide containing Rh and Ru impregnated onto it in a weight ratio of 1:1 to 2:1. The Rh makes up 0.02−0.10% by weight of the composite.

Group VIII Multimetal Catalyst

u.o.p. inc. U.S. Patent 4,024,199

Alkylaromatic hydrocarbons are isomerised using a catalyst which consists of a porous alumina carrier bearing 0.01−2.0% Pt or Pd, 0.01−2.0% Rh, 0.01−5.0% Sn and 0.1−10.0% halogen.

Palladium Hydrogenation Catalyst

exxon research & engineering co. U.S. Patent 4,025,459

The addition of liquid HF or liquid Bronstead acids containing F to Pd, Pt or Ir gives a catalyst which shows a hydrogenation activity which is enhanced by 10–144 times. The addition of a F-containing Lewis acid to the HF or acid can increase the hydrogenation by up to 3500 times as much.

Platinum or Rhodium Isotope Exchange Catalyst

atomic energy of canada ltd. U.S. Patent 4,025,560

Hydrogen isotopes are exchanged between streams of gaseous H2 and liquid H2O by contacting them with a catalyst at 0−300°C. The catalyst consists of a hydrophobic material, such as PTFE, and an active metal such as Pt or Rh.

Platinum and Palladium Oxidising Catalysts

air products and chemicals inc. U.S. Patent 4,025,605

Low concentrations of oxidisable organic contaminants are removed from O2 containing inert gases by an absorption process which uses a Pt and/or Pd metal or complex oxidising catalyst.

Catalytic Oxidation Process

johnson matthey & co. ltd. U.S. Patent 4,025,606

A process for the oxidation of CO or hydrocarbons and uncombined O2 to CO2 and water uses a catalyst which consists of an inert support coated with an intermediate layer of Sc, Y and/or a lanthanide oxide and a catalytically active surface coating of an alloy chosen from Pt-Rh-base metal alloys which contain 1−50% Rh, 0.01−25.0% base metal and the rest Pt. The base metal used may be Ag.

Palladium Ruthenium Alloy Catalyst

v.m.gryanznov et al. U.S. Patent 4,026,958

An alloy of 90−98% Pd and 2−10% Ru is used as catalyst for the dehydrogenation of hydrocarbons such as cyclohexane.

Fluoriding Noble Metal Catalysts

shell oil co. U.S. Patent 4,032,474

Catalysts in a fixed bed, including noble metal catalysts, especially Pd and Pt, are fluorided in situ by providing an amount of F which is in excess by at least 10% of the amount of F absorbed by the catalyst.

Platinum Group Catalyst for Hydrocracking Processes

phillips petroleum co. U.S. Patent 4,035,283

The catalyst consists of alumina supported Pt, Ir, Os, Ru, Rh or Pd metal activated at high temperature by a gas consisting of a H halide, a halosilane and an organic halide.

Platinum Group Catalyst for the Direct Oxidation of Olefins

agence nationale de valorisation de la recherche French Appl. 2,310,987

The direct oxidation of 3−30C olefins is carried out in a single stage process using at least two metal catalysts: the first is an Os, Rh, Ir, Ni, Ru or Co compound and the second is a Mo, W, V, Ti, Nb or Cr compound.

Platinum-containing Isomerisation Catalyst

cie. francaise de raffinage French Appl. 2,320,775

A catalyst for hydrocarbon isomerisation reactions consists of a refractory support, a metallic halide component, a Pt group metal, especially Pt, and at least one of Ti, Zr, W and Mo.

I.C.E. Exhaust Gas Purification

ford-werke a.g. German Offen. 2,649,825

An I.C.E. catalytic converter is divided into at least two parts with a Rh and/or Ir catalyst in the first part or parts and a Pt and/or Pd catalyst in the last part.

Fat Hardening

johnson matthey & co. ltd. Dutch Appl. 77.01385

An oil of animal or vegetable origin is selectively hydrogenated over a supported catalyst containing a Pt group metal, Fe, Co and/or Ni, especially Pd/C or an alloy deposited on stainless steel.


Platinum/Cobalt Hydrosilylation Catalyst

s.w.s. silicones corp. U.S. Patent 4,033,902

The catalyst, for promoting the addition of ≡Si−H compounds to unsaturated organic compounds, is prepared by reacting PtCl2 with Co(CO)8 at up to 52°C in the presence of an inert solvent.


Rejuvenation of Platinum Catalysts

inventa a.g. für forschung und patentverwertung British Patent 1,480,154

The aged catalyst is treated in an acid medium in the presence of a hydroxylamine salt with a S compound which releases H2SO3, and subsequently treating it in an acid medium, in the presence of H2, with an aqueous solution of a Pt4+ or Pt2+ compound.

Separating and/or Purifying Secondary Platinum Group Metals

swarsab mining, exploration and development co. (pty) ltd. British Patent 1,481,385

Rh, Ru, Ir and Os are separated from a concentrate by heating the concentrate in a stream of O2.

P.G.M. Recovery from Catalysts

johnson matthey & co. ltd. British Patent 1,486,413

Pt group metals are recovered from supports by mechanical reduction of the catalyst to give a fines portion and a tails portion, the majority of the metallic value being in the fines portion, and then separation of the portions.

Treating Plastic Substrates prior to Plating

oxy metal industries corp. British Patent 1,487,243

Plastic substrates may be activated by contact with an acidic Sn/Pd complex, and then accelerated by the use of a solution of a Pt group metal salt.

High-temperature Resistant Metal Powders

johnson matthey & co. ltd. French Appl. 2,316,029

The powders consist of refractory particles coated with a layer of Pt, Pd, Rh, Ru, Ir, Os, Au, Ag or their alloys.


johnson matthey & co. ltd. German Offen. 2,658,647

A major proportion of the surface of a finely divided refractory ceramic oxide, carbide or nitride is coated with an additive containing Y, Al, Ti, V, Cr or Ni which will act as a binding agent for a chemically deposited metal which is Pt Ag, Ru, Rh, Pd, Os, Ir, Au or their alloys.


Vitrified Ceramic Product Containing Platinum Group Metals

gesellschaft für kemforschung g.m.b.h. French Appl. 2,319,593

The products, for use in the elimination of radioactive residues, consist of a matrix which contains a borosilicate glass, a nucleating agent, some metal fluorides and finely divided precious metals such as Ru, Rh or Pd.


Electrical Resistor

hoechst a.g. British Patent 1,478,919

A resistor comprises a sheet of electrically resistive open-meshed fabric having as a terminal a metallic contact strip, such as a Pt group metal, Au, or Ag, covering a part of one of its surfaces.

Bonding a Semiconductor Device to an Electrical Conductor on a Supporting Substrate

international business machines corp. British Patent 1,481,015

The device is placed on the substrate with a solder pad formed on the device in contact with the electrical conductor. The solder pad is heated to cause solder reflow and the formation of a ternary intermetallic including Pd dispersed within the solder.

Multisubstrate Interconnected Printed Circuit Module

westinghouse electric corp. British Patent 1,481,590

Pt-Au or Pd-Ag screen printed pastes and Sn-Pb-Ag solder are used in interlayer connecting means for multisubstrate interconnected printed circuit modules which can be quickly and easily disassembled.

Platinum-layer in Resistance Structure

w.c.heraeus g.m.b.h. U.S. Patent 4,028,657

A thermometric resistance structure has a layer of Pt applied in a resistor pattern configuration on the intermediate lanthanide, Ti or Fe oxide or oxides of an alumina ceramic structure.

Platinum Resistor Pattern on Ceramic Heating Device

kyoto ceramic co. ltd. U.S. Patent 4,035,613

A cylindrical ceramic heating device is described which can have a Pt heat generating resistor pattern.

Storage Battery Electrodes

diamond shamrock technologies s.a. U.S. Patent 4,037,032

An electric storage battery using an aqueous bromide electrolyte has a cathode comprising a Ti base coated with a Pt metal oxide or oxides and a valve metal oxide.


Turbine Blade Construction

gesellschaft für kernforschung g.m.b.h. U.S. Patent 4,036,601

A turbine blade consists of a core of resistant alloy, such as Mo-Re covered with a corrosion and heat-resistant cover of Re, Rh, Ir and/or Pt.


Platinum or Palladium Thermopile

united states surgical corp. British Patent 1,483,410

A temperature and respiration detector contains a thermopile which can optionally be constructed from Pt or Pd.

Resistance for Thermometer

deutsche gold–& silber-scheideanstalt German Offen. 2,558,752

A resistance thermometer incorporates a thin layer of Pt obtained by sputtering it on to an insulating substrate in an atmosphere of Kr and O2 or Xe and O2.


Platinum Ceramic Dental Alloy

national research & development corp. British Patent 1,483,362

An alloy for dental restoration work is prepared by firing porcelain on to a noble metal substrate, specifically Pt, which is carrying an intermediate adherent layer of a metal oxide, such as Sn or In oxide.

Platinum Catalyst for Dental Impression Material

wacker-chemie g.m.b.h. U.S. Patent 4,035,453

A dental impression material which contains (di)organopoly-siloxanes also contains a Pt catalyst capable of promoting the addition of Si-bonded hydrogen to vinyl groups at room temperature.

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