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Platinum Metals Rev., 1979, 23, (3), 129

NEW PATENTS: July 1979


Palladium-Containing Alloys

international business machines corp. British Patent 1,539,686

Improved ferromagnetic alloys for use such as in bubble domain devices have the general formula Ni100−x−yFexPdy, where x is 25−80 at. % and y is 25−65 at. %.

Nickel Glow Plug Alloys

ngk spark plug company ltd. British Appl. 2,003,501

An alloy for use in a glow plug heater used in I.C.E., particularly diesel engines, contains Ni and between 0.05 and 2.0% of Y, Zr and/or Ru. The additions prevent grain coarsening and high temperature degradation without affecting the electrical resistance of the material.

Amorphous Alloys

sony corp. British Appl. 2,003,772

A continuous-casting process for the manufacture of amorphous alloys is applicable to Fe-P-C alloys containing minor amounts of Ru, for instance Fe78Ru2P13C7.

Palladium-Containing Brazing Alloy

comptoir lyon-alemand louyot French Appl. 2,378,601

A “high-temperature” brazing alloy consists of 20−80% transition metal, such as Ni, Fe and/or Co, 0.5−15% Ge and 5−40% Pd.


Ruthenium and/or Iridium-Containing Pyrochlore Compound

exxon research & engineering co. U.S. Patent 4,129,525

Electrically conductive pyrochlore compounds have the formula A2 (B2−xAx)O7−y where A is Pb and/or Bi, B is Ru and/or Ir, x is 0–1.0 and y is 0–1.0.

Adhesive Organopolysiloxanes

wacker-chemie g.m.b.h. U.S. Patent 4,130,707

The adhesive compounds contain vinyl-containing organopolysiloxanes, organopolysiloxanes containing Si-H atoms and Group VIII metal catalysts (Pt-olefin complexes). Conductive materials (Al or Ag) are added to the adhesives to form flexible heating resistors.


Electrolytic Cell

hans einhell g.m.b.h. British Patent 1,539,008

A cell for the electrolytic purification and sterilisation of water and which has an anode of a platinum group metal or platinised Ti or Nb is designed to prevent the accumulation of impurities on the electrodes.


Palladium Electroplating

siemens a.g. British Patent 1,539,303

Pore-free, ductile, bright coatings are obtained by electrodeposition from ammonia-free baths containing a diglycocoll Pd complex.

High Temperature Resistant Coatings

general electric co. U.S. Patents 4,123,594-95

Fe-Co-Ni superalloys are protected from high temperatures using a diffused graded coating which on the side adjacent to the superalloy contains 10−50% Cr, up to 30% Al, up to 10% Hf, up to 3% Y and up to 30% of Pt, Rh and/or Pd while on the outside the coating contains 10−50% Al and 1−40% of Hf, Pt, Rh and/or Pd, the balance being elements diffused out.


Gas Lasers

ferranti ltd. British Patent 1,540,619

A pellet of Pt black powder, compressed under high pressure (50 tsi), is used as the cathode of a gas discharge layer. The electrode contains up to 25% of cupric oxide to reduce unwanted constituents of the gas mixture.

Oxygen Measuring Probes

dragerwerk a.g. British Patent 1,540,751

A microprobe for measuring O2 partial pressures, especially in aqueous biological solutions, has a measuring electrode made of a thin film of noble metal or alloy, preferably Pt or Au, and a counter electrode of Pt, Ag or Au.

Platinum Wire for Combustible Gas Detector

english electric valve co. ltd. U.S. Patent 4,123,225

A heatable Pt wire is embedded in a pellet of Al2O3/zeolite to provide the detector.


I.C.E. Exhaust-Gas Purification Catalyst

general motors corp. British Patent 1,537,732–33

An I.C.E. exhaust gas catalyst comprises particulate Al2O3 of specified pore characteristics impregnated to a depth of 90–250 μm with Pt and optionally Pd.

Intermetallic Three-Way Catalyst

johnson matthey & co. ltd. British Appl. 2,002,648

Three-way catalysts for I.C.E. purification are formed from an intermetallic compound supported on a metal or ceramic, preferably with an intermediate refractory metal oxide layer between the catalyst and support. The intermetallics have the formula AxBy, where A is a Group VIII metal and B is Al, Sc, Y, the lanthanides, Ti, Zr, Hf, V, Nb or Ta. Ni3Al and Ni2·86Pt0·14Al intermetallics are used in the examples.

Platinum Group Metal Catalyst

gulf research & development co. U.S. Patent 4,122,039

The catalyst is prepared by coating a support with a Pt or Pd salt and a Rh salt, calcining, then coating with a Ru salt and an oxide, salt or acid of phosphorus and then calcining again. The catalyst is used for treating I.C.E. exhaust gases.

Lanthanum Rhodite Catalyst

johnson matthey & co. ltd. U.S. Patent 4,127,510

The catalyst is of formula MxM′yOz (M is Li, Na, K, Mg, Ca, Sr, Ba, Al, Sc, Y, a lanthanide, Ti, Zr, V, Cr, Mn, Fe, Co, Ni, Cu and/or Zn, M′ is Ir, Rh, Pt, Pd or Ru, y is 0.1–3.0, z is 2–7, x has a value such that the compound is electrically neutral). The catalyst may be disposed on a ceramic or metallic support optionally with an intermediate refractory oxide.

Iridium Catalyst for Treating Light Petroleum Fractions

ste. nationale elf aquitaine French Appl. 2,376,203

A catalyst for the simultaneous production of ethane and high octane petrol by the selective hydrogenation of light petrol fractions consists of a porous refractory oxide support, Ir and Rh, Os, Pt, Pd, Ru, Ni, Fe or Co.

Supported Intermetallic Catalysts

johnson matthey & co. ltd. French Appl. 2,379,317

A catalyst, for use in the production of nitric acid from NH3 consists of a support coated with a refractory metal oxide and an intermetallic compound of formula MxM′y (M is Ru, Rh, Pd, Ir or Pt, M′ is Al, Sc, Y, the lanthanides, Ti, Zr, Hf, V, Nb and Ta, x and y are each at least 1).


Release Coatings

dow corning corp. British Patent 1,542,072

A release coating for use on paper, fabric, foil, etc. contains a diorganopolysiloxane, a toluene-soluble resinous copolymer containing organo-silicon units and a Rh catalyst of formula RhX3(SR′2)3 or Rh2(CO)4X2, where X is a halogen, R′ is an alkyl, aryl, aralkyl or alkaryl group or R″3SiQ, where Q is a C1−6 divalent aliphatic hydrocarbon radical. The preferred Rh catalyst is RhCl3(n−Bu2S)3.

Homogeneous Hydroformylation Co-Catalyst

johnson matthey & co. ltd. British Appl. 2,000,124

The hydroformylation of olefins is catalysed by a system containing a Rh complex, particularly a hydrido carbonyl triphenyl-phosphine or -phosphite complex and a co-ordination complex of a Group VI or VIII transition metal, preferably Pd, Pt, Ru, Cr, Mo, W, Fe or Co.

Palladium Complex Catalyst

v. k. boyadzhan et al Russian Patent 601,277

Allyl acetate is obtained by the reaction of propylene in the gas phase with acetic acid and O2, in the presence of a catalyst which is a supported mixture of Na, Cu and Zn acetates and {Pd(NH3)4}(OAc)2.


Fuel Cell Reservoir

united technologies corp. British Patents 1,541,541–42

An absorbent reservoir, located adjacent to the catalyst layer of a fuel cell, has shallow surface areas impregnated with a hydrophobic area and feed areas of hydrophobic material extending from the non-catalytic surface to the impregnated areas. The catalyst layer, which is preferably bonded to the reservoir material, is of Pt/p.t.f.e. and the porous reservoir material can be made from C paper, if the electrolyte is phosphoric acid, or from Ag felt or sintered Au or Ag powder if the electrolyte is KOH.


Heat Pump

allied chemical corp. British Patent 1,539,287

The action of a heat pump depends on the thermal cycling of a polyhalomethane in a solvent which is an asymmetrical furan derivative. One of the stages in the synthesis of the furan derivative is the conversion of a furfuraldehyde to a tetrahydro furfuryl alcohol with H2 in the presence of, for instance, a Rh-Pt oxide catalyst.

Recovery of Platinum Group Metals

matthey rustenburg refineries (pty) ltd. U.S. Patent 4,127,458

The metals are recovered from aqueous effluent from a platinum group metal refinery by adjusting the pH of the effluent to at least 10, heating it at above 60°C, electrolysing it using an electrode consisting of Ru, Rh, Pd, Ir, Pt; and/or their alloys so as to precipitate any metal present and filtering off the precipitated metal.


Glass Optical Fibres

standard telephones & cables ltd. British Patent 1,541,442

Optical fibres are manufactured by drawing molten glass fibres from a double crucible, made from Pt, which is designed to allow continuous fibre withdrawal without glass replenishment.

Optical Glass

ernst leitz wetzlar g.m.b.h. British Appl. 2,000,491

A borosilicate glass of specified optical properties may contain various metal oxides, such as La2O3 or Y2O3, as additives. It is produced by heating the constituents in a Pt crucible.


Acoustical-Optical Device

international business machines corp. British Patent 1,537,816

An acoustical-optical device is obtained by bonding together a piezoelectric crystal and an optical deflection crystal by way of a bond-enhancing metal (such as Cr, Al or Ti) and a layer of Pt, Pd or Au.

Palladium-Containing Multilayer Ceramic

international business machines corp. U.S. Patent 4,109,377

A multilayer ceramic for carrying semiconductor chips consists of layers of a mixture of a metal and its oxide, such as Pd, on unfired ceramic layers and drying.

Platinum Group Metal Contacts for Solar Cells

j. lindmayer U.S. Patent 4,124,455

A contact for a solar cell consists of a Ti group element in contiguous relationship with the cell, a mixture of Ti group element and platinum group metal layered over this, a layer of a platinum group metal over this and a body of Ag or other contact metal adhered to this.

Electrical Switch

fujitsu ltd. U.S. Patent 4,128,823

A switch consists of two sets of rod-shaped fixed electrodes and one cylindrical moving electrode of permanent magnetic form. Cracking of the contact layers is avoided by using Ag, Ni, Cu or alloys of these metals as a first adhesive layer coated with Rh, W, Re, Ru or Ag-W alloy.


Radiation Pyrometer

international business machines corp. British Patent 1,538,824

A radiation pyrometer consists of a thermally conductive, electrically insulating substrate, such as glass, coated with at least two films of metal separated by a film of thermally conductive, electrically insulating material, for instance, SiO2. The metal layers may be of Os or Pt, and the device is provided with electrodes of Ag.

Resistance Thermometer

deutsche gold- und silber-scheideanstalt British Patent 1,538,948

A precision resistor for a resistance thermometer is made by sputtering Pt on to an insulating support in an atmosphere of Kr or Xe and O2.

Pyrometric Sheath

commonwealth scientific and industrial research organisation British Appl. 2,000,642

The Pt thimble normally used to protect a thermocouple in an open-ended (Al2O3) sheath, such as in glass making, is replaced by a Pt foil integrally bonded across the tube.

Glass-Free Temperature Sensor

johnson matthey & co. ltd. British Appl. 2,002,175

The temperature coefficient of resistance disadvantages of thin resistance films on nonconductors are avoided by using thick metal films (at least 2.5 μm thick) applied to the nonconductor by screen printing. The metal may comprise Ru, Rh, Pd, Ir, Pt, Ni, Cu, Ag, Au, Fe, Co or their alloys.

Molybdenum-Iridium Alloys for Thermocouples

national aeronautics & space administration U.S. Patent 4,111,718

Bimetallic thermocouple sensor metals consist of Ir with 0−22 at.% Mo dissolved in it.

Platinum Group Metal Thermocouple Wires

thermal syndicate ltd. U.S. Patent 4,125,738

An improved high temperature (up to 1800°C) hot junction element is described for a thermocouple circuit in which the dissimilar wires are made of, for example, Pt, Rh or Pt-Rh alloy.


Cardiac Stimulants

imperial chemical industries ltd. British Appl. 2,002,748

1-hydroxyphenoxy-3-ureido-ethylamino-2-propanol derivatives, used as cardiac stimulants, are prepared by a route which includes use of benzyloxy protecting groups, which are subsequently removed by hydrogenolysis with a Pd catalyst.

Platinum Compounds

u.s. secretary of commerce British Appl. 2,003,468

4-carboxyphthalato(1,2-diamino-cyclohexane) Pt(II) and Group IB metal salts are used to alleviate murine leukaemia. The compounds are prepared by reacting dichloro(1,2-DAC)-Pt(II) with AgNO3 and adding benzene tricarboxylic acid to precipitate the desired product.

Protective Packaging for Pharmaceuticals

astra lakemedel a.b. British Appl. 2,003,821

Pharmaceutical preparations sensitive to oxidation, packed in ampoules, disposable syringes or vials, are enclosed in an outer container of O2-impervious material into which H2 and a catalyst are introduced to produce an O2-free package. The catalyst is preferably a platinum group metal, such as 5% Pd/C.

Gold Dental Alloy

pennwalt corp. U.S. Patent 4,123,262

The alloy consists of 50−58% Au, 0.5−10.5% In, 0.5−8.5% Sn or 1.0−3.0% Ga, and the balance Pd.

Dental Alloy

deutsche gold- & silber-scheideanstalt German Offen. 2,813,813

A dental alloy contains 30−55% Au, 30−60% Pd, 1−12% Sn, 0−10% In, 0.1−3% Ge and 0.05−1% Re and/or Ru.

Pt-Clad Bone Joint Prosthesis

johnson matthey & co. ltd. German Offen. 2,824,063

A bone prosthesis is made of, for instance, stainless steel and has a surface coating of Pt, Ru or Ir or an alloy of at least one of these metals, preferably with Pd, Rh, Au and/or a base metal. The joint has good tribological properties.

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