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Platinum Metals Rev., 1979, 23, (4), 152

Gauzes for Ammonia Oxidation Plants

A new booklet, with the above title, has been produced by Johnson Matthey Metals, and is freely available to those with an active interest in this subject.

The catalytic oxidation of ammonia to produce nitric acid—most of which is subsequently used for the manufacture of fertilisers, or explosives for the mining and quarrying industry—is generally carried out over rhodium-platinum gauzes. These suffer a loss in weight as the gas stream flows through them, but this loss can be significantly reduced if gold-palladium catchment gauzes are positioned downstream.

The illustrated booklet, which is printed in French, German and Spanish, as well as in English, contains technical information about both types of gauze, and also about the related services—especially platinum recovery—which Johnson Matthey Metals provide to enable their customers to utilise the gauzes in the most advantageous manner.

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