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Platinum Metals Rev., 1980, 24, (2), 57

The Crucial Importance of the Platinum Metals

Platinum Group Metals—Ontario and the World, Ontario Mineral Policy Background Paper No. 7, by Thomas Patrick Mohide, 162 pages, $25

  • L. B. H.

The production in some form or another of 18 per cent of all manufactured goods depends upon the use of platinum catalysts. The world has more food to eat and more fuel because of platinum, and our modern concerns with pollution control, energy conservation and the conquest of disease are directly served by the platinum group metals.

These are only three of the conclusions drawn in this comprehensive report prepared by the Director of the Mineral Resources Branch in the Government of Ontario’s Ministry of National Resources.

Ontario is the world’s third largest producer of the platinum metals after South Africa and the Soviet Union and there is a distinct element of political thinking in the approach to the subject. Despite this the review gives a valuable over-all perspective of world production and consumption statistics as well as a view of future demand, in which a very substantial increase is foreseen by the end of the century.

After a description of all six metals of the group they are taken individually, each chapter detailing the characteristics and applications of one metal. For many readers this part of the report will be the most useful and stimulating as Dr. Mohide has been at considerable pains to cover every form of use known to technologists in industry, from the oldest established applications to the most recent developments. The crucial importance of the platinum metals to the well-being of mankind is made abundantly clear in these sections of the report.

Readers of Platinum Metals Review will of course have a much deeper knowledge of their own particular area of use of the platinum metals, but none the less a great deal of interesting information has been brought together here.

The report is available from the Ontario Government Bookstore, 880 Bay Street, Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

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