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Platinum Metals Rev., 1981, 25, (3), 112

Catalyst Systems for Exhaust Emission Control from Motor Vehicles, Past, Present and Future

The MacRobert Award lecture, with the above title, was given in London last month by Dr. G. J. K. Acres, who together with Dr. B. J. Cooper, Mr. B. S. Cooper, Dr. W. D. J. Evans and Dr. D. E. Webster, won the 1980 MacRobert Award for their contribution to the development of automotive catalyst systems by the Johnson Matthey Group (Platinum Metals Rev., 1981, 25, (1), 22).

In the 1960s the Inter-Industries Emission Control team, led by Ford and Mobil, defined the catalyst systems that would be required to meet proposed legislation in the U.S.A., and Johnson Matthey considered that catalysts based upon mixed platinum group metals could enable the necessary major advances in technology to be made.

Many of the improvements in activity, selectivity and durability that were made in platinum group metal catalysts for exhaust emission control, during the work that resulted in the MacRobert Award, have been reported here already. However Dr. Acres also considered topics that may be of great future use to the car industry. Two of these, namely the recent development of lead-tolerant catalyst systems and the greater control of diesel emissions, are planned to appear in future issues of this Journal.

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