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Platinum Metals Rev., 1983, 27, (2), 80

Alloying Effects of Palladium

A vast and ever increasing amount of scientific and technical information is becoming available throughout the industrialised world; fortunately advances in data generation have not proceeded in isolation. New techniques of information storage and retrieval, particularly on-line searching of national and international computer data bases, constitute an efficient means of searching the literature. Extending these techniques, publication of bibliographies developed from searches of on-line data bases can provide readers with information that enables them to determine rapidly and economically which reports in a data bank are of special interest to them.

A recent bibliography published by the U.S. National Technical Information Service contains 283 fully indexed citations from the Metals Abstracts Data Base concerning the alloying effects of palladium. The topics covered include alloying elements, magnetic and physical properties, effects of temperature and pressure, corrosion resistance and mechanical properties. Metallic glasses and superconductivity are also discussed.

Alloying Effects of Palladium. 1966–July, 1982 (Citations from the Metals Abstracts Data Base), publ. PB82–871823, can be obtained from NTIS, Springfield, VA 22161, U.S.A.

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