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Platinum Metals Rev., 1986, 30, (3), 119

The Chemistry of the Platinum Group Metals

Following the successful meetings held in Bristol in 1981 and Edinburgh in 1984, a third international conference on this topic is to be held in Sheffield from 12th–17th July 1987, organised by the Dalton Division of the Royal Society of Chemistry. Among the topics to be discussed are homogeneous and heterogeneous catalysis, organic synthesis, bio-inorganic chemistry, chemotherapy, fuel cells, metal surface structure, and organometallic, coordination and hydride chemistry.

Professor P. M. Maitlis will deliver his Dalton Division Presidential Address at this conference and the T. A. Stephenson Memorial Lecture will be given by Professor E. A. V. Ebsworth. Distinguished overseas scientists who have already agreed to give talks include Prof. G. P. Chiusoli, Prof. R. H. Crabtree, Dr. D. B. Dombek, Prof. M. Ichikawa, Prof. H. D. Kaesz, Dr. D. Milstein, Prof. I. I. Moiseev and Prof. A. Yamomoto.

Anyone wishing to contribute to the poster sessions, or to receive further information, should contact Dr. J. F. Gibson, Secretary (Scientific), Royal Society of Chemistry, Burlington House, London WiV oBN, England.

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