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Platinum Metals Rev., 1986, 30, (3), 153

NEW PATENTS: July 1986


Laminated Sheet

tokuriki honten k.k.

Japanese Publ. Appl. 60/141,383/4/5/6

Sheets of Pt and two or more of Pt-Ir, Pt-Rh and Pt-Au alloys are manufactured to predetermined thicknesses so that interlayer recrystallisation is prevented and internal defects do not coincide.

Amorphous Alloy for Torque Sensors

toshiba k.k.

Japanese Publ. Appl. 60/234,948

An amorphous alloy for detecting torque without contact, with high saturated magnetic flux density and magnetostriction, is composed of FeaMbSicBd where M is 1−10% of at least one platinum group metal, and part of the Fe is replaced by Ni and/or Co.

Magnetic Recording Material

sony corp.

Japanese Publ. Appl. 60/239,007

Amorphous thin film of composition Co1−x−yHfxPty where x is 0.04–0.07, y is 0.005–0.15, having large saturation magnetic flux density, and small saturation magnetostriction constant is made by liquid quenching or sputtering.

Magnetic Recording Medium

fuji photo film k.k.

Japanese Publ. Appl. 61/11,925

A magnetic recording medium with superior travelling durability consists of a layer of ferromagnetic alloy powder containing glass powder and up to 20% of Pd, Rh, Ag, Re, etc., on a non-magnetic base.


Platinum Alkyne Complexes

dow corning corp.

European Appl. 173,512A

New complexes are formed by reacting Pt vinylsiloxane complexes with alkynes, for example by reacting the product of hexachloroplatinic acid and (ViMe2Si)2O with PhC≡CC(Me)(Ph)(OH). They can be used as catalysts.


Electrode for Reducing Oxygen

national research development corp.

British Appl. 2,164,785A

An electrode for reducing O has a substrate of lowash C, such as coconut shells converted to charcoal. The substrate is loaded with a catalyst such as Pt phthalocyanine or Pb-Ru oxide. Macrocyclic derivatives of transition metals, Au or Ag may be used as the catalyst on electrodes for fuel cells.

Hydrogen Storage

toppan printing k.k.

Japanese Accepted Appl. 86/3,281

A unit which stores H2 in an electric-insulative tank contains a permeable electrode of Pd or Pd alloy.

Electrode for Electrolysis

permelec electrode

French Appl. 2,560,611

An electrode of increased service life when used in the electrolysis of dilute H2SO4 acid, for example, consists of a substrate such as Ti coated with an intermediate layer which is a mixture of (a) TiO2 and/or SnO2, (b) Al2O3, Ga2O3, Fe2O3, Co2O3, Ni2O3 and/or Tl2O3 and (c) Pt, and then with a layer of active material, preferably In oxide.

Composite Electrode

w. c. heraeus g.m.b.h.

German Offen. 3,423,605

A composite electrode used as an O2 anode in the electrolytic recovery of metals consists of a plastic containing a carrier and a catalyst of Pt, Pd, Ir, Ru or Rh metal and/or oxide, and a non-noble metal and/or oxide, preferably Ru-Ti oxide.


Black and Blue Rhodium Plating

nippon mining k.k.

European Appl. 171,091A

Wear resistant black or blue Rh plating is obtained by anodic electrolysis in a bath comprising (in)organic acid or salts, but not strong acid, and (m)ethanol, ethylene glycol, etc., and/or NH4OH.

Chemical Plating of Fibrous Articles

toda kogyo corp.

European Appl. 174,183A

Shaped, fibrous articles are made electroconductive by chemical plating, as before, but now the sensitising stage is carried out with a Pd hydrosol containing a cationic surfactant, an anionic surfactant and/or a non-ionic surfactant.

Vacuum Deposition of Films

kiev poly.

World Patent Appl. 86/00092A

An evaporator for vacuum deposition of films such as of Pt, Pd, Au and Ag is claimed.

Palladium-Nickel Alloy Electrodeposition

i.b.m. corp.

U.S. Patent 4,564,426

A process for plating circuit contacts whereby the composition of the deposit can be more easily controlled uses an aqueous electroplating bath containing 9−15 g/l Pd ion from palladosammine chloride, Ni ion, (NH4)2SO4, NH4Cl and NH4OH.


Oxygen Sensor

toyota chuo kenky.

British Appl. 2,162,324A

An O2 sensor with low sensitivity to Pb poisoning comprises a solid electrolyte and a composite sensing electrode having a Pt layer and a Rh and/or Pd layer.

Getter/Ion Atomisation Combination Pump

siemens a.g.

British Appl. 2,164,788A

A combination pump for high and ultra high vacuum systems comprises an ion atomisation pump in combination with a getter sorption pump consisting of at least one getter element such as Pt, Pd, Zr, Ce or their mixtures or alloys.

Electrochemical Flow Cell

esa inc.

U.S. Patent 4,552,013

An electrochemical flow cell of specified design for testing solutions incorporates (a) two reference electrodes, for example of Pd oxide wire, (b) two counter electrodes, for example of Pd wire, and (c) a working electrode of microfine Au particles.

Sensor for Hydrogen Fluoride

british nuclear fuels ltd.

U.S. Patent 4,552,624

In an electrochemical device for measuring HF in the atmosphere or gas streams the cathode and anode are both of Pt wire.

Electrode for Oxygen Sensor

hitachi chemical k.k.

Japanese Publ. Appl. 61/17,950

Pt paste was applied to the surfaces of a closed cylinder of ZrO2 stabilised yttria, and calcined to form a Pt layer. An aqueous solution of hexachlor-platinic acid was put on top of the Pt layer and baked to form the detector electrode. The catalytic layer is firmly attached and remains so, while resistance to O ion conduction is low.

Carbon Monoxide Detector

off. nat. aerospatiale

French Appl. 2,565,346

A CO detector comprises a thin layer of Sn oxide doped with Pt or Pd deposited on an electrically resistant substrate.

Portable Oxygen Generator

atomic energy canada ltd.

Canadian Patent 1,134,551

A portable O2 generator comprises an electrolytic O2 and H2 generator from H2O, a residual O2 and H2 gas recombiner containing a catalyst of Pt crystallites dispersed in polymeric material, a primary H2 and O2 recombiner also containing a Pt crystallite/polymeric material catalyst and a means for connecting the water source to the electrolytic generator.


Ethylene Oxide Production Catalyst

netherlands tno

U.S. Patent 4,548,921

The adhesion of Ag to a SiO2 carrier is improved by pre-coating the SiO2 with finely divided particles of a metal, preferably a platinum group metal, especially Pt or of a specified metal oxide preferably SnO2.


Exhaust Gas Conversion Catalyst

hutschenreuther a.g.

British Appl. 2,163,364A

Exhaust gas conversion catalysts comprise 50−90wt.%SiC and 5−50wt.% of a Si alloy of Pt, Pd, Ag, Cu, Fe, O, Ni, Cr, V, Mo or Mn.

Liquid Hydrocarbon Synthesis

exxon research & engineering co.

British Appl. 2,164,054A

Paraffinic hydrocarbons are produced by contacting a mixture of H2 and CO for at least 10 hours with a reduced and supported Ru catalyst. The Ru is supported on ZrTiO4, a lanthanide titanate or oxide.

I.C.E. Conversion Catalysts

soc. fr. prod. catalyse

European Appl. 170,588A

New catalysts for exhaust gas conversion contain a support impregnated with (a) Zr, Ce and optionally Fe, (b) Pd, and (c) Ir and/or Rh. The catalysts can adsorb at least 60% of the CO, and can oxidise CO and hydrocarbons while reducing NOx.

Three-Way Emission Control Catalyst

w. r. grace co.

European Appl. 170,841A

An auto emission catalyst comprises an Al2O3 support impregnated with a stabiliser 1−10wt.%La2O3 or rare earth oxide containing La2O3, and as promoters 1−20wt.%CeO2 and 0.5−5wt.% of lithia and ceria, and Pt and Rh.

Atmospheric Pollution Control

amoco corp.

European Appl. 172,009A

A catalyst of Pt, rare earth metal, Cr, V or a Group VIII metal is coated onto oxides of Al, Bi, Mn, Y, Sb, etc., in the form of pellets and used for removing particulates of soot, ash, etc., and S oxides from the flue gases of steel mills, power plants, catalytic cracking units, etc.

I.C.E. Exhaust Gas Purification

nippon shokubai kk co. ltd.

European Appl. 174,495A

Diesel exhaust gases contain more S oxides than those from petrol engines and to enable the purification catalyst to operate in these conditions, V oxide is added to the supported Pt, Pd and/or Rh catalyst.

Strong Acid Catalyst

research association of utilization of light oil

European Appl. 174,836A

A new hydrocarbon conversion catalyst is a strong solid acid obtained by introducing a Group VIII metal and sulphate ions into a Group III or VI oxide or hydroxide, such as a sulphate-Pd-ZrO2 combination.

Olefins from Methanol

mobil oil corp.

U.S. Patent 4,550,217

In the conversion of methanol to olefins using zeolite catalysts, for example exchanged with Pd or a lanthanide, higher catalyst activity is achieved by employing large zeolite particles.

Dehydrogenation Catalyst

uop inc.

U.S. Patent 4,551,574

A catalyst for the conversion of paraffins to olefins consists of a porous carrier such as Al2O3 supporting Pt, In and a Group IA or IIA metal. The atomic ratio In : Pt is not less than 1.6 : 1.

Oxidation Catalyst

atomic energy of canada

U.S. Patent 4,552,744

In a process for making H2SO4 by oxidising flue gas SO2 with O2 in the presence of H2O and H2SO4, the catalyst consists of a porous refractory oxide carrier supporting Pt crystallites wet-proofed with PTFE.

Ethanol Synthesis Catalyst

mitsubishi gas chemical co. inc.

U.S. Patent 4,552,986

A catalyst for the production of ethanol from methanol and synthesis gas consists of Co phosphate optionally together with a C-supported platinum group metal and/or a tertiary phosphine.

Monolithic Catalyst

toyota jidosha k.k.

Japanese Publ. Appl. 61/4,535

A monolith catalyst carrier has Pt, Pd, Ir or Rh catalyst on the inner surface of its pores, giving a higher temperature at the centre than near the circumference. The catalyst clarifies I.C.E. gas, and the gas flow rate is higher at the centre of the catalyst.


Carboxylic Acids from Lower Esters and Formic Acid

huls a.g.

European Appl. 173,019A

Carboxylic acids are produced from esters and formic acid, such as acetic acid from methyl acetate, using a Rh-halogen catalyst promoted with a Cr compound, an organic N compound and/or a P compound, such as Rh trichloride and CH3I used with Cr hexacarbonyl or pyridine or triphenyl phosphine.

Hydrocarbon Oxidation

british petroleum co. p.l.c.

European Appl. 174,194A

The oxidation of paraffins and olefins with an organic hydroperoxide is catalysed by a Ru compound promoted with HBr, such as Ru acetylacetonate/HBr.

Hydroperoxide Decomposition Catalyst

atlantic richfield co.

U.S. Patent 4,551,553

A very active, stable catalyst for the decomposition of organic hydroperoxides to corresponding alcohols and ketones is Cr and Ru acetylacetonates.

Aldehyde Production Catalyst

ruhrchemie a.g.

German Offen. 3,420,491

Aldehydes are made by reacting olefins with synthesis gas in aqueous medium in the presence of a quaternary ammonium tri(m-sulphophenyl)phosphine and Rh or a Rh compound.


Monitoring Cathodically Protected Structures

oronzio de nora impianti

European Appl. 170,929A

Simultaneous potential readings at different points of a cathodically protected structure are undertaken by an electrode assembly of reference and auxiliary electrodes, set along a cable. The reference electrodes may have an active coating of platinum group oxides.


Radionuclide Generator

israel atomic energy

British Appl. 2,161,979A

A generator for short lived radionuclides, especially for producing 191mIr from 191Os, comprises a column of supported ion exchange agent loaded with the parent nuclide. 191 mIr is used in angiocardiography.

Fire Extinguishing and Explosion Suppression Systems

graviner ltd.

British Appl. 2,164,251A

In a fire extinguishing or explosion suppression mixture, a CO removing substance comprises Pd or one of its salts, compounds or complexes, a mixture of Mn oxide and Cu oxide with a minor amount of Ag oxide, Pt, or a Pd sulphate/silicomolybdate complex.

High Surface Area Particles

plasma fusion inc.

U.S. Patent 4,563,566

Porous high surface area particles especially catalysts of Pt, Pd or Ni are formed by agglomeration and fusing the grains in a plasma gun.

Assessing Selectivity of Hydrocarbon Dehydrogenation

i. g. bluvshtein

Russian Patent 1,173,309

During hydrocarbon dehydrogenation the contact gas is stripped of H2 by passing it through a Pd alloy diaphragm, and the density of the resulting gas is determined. This method assesses selectivity more accurately than previous means.


Phase Delay Element Production

international standard electric corp.

European Appl. 174,352A

On a Li niobate single crystal substrate there is applied an O-inert diffusion barrier in the form of a Pt layer in which there is etched a desired strip pattern structure. A Ti layer is applied over this before heating in an O2 atmosphere. Ti diffuses along the strip pattern structure and forms an optical channel where light is retarded by an electric field.

Electrical Contacts

american tel. & teleg. co.

World Patent Appl. 86/00461A

Electrical contacts of high hardness and good ductility comprise base metal carrying a Pd alloy composed of 30−60Pd, (70-b) to (40-b) X and 0.05−5 Y in wt.%, where X is Co and/or Cu and Y is one or more of Ru, Ir, W, B and Nb.

Sliding Contact with Brush and Commutator

tanaka k.k.

Japanese Publ. Appl. 60/234,941

A contact consists of a brush of 30−50Au-20−40Ag-20−40Pd to which at least one of Al, Ga, Mn and Ni is added, and a commutator of Ag-Cu or Ag-Cu-Cd, where both have excellent wear resistance, less wear debris and less noise.

Electroconductive Laminate

konishiroku photo k.k.

Japanese Publ. Appl. 61/10,443

An electroconductive laminate used for displays, free of brightness and luminescence irregularities, is made of a transparent electroconductive film 200−9000 Å thick of Pt, Au, Cr, SnO2, etc., set on a base material, and onto the film is set a layer of material with good adhesion to polymers.

Cathode Ray Screen

r.c.a. corp.

German Offen. 3,522,731

A CRT screen has an image transparent coating consisting of a silicate material and an inorganic metal compound providing anti-static characteristics. The metal compound preferably consists of at least one of Pt, Pd, Au and Sn, and Na, K or Li silicate.


Thermochemical Sensor Element

smolensk analitprib.

Russian Patent 1,173,287

The accuracy of a sensor in controlling possible explosive systems is increased when a suspension of γ -Al2O3 and γ -Al2O3 coated with Pt or Pd salts is coated onto a current conducting Pt spiral.


Platinum Anti-Tumour Complexes

shionogi k.k.

European Appl. 166,366A

New Pt(IV) complexes have antibacterial activity and anti-tumour activity comparable to or more potent than that of cis-platin, with lower nephrotoxicity. They have high water solubility.

Microspheres for Labelling

yeda res. dev. co. ltd.

European Appl. 167,834A

Polyaldehyde microspheres, to which a transition metal of Pt, Pd, Au, Ag, Te, Fe, Ni, or Co is bound, is optionally encapsulated in agarose, and optionally contains drugs or antibodies which are used for labelling and separating cells, in diagnostic assays, coating supports and catalysts.

Rhodium Anti-Cancer Compounds

johnson matthey p.l.c.

European Appl. 171,984A

New Rh co-ordination compounds of composition [RhmXxY]a, where X is an anionic ligand, Y is a neutral ligand, and at least one of X and Y is a N donor ligand, are usful in combination modality cancer therapy with other forms of treatment, especially with irradiation where they act as radio-sensitisers.

Ruthenium Anti-Tumour Complexes

byk gulden lomberg

World Patent Appl. 86/804A

New medicinal compounds containing trichloro- or tribromo-tris-N heterocyclyl-Ru complexes have tumour-inhibiting activity, especially against colorectal cancers, and favourable toxicity.

Nucleic Acid Base Detecting Device

hitachi k.k.

Japanese Publ. Appl. 61/11,665

Separated nucleic acid fragments have elements not included in natural nucleic acids, such as Pt, Os, Au, Ag, Hg, S, Br, I, etc., introduced into the mixtures to form compounds which can then be detected by molecular weight fragment detection.

The New Patents abstracts have been prepared from material published by Derwent Publications Limited.

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