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Platinum Metals Rev., 1987, 31, (4), 223

Subject Index to Volume 31

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Acetaldehyde, production from esters, a 153
Acetic Acid, dehydration to ketene, a 151
  synthesis, from syngas, a 46, 152
Acetic Anhydride, synthesis, a 45
Acetone, oxidation, on Pt/Al2O3/Al thin plate, a 211
Acetylenes, carbonylation, by Pt complexes, a 212
Alcohols, dehydrogenation, for H2 production, a 107
  detectors, review, a 150
  electro-oxidation, by trans-Os(η 4-CHBA-Et)-(py)2, to aldehydes, a 153
  ethyl, formation from syngas, a 106
  methyl, electro-oxidation on Ir in acids, a 149
    for H2 photoproduction, on Pt/Cr2O3-TiO2, a 103
    for syntheses, by Pt/SPE, a 43
    formation from syngas, a 212
    oxidation, for exhaust catalysts, a 45, 106
    photoreaction with H2O, a 103, 210
  oxidation, by RhH(PPh3)4, a 46
  primary, oxidation, to aldehydes, a 213
  production from ethyl acetate, on Rh-Sn/SiO2, a 152
  propargyl, carbonylation, a 212
  reactions with CO, olefins, a 154
  tertiary, production from alkane oxidation, a 154
Aldehydes, production, from alcohols, a 153, 213
Aliphatic Acids, production, from coal, a 46
Alkanes, C-H bond cleavage, a 106
  hydrogenolysis, a 46
  oxidation, to alcohols, ketones, a 154
  production, from isobutylaldehyde, a 106
Allyl Acetates, Chlorides, reduction, a 46
Amides, synthesis, from nitriles and amines, a 107
Ammonia, detection, a 150
  MOSFET sensitivity to, a 107
  photoproduction, from , on Pt/TiO2, a 210
  synthesis, in fixed bed reactor, a 106
Ammonium Chlorometallates, +PtIV,+IrIII, bifunctional, in hydrosilylations, a 106
Anilines, production, from nitroaromatics, a 153
Arenes, metallation of, by Ru complex catalysts, a 107
Aromatisation, selective, of light paraffins, a 151
Astronomy, history, Pt, Pd in 91
Benzaldehyde, production from benzene, a 153
  reduction, by Pd(II), Pt(II) polyvinylpyridine, a 153
Benzene, hydrogenation, on Ru-Cu/SiO2, a 152
  photo-carbonylation, to benzaldehyde, a 153
Blackbody, construction, with Pt heater, a 104
Book Reviews, Catalysis & Automotive Pollution Control 194
  Homogeneous and Heterogeneous Catalysis 182
  Organic Syntheses by Oxidation with Metal Compounds 145
  platinum in historical instruments 41
  Quantum Chemistry: The Challenge of Transition Metals and Coordination Chemistry 12
Bronzes, DyPtX, DyPdX, synthesis, a 146
Butanes, hydrogenolysis, on pretreated Ru/TiO2, a 46
But-1-ene, deuteration, isomerisation, a 105
Cancer, Pt anti-tumour complexes, a 107
  Pt complexes binding with DNA, a 47
  review, platinum drugs 23
Capacitors, MOS with Pt, for NH3 detection, a 150
CAPOC I, conference 194
Carbon Oxides, CO, for Fischer-Tropsch, a 106
    for glycolaldehyde production, a 213
    for NO reduction, a 44
    from gas turbines, catalytic cleaning 162
    hydrogenations for S poisoning tests, a 152
    hydrogenations, a 152
    reactions with olefins, alcohols, a 154
    methanation to CH4, a 210
  CO,CO2, hydrogenations, a 46, 153
  CO2, hydrogenations, a 152
    oxidation on Pd/, Pd-Ag/γ -Al2O3, synergisms, a 106
    photoproduction, from CH3OH + H2O, on Na + Pd/,Na+Rh/TiO2, a 103
    photoreduction to CH4, by Ru, a 103
    production from isobutylaldehyde, over Pd+Na2S/support, a 106
    reduction to HCOO, a 103
Carbonylation, acetylenic compounds, a 212
  benzene and cyclohexane, a 153
  esters, a 153
Carbon, deposits, on platinum metal catalysts, a 44
Carboxylic Acids, production from coal, a 46
Carola Oil, hydrogenation over Pd/C,Pd black, a 45
Catalysis, asymmetric 137
  automotive, European symposium 194
  heterogeneous & homogeneous, conference 182
  heterogeneous, a 44, 45, 46, 105, 106, 151, 152, 153, 211
  homogeneous, a 46, 106, 107, 153, 154, 212, 213
  homogeneous, alkane C-H bond cleavage, a 106
  phase transfer, a 106
  platinum metals, coke formation on, study of, a 44
Catalysts, automotive, review, a 44
  heterogeneous, preparation of, conference 24
  in fuel cells, a 154
  Ir-Fe/SiO2, for methanol production, a 212
  IrIII+NH4 chlorometallate, bifunctional, a 106
  Osmium, for CO bond reduction, a 213
  Osmium Complexes, H3Os4(CO)12, for styrene hydrogenation, a 213
    trans-Os(η 4-CHBA-Et)-(py)2, systems, a 153
  Osmium clusters/inorganic oxides, activity, a 46
  Palladium, black, carola oil hydrogenation, a 45
    colloids, + Ru(bpy)32+, for photohydrogenation, a 210
    in Sn oxide combustible gas detectors, a 211
    thin film electrocatalysts, a 148
    Zr2Pd-H, surface effects, a 208
  Palladium Complexes, allyl chloride, acetate, reduction, a 46
    for asymmetric catalyses 137
    Pd(II)-bis(acetonitrile) (dichloro), for enynes production, a 153
    Pd(II)-polyvinylpyridine, for nitroaromatic reduction, a 153
    Pd(OAc)2, for ester carbonylation, a 153
  Pd complexes/polymeric support, for unsaturated hydrocarbon hydrogenation, a 212
  Pd single crystals/polyethylene, CH-monomer synthesis, a 105
  PdCl2-cyclodextrins, for olefin conversion, a 106
  Pd(0), for reductive cyclisation, a 212
  Pd(colloidal)/chelate resin, for cyclopentadiene hydrogenation, a 46
  Pd+Na/TiO2, for H2O-CH3OH reaction, to H2, methyl formate, CO2, a 103
  Pd+Na2S/support, for isobutylaldehyde decomposition, a 106
  Pd-Ag/SiO2, Pd-Ni/SiO2, characterisation, activity for soya oil hydrogenation, a 151
  Pd/Al2O3, for α -methylstyrene hydrogenation, a 151
    preparation by thermal transport, a 211
  Pd/C, for carola oil hydrogenation, a 45
  Pd/LaY, hydrogenating activity, a 151
  Pd/phosphinated inorganic oxides, a 45
  Pd/pumice, for but-1-ene reactions, a 105
  Pd/support, poisoning by H2S, a 152
  Pd/, Pd-Ag/γ -Al2O3, synergism, in CH3OH, CO2 oxidations, a 106
  Platinum, colloidal sols, atomic structure, a 45
    colloidal, for H2 photogeneration, a 210
    colloidal, for H2 production by u.v. 125
    colloids, +Ru(bpy)32+, for photohydrogenation, a 210
    oscillations for NO + CO reaction, a 151
    polycrystalline wire, acetic acid dehydration, a 151
    Pt-Ni, Pt-Ti, graphite-steam reaction, a 45
  Platinum-Rhodium, for controlling gas turbine emissions 162
  Platinised n-Si, for formic acid photodecomposition, a 103
  Platinum Complexes, in asymmetric catalyses 137
    PtCl2(PPh3)2, acetylenic carbonylation, a 212
    Pt(II)-polyvinylpyridine, for nitroaromatic reduction, a 153
    PtIV + NH4 chorometallates, for hydrosilylations, a 106
  Platinum Metals/α -Al2O3, NO reduction by cycled CO, a 44
  Platinum Metals/γ -Al2O3, for methanol oxidation, a 45
  bis(trialkylphosphine)Pt oxalate/SiO2, photogenerated, for olefin hydrosilation, a 212
  Pt,Pd,Cu,Ni/TiO2, for C2H4 photohydrogenation, a 149
  Pt-Ir/Al2O3 for reforming, S effect, a 105
  Pt-Mo/SiO2, for syngas conversion, a 211
  Pt-M/Al2O3, for cyclohexane dehydrogenation, effect of M, a 211
  Pt-M/Al2O3, for paraffins reforming, a 211
  Pt/Al2O3, films, S induced faceting, a 44
    for n-octane dehydrocyclisation, a 105
    for reforming, effect of sulphiding, a 105
    for wood liquefaction, a 45
    preparation by thermal transport, a 211
  Pt/Al2O3,+Sn, preparation and activity, a 211
  Pt/Al2O3/Al thin plate, for acetone oxidation, a 211
  Pt/beryl, for HCN production, a 105
  Pt/CdS, colloids, H2S photodecomposition, a 210
    for photo-oxidation of H2O, at pH>12, a 149
  Pt/C, atomic structure by TEM, a 45
    wetproofed, for T removal, a 151
  Pt/Ga silicate, for propane conversions, a 151
  Pt/H mordenite, n-heptane hydroconversion, a 212
  Pt/metal oxide, CdS/SiO2, for H2 photoproduction, from CH3OH-H2O, a 210
  Pt/NaY zeolite, for methylcyclohexene dehydrogenation, kinetics, a 45
  Pt/pumice, for but-l-ene reactions, a 105
  Pt/SiO2, wetproofed, for T removal, a 151
  Pt/TiO2, for NH3 photoproduction, a 210
  Rhodium, Ln[Rh-B]-H crystals, for olefin hydrogenation, a 212
    thin film electrocatalysts, a 148
  Rh colloids/polyacrylamide gel, for olefin hydrogenation, a 152
  Rhodium Complexes, asymmetric catalysis 137, 153
    RhCl(CO)(PMe3)2, photo-carbonylations, a 153
    RhH(CO2)(PR3)2, for hydroformylation, a 213
    RhH(PPh3)4, for alcohol oxidation, a 46
    RhX(CO)L2, for syngas conversion, a 212
    Rh4(CO)12-halide promoted, for glycolaldehyde, a 213
    + imidazole, ethylene glycol formation, a 153
    [Rh(bipy)2]Cl, for H2 production, a 107
  Rh + La2O3/TiO2, for alcohol formation from syngas, a 106
  Rh + Na/TiO2, for CH3OH-H2O reaction, a 103
  Rh-Mn-Ir-Li/, Rh-Mn-Zr-Li/SiO2, for acetic acid production, from syngas, a 46, 152
  Rh-Pt+La2O3/TiO2, for alcohol formations, a 106
  Rh-Sn/SiO2, for ethyl acetate conversions, a 152
  Rh/Al2O3, for chemisorption, a 152
    heterogenised homogeneous, a 45
    preparation by thermal transport, a 211
  Rh/Cr2O3/Al2O3, homogeneous, a 45
  Rh/Nb2O3-Cu/SiO2, for CO2:H2 reaction, a 152
  Rh/pumice, for but-l-ene reactions, a 105
  Rh/TiO2, + W6+, electrical properties of TiO2, during hydrogenation, a 46
  Ruthenium, colloid, for CO2 photoreduction, a 103
  RuO4, for coal oxidation, a 46
  Ruthenium Complexes, chemistry, a 107
    for alkane oxidation to alcohols, ketones, a 154
    RuH2(PPh3)4, for amide synthesis, a 107
    Ru3O(O2CR)6L3n, for alcohol oxidation, a 213
    [Ru(bpy)2(CO2]2 +, for CO2 reduction, a 103
  Ruthenium:Iodide, for olefin-CO-alcohol reaction, to esters, ketones, a 154
  Ru+K/Al2O3, for NH3 synthesis, a 106
  Ru-Cu/SiO2, for benzene hydrogenation, a 152
  Ru-Ni, graphite-steam reaction, a 45
  Ru/Al2O3, for Fischer-Tropsch, a 106
  Ru/MgO+K, for NH3 synthesis, a 106
  Ru/RuOx/TiO2, for CO2 conversion to CH4, a 210
  Ru/support, for CO hydrogenation, a 152
  Ru/TiO2, for hydrogenolysis, a 46
  Ru/Y zeolite, for shale oil hydroprocesssing, a 212
  Ruthenium clusters/inorganic oxides, activity, a 46
  Ru3(CO)12, Ru4H4(CO)12 clusters/support, for hydrogenations, a 153
Cathodic Protection, conference, 25
Cells, multielectrode, for water photolysis, a 44
Chemisorption, H2 on Rh/Al2O3, a 152
Chloralkali, electrolytes, membrane cells, a 149
Chlorine, evolution from chloralkali cell, a 149
  ions, oxidation at electrodes, a 210
Chloroplatinic Acid, reduction to Pt particles, a 151
Chromatography, liquid, with Pt microelectrode, a 104
Circuits, VLSI, RuO2 films in, a 214
Claddings, Pt, Pt alloys, on Cu-, and Ni alloys 64
Coal, oxidation by RuO4, for carboxylic acid, a 46
Coatings, Ir on electron tube cathodes, a 154
  Os on W cathodes, for thermionic emission, a 214
  Pt aluminides, Cr modified, hot corrosion, a 104
  Pt on powder TiO2, photoassisted, a 44
Colloids, production, for water photolysis 125
Commodity Meeting, 11th, IMM 11
Composites, extruded Cu/Pd, electrical contacts, a 214
Conferences, 1st Int. Symp. on Catalysis & Automotive Pollution Control 194
  CEC—Italian Fuel Cell Workshop 173
  Chemistry of the Platinum Group Metals, 3rd Int. Conf., Sheffield 186
  Fifth Int. Symp. Homogeneous & Heterogeneous Catalysis, Novosibirsk 182
  fuel cells, Eureka initiative 63
  Preparation of Heterogeneous Catalysts, 4th Int. 24
  UK Corrosion ’86 25
Constant Volume Gas Thermometer 107, 196
Copper Alloys, clad with Pt, Pt alloys 64
Corrosion, conference 25
  crevice, in Ti materials 115
  hot, of Ni alloys, Pt additives for, 26
  in nitric acid plants 185
  on Pd-Ag lead paths, by gases, a 47
  Pt-Rh alloys, in molten glass, a 208
Creep, properties of platinum metal alloys 74, 172
Crystals, Ln[Rh-B], for olefin hydrogenations, a 212
  RuS2, growth and conductivity, a 150
Cyanide, hydrogenation, on Pd(100),Pd(111), a 42
Cyclisation, by Pd(0) catalysts, a 212
Cyclohexane, dehydrogenation on Rh/Al2O3, a 152
    on Pt-M/Al2O3, effect of M on, a 211
  photo-carbonylation, to benzaldehyde, a 153
Cyclopentadiene, hydrogenation, a 46
Cyclopentane, reforming, a 211
Cyclopentene, production, a 46
Dehydrocyclisation, of hydrocarbons, a 211
Dehydrogenation, alcohols, for H2 production, a 107
  cyclohexane, on Pt-M/Al2O3, a 152, 211
  methylcyclohexene, on Pt/NaY zeolite, a 45
Detectors, ammonia, a 150
    amperometric, in liquid chromatography, a 104
    combustible gases, by stannic oxide films, a 211
    gas sensitive semiconductors, review, a 150
    glucose, with Pd/Au modified C electrode, a 44
    H2, by Pd-fibre optics, a 150
    H2, stabilisation, by Pt/Pd gate, a 44
    H2, O2, in solution, a 104
    H2, UHV response, by Pd MIS, a 211
    organic vapour, on Pt hot wire, a 146
Diodes, junction, RuO2 thin films in, a 154
DNA, binding with Pt complexes, a 47, 214
Drugs, Pt, review 23
Electrical Conductivity, of Pt6(NH3)14Cl10X4, a 102
    TiO2 support doped, effect on Rh catalyst, a 46
Electrical Contacts, Pd based, development 13
    Pd pin on Au alloy base plate, a 214
    Pd/Au, Ni/Pd/Au, plated, a 104
Electrical Resistance, Pd-8at.%Y, a 147
    Pd3Mn disordered, a 147
Electrical Resistivity, Fe3−xPt1−x alloys, a 146
    Pd-Ag, Pd-Ag-Fe alloys, plastically deformed, a 101
    U(Pt1−xPdx)3, a 42
Electrochemistry, a 43, 102, 103, 148, 149, 209, 210
Electrochromism, Ir oxide films, a 147
Electrodeposition, a 44, 104, 210
    Pd, pulsed current and DC, a 104
Electrodes, amorphous Pd/Pd-Rh-P-Si, active, a 101
    anodes, in cathodic protection 25
    IrO2/TiO2/Ti, for O2 evolution, a 103
    Pt in phosphoric acid fuel cell, a 107
    Pt/C, porous, in fuel cell, CO poisoning, a 47
    RuO2, for biphenyl destruction, a 103
    RuO2, in chloralkali electrolytes, a 149
  cathodes, Ir coated M-type, in electron tube, a 154
    Os coated, for thermionic emission, a 214
    Pt, for steam electrolysis, a 102
    RuO2/Ni, in chloralkali cell, a 149
  classical H, of Pd-Ag, a 102
  Hg/Ir, preparation, a 103
  Ir oxide films, O2 evolution on, a 209
  Ir, in acids, for methanol electro-oxidation, a 149
  Ir-based Hg, in electroanalysis, a 149
  Pd/Ag membrane, for high temperature/high pressure measurements, a 102
  Pd/Au modified C, in glucose sensor, a 44
  Pt band, construction and behaviour, a 209
  Pt disc microelectrodes, fabrication 181
  Pt gate, in MOSFETS, a 107
  PtCr, in phosphoric acid fuel cells, a 148
  Pt+Ru,Pt+Pd,Pd+Ru/porous C, fuel cells, a 213
  Pt, for O2 evolution in alkali, a 102
    for Pt-Ru alloy formation, a 102
    ultramicroelectrode, in chromatography, a 104
    (100)-type, surface structure, a 42
  Pt-Pd/C, Pt-Ru/C, O reduction in fuel cell, a 154
  Pt-polypyrrole, ohmic resistance, a 209
  Pt/Nafion, Pt/graphite, in O2 separator cell, a 105
  Pt/porous C, Ni, sputtered, H,O, fuel cells, a 213
  Pt/SPE, for methyl formate synthesis, a 43
  Pt/TiO2, photo, for H2O splitting, a 44
  Pt/WC, ion implanted, for fuel cells, a 213
  Pt:Pd:Bi/C, in glycol/air fuel cell, a 47
  RuO2, in alkaline solution, for O2 evolution, a 149
  RuO2/TiO2, oxidation of Cl ions at, a 210
  Ru-Ti oxide, for urea electro-oxidation, a 43
  RuxIr1−xO2, for O2 evolution in acid, a 43
  RuxSn1−xO2, in alkaline solution, for O2 evolution, a 149
  W-Pt, in thermoelectric converter, a 154
  Zn porphyrinate-Pt, in photosystem, a 149
Electrolysis, steam, high temperature, a 102
Electroplating, Pd/Au, Ni/Pd/Au, for connectors, a 104
Emission Control, automotive exhaust, conference 194
  catalysts, for gas turbines 162
  exhaust gases from automobiles, a 45, 106
  exhaust gases from industrial plants, a 122
Enones, non-conjugated, hydrogenations, a 213
Enynes, conjugated, catalytic production, a 153
Esters, reductive carbonylation, by Pd(OAc)2, a 153
  synthesis, from olefin-CO-alcohols, a 154
Ethane, hydrogenolysis, hydrogenation, a 46
Ethyl Acetate, hydrogenation to ethanol, a 152
Ethylbenzene, dehydrocyclisation, hydrogenation, a 105, 151
Ethylene Glycol, production from syngas, a 153, 212
Ethylene, detectors, review, a 150
  photocatalytic hydrogenation, a 149
Eureka initiative on fuel cells, conference 63
E.E.C., research on direct methanol fuel cell 173
Fibre Optics, in gas sensors, a 150
Films, composite, Pd/Al gate MOS, a 105
  Ir oxide, electrochemical studies on, a 209
  RuO2, for VLSI circuits, a 214
Fischer-Tropsch, forced cycling over Ru/Al2O3, for product modification, a 106
Formaldehyde, hydroformylation, to glycolaldehyde, a 213
Formic Acid, photocatalytic decomposition, a 103
Fuel Cells, a 47, 107, 154, 213
  direct methanol 173
  glycol/air, with Pd:Pt:Bi/C electrode, a 47
  H,O, electrode production, a 213
  industrial forum, Eureka initiative 63
  phosphoric acid, electrodes, a 47, 148
  Pt-Ru/porous C electrodes, activity, a 213
  Pt/WC electrodes for, a 213
Gas Thermometry, history 196
Glass, industry, Pt in 54
  molten effects on Pt-Rh alloys, a 208
Glucose, sensor, a 44
Glycloaldehyde, production, a 213
Graphite, reaction with steam, a 45
n-Heptane, hydroconversion, a 212
1 – Hexene, deactivation for hydroformylation, a 213
History, gas thermometry 196
  iridium 32
  Pt, Pd, in astronomy and navigation 91
  Pt in early instruments 41
Honeycat, air pollution control 122
Hunt, Dr. Leslie Bernard, obituary 114
Hydrocarbons, C2 +, production from CO2:H2, a 152
  emission from gas turbines, catalytic removal 162
  formation by Fischer-Tropsch reaction, a 106
  unsaturated, hydrogenation, by Pd complexes/polymeric support, a 212
Hydroconversion, n-heptane, a 212
Hydroformylation, reactions, a 213
Hydrogen Cyanide, for CH4 ammoxidation, a 105
Hydrogen Sulphide, detectors, review, a 150
  photodecomposition, on Pt/CdS colloids, a 210
  poisoning Pd catalysts, in H2:CO reaction, a 152
Hydrogenation, asymmetric, by Rh aminophosphine-phosphinite, a 153
  benzene, on Ru-Cu/SiO2, a 152
  but-l-ene, on Pt/, Pd/, Rh/pumice catalysts, a 105
  carola oil, on Pd, a 45
  CN, on Pd(100), Pd(111), a 42
  CO, on Ru/support, support effects, a 152
  CO,CO2, on Rh/TiO2 + W6 +, conductivity, a 46
  on Ru3(CO)12 clusters/ support, a 153
  CO2, to C2+, on Rh/Nb2O5-Cu/SiO2, a 152
  cyclopentadiene, by colloidal Pd/chelate resin, a 46
  ethene, on Os-,Ru clusters/inorganic oxides, a 46
  ethyl acetate, conversion to ethanol, a 152
  ethylbenzene, by Pd/LaY, a 151
  ethylene, photocatalytically, a 149
  α -methylstyrene, on Pd/Al2O3, a 151
  non-conjugated enones, a 213
  olefins, a 45, 152, 212
  photo, acetylenes, a 210
  reactions, by Ru polyhydride complexes, a 107
  soya oil, by Pd-Ni/, Pd-Ag/SiO2, a 151
  styrene, by Os complexes, a 213
  unsaturated hydrocarbons, a 212
Hydrogenolysis, ethane, propane, n-butane, a 46
Hydrogen, absorption, in Pd-Co, Pd-U alloys, a 147
  chemisorption, on Rh/Al2O3, a 152
  detectors, a 44, 104, 150
  effect on PtSi-Si Schottky diodes, a 101
  evolution, from steam electrolysis, a 102
  permeation, at high pressure 71
  photoproduction, a 149
    by Ru (bipy)3Cl2,Rh carbonyls, a 44
    by u.v., by Pt colloids and ketyl radicals 125
    from CH3OH-H2O, a 103, 210
    from H2O, by protected colloidal Pt, a 210
    from H2S, by Pt/CdS colloids, a 210
  production, from isobutylaldehyde, a 106
    from alcohols, over [Rh(bipy)2]Cl, a 107
  solubility, in Pd alloys, a 147
  study using Pd-Al gate MOS, a 105
Hydrosilation, olefins, a 212
Hydrosilylation, chlorometallates, bifunctional, a 106
Inst. of Mining and Metallurgy, 11th Commodity Meeting, on platinum metals 11
Ion Beam Mixing, Pt with Ni superalloy, a 150
Ion Emission, from hot Pt wire, a 146
  from PdNiSiBeB liquid metal, a 147
Iridium, coated cathodes, in electron tubes, a 154
  compounds, ZrIrGe, HfIrGe, TiIrGe, structure, superconductivity, a 148
  history of 32
  organometallics, annual survey for 1985, a 148
  solidification in microgravity 62
  surface microscopic observation, a 147
Iridium Alloys, constitution and properties 74, 172
  weldability in sheet form, test 193
Iridium Complexes, Ir(CO)Cl2(PEt3)2(P1F4), a 209
  Ir4(CO)9L3, water-soluble, synthesis, a 102
Iridium Oxide, films, electrochemical studies on, a 209
    electrochromism in, a 147
Iron Oxide films, Os effect on grain size, a 150
Isobutylaldehyde, decomposition, a 106
Johnson Matthey, collaboration with Europe on direct methanol fuel cell 173
  Honeycat air pollution control unit 122
  metal loan scheme 171
  standard for impurity measurements in Pt 133
  ZGS platinum alloys, in glass making 54
  ZGS Pt-5%Rh alloy 8
  “Platinum 1987”, commercial survey 123
Joining, a 150
Ketene, production from acetic acid, a 151
Ketones, production a 106, 154
Laboratory Apparatus, a 44, 104, 105, 150, 211
Lasers, for Pd electrodeposition, a 104
Liquefaction, of wood, a 45
Loans Scheme, Johnson Matthey, metals for research 171
Magnetism, antiferromagnetism, in U(Pt,Pd)3, a 146
  Cr-Ru, b.c.c., a 43
  LuRh1·2Sn4, a 147
  Pd alloys, O effects on, a 42
  (Fe1−xMnx)Pt, phase diagram, a 101
Medical, anti-tumour Pt complexes 23, 107
    binding with DNA, a 47
  neurological prostheses 2
  Pt complexes for radiosensitising, a 214
Metallurgy, contact, for Pt-Si, a 101
Methanation, CO2, to CH4, by Ru/RuOx TiO2, a 210
Methane, for HCN production on Pt/Al2O3, a 105
  photoproduction from CO2, a 103, 210
Methanol, fuel cells 173
  synthesis, on Pt-Mo/SiO2, a 211
Methyl Formate, photoproduction, a 103
  synthesis, from CH4OH, by Pt/SPE electrode, a 43
Methylal, synthesis, a 43
Methylcyclohexene, dehydrogenation kinetics, a 45
Methylphenylacetylene, photohydrogenation. a 210
α -Methylstyrene, hydrogenation, a 151
Microgravity, for solidifying Pt, Ir, Rh, Ru 62
Monomers, CH-terminated, synthesis, a 105
MOSFETS, response to NH3, a 107
Navigation, history, Pt, Pd in 91
Nerve Stimulators, in implanted prostheses 2
Nickel Alloys, clad with Pt, Pt alloys 64
Nickel Alloys, Pt to control hot corrosion in 26
Nitric Acid Plants, corrosion in 185
Nitric Acid, photoreduction to NH3, by Pt/TiO2, a 210
Nitroaromatics, reduction to aniline, a 153
Nitrogen Oxides, NO, cycled reduction with CO, a 44
    reduction on Pt, a 42
Norbornane, oxidaton, a 154
Nuclear Waste, T. removal, a 151
Obituary, Dr. Leslie Bernard Hunt 114
n-Octane, conversion to 2-octene, a 106
Octanes, dehydrocyclisation, on Pt/Al2O3, a 105
Olefins, catalysts for hydrogenation, a 212
  hydrogenation, a 152
  hydrosilation, a 212
  reaction with CO, alcohols, a 154
  terminal, oxidation to ketones, a 106
Optical Fibres, Pt coated, for gas detection, a 150
Osmium, additions to γ -Fe2O3, grain size, a 150
  coated cathodes, for thermionic emission, a 214
  compounds,[Os(NH3)5(η 2-benzene)], a 148
  polymers, [Os(octa-ethylporphyrin)L-L)]n, a 209
Osmium Alloys, constitution and properties 74, 172
Osmium Complexes, annual survey, 1984, 102
  Os3(CO)10L2, water-soluble, synthesis, a 102
  [N(PPh3)2][Os3M′(CO)13], synthesis, a 102
Osmium Tetroxide, with RuO4, B.P., a 43
Oxidation, 4,41-dichlorobiphenyl, at RuO2 anode, a 103
  acetone, by Pt/Al2O3/Al thin plate, a 211
  alcohols, by RhH(PPh3)4, a 46
  alcohols, primary, to aldehydes, a 213
  CH3OH, CO2, on Pd/, Pd-Ag/γ -Al2O3, a 106
  Cl ions, at RuO2/TiO2 electrodes, a 210
  coals, by RuO4, benzene acid production, a 46
  high temperature, Pd-Rh alloys, surface effects, a 42
  Magnus’ green salt, to Pt6(NH3)14Cl10X4, a 102
  methanol, on noble metal/γ -Al2O3, a 45
  Pd, Pt, Rh, Pt-Rh, Pt-Pd-Rh, by O2 r.f. plasma, a 101
  Pt3 Sn in air, a 101
Oxygen, detection, in aqueous solutions, a 104
  effect on magnetism of Pd alloys, a 42
  evolution, at Pt electrodes in alkali, a 102
    at Ru electrodes, in alkaline solution, a 149
    from chloralkali cell, a 149
    on Ir oxide films, a 209
    on RuxIr1−xO2 eletrode, a 43
    using IrO2/TiO2/Ti anode, a 103
  reduction, at Pt-Ru/C, electrodes, in fuel cell, a 154
  separation, by ion-exchange membrane, a 105
Palladiotype, photography, new work on 124
Palladium, amorphous Pd/Pd-Rh-P-Si cast alloy, electrolytically active, a 101
  compounds, DyPdX bronzes, synthesis, a 146
  Pd3 Mn, H2 solubility, electrical resistance, a 147
  Cu/Pd extruded, for electrical contacts, a 214
  electrodeposition by pulsed current, a 104
  in electrical contact materials 13
  in solar cells, a 154
  in steel, distribution in 136
  laser-assisted deposition, a 104
  Mo/Pd/Si thin films, interactions, a 43
  Pd(111), Pd(100), CN hydrogenation on, a 42
  Pd(II) chloride salts, photoreduction, a 103
  Pd/Au modified C electrode, glucose sensor, a 44
  Pd/Co,Pd/Fe thin film, magnetic anisotropy, a 146
  Pd/Pt gate, in H2 sensor, a 44
  pin in electrical contact, wear, a 214
  plating of printing tubes, a 104
  prevention of crevice corrosion, in Ti, Ti alloys 115
  single crystals, elastic properties, a 146
  sols, for metallising paper, a 210
  thin film electrocatalysts, a 148
  Zr2Pd-H, surface studies, catalytic activity, a 208
Palladium Acetate, films, laser metallisation, a 107
Palladium Alloys, amorphous for electrodes, a 101
  amorphous spherical particles, Ni-Pd-P, a 147
  Palladium-Cobalt, H2 absorption in, a 147
  Palladium-Gold, hydride formation, a 105
  Palladium-Iron, O effect on magnetism, a 42
  Palladium-Rhenium, hydride formation, a 105
  Palladium-Rhodium, foils, after oxidation, a 42
  Palladium-Silver, electrical resistivity, a 101
    H2 permeability through 71
    lead paths, gas corrosion in, a 47
  Palladium-Silver-Iron, plastically deformed, a 101
  Palladium-Uranium, H2 absorption in, a 147
  Palladium-Yttrium, electrical resistance, a 147
  Pd51Ni14Si5Be6B24, ion emission, a 147
  ternary, quarternary, constitution 74, 172
Palladium Complexes, literature review, 1983, a 43
  Pd(niox)2 pressure sensitive 20
Palladium Hydrides, review, properties, a 146
Palladium Oxides, volatile, a 101
Palladium Silicides, PdSi, Pd2Si, phase changes, a 41
Paper, metallising, by electroless plating, a 210
Paraffins, aromatisation, a 151
  reforming, on Pt-M/Al2O3, a 211
Pd/Al gate MOS, for H study in, a 105
Permeability, H2, through Pt, Pd-Ag, Au, Ag 71
Phase Changes, PdSi to Pd2Si, kinetics, a 41
Phase Diagrams, Cu-Ni-Ru, at 770K, a 208
Platinum metals, ternary, quarternary alloys 74, 172
  U(Pt,Pd)3, a 146
  (Fe1−xMnx)Pt, magnetic, a 101
Phenylacetylene, photohydrogenation, a 210
Phosphoric Acid Fuel Cell, poisoning of anode, a 107
Photocatalysis, a 44, 103, 149, 150, 210
  of water, by u.v., colloidal Pt and ketyl radicals 125
Photography, new technology for Pt, Pd prints 124
Platinotype, new work on 124
“Platinum 1987” 123
Platinum, book review of early instruments 41
  capsules, for high temperature heating, a 148
  claddings, on Cu-, Ni alloys 64
  cluster compounds, synthesis, a 209
  compounds, DyPtX bronzes, synthesis, a 146
    Pt5Sm, Pt5Gd, Pt5Am, a 208
    U(Pt1−xPdx)3, superconductivity, a 146
    U(Pt1−xPdx)3, a 42
  contact metallurgy with Si, a 101
  deposition on TiO2, photoassisted, a 44
  electrodes, (100)-type, surface structure, a 42
  faces, NO reduction on, models, a 42
  heater in a blackbody, and thermometer, a 104
  H2, permeability through 71
  in implanted prostheses 2
  in Ni alloys, for corrosion protection 26
  in optical pyrometer, a 47
  ion mixed with Ni superalloy, a 150
  platinised poly(3-methylthiophene), a 104
  powder, H2PtCl6.6H2O, gas evolution on, a 208
  properties, for use in glass industry 54
  purity of, analytical standard 133
  solidification in microgravity 62
  synthesis of small particles, a 151
  thin film, for dry solder wetting, a 150
  ultramicroelectrode, in chromatography cell, a 104
  wire hot, ion emission from 146
  ZGS, in glass making 54
Platinum Alloys, Fe3−xPt1−x, ordered, a 146
  new data on thermal expansion coefficients 132
  Platinum-5%Rhodium, ZGS 8
  Platinum-Cobalt, Platinum-Iridium, cladding 64
  Platinum-Rhodium, corrosion in glass, a 208
    interdiffusion, a 208
    new data on thermal expansion coefficients 132
  Platinum-Ruthenium, formation, a 102
  Platinum-Silicon, contact metallurgy, a 101
  Pt3Sn, oxidation in air, a 101
  ternary, quarternary, constitution 74, 172
  weldability 62
  (Fe1−xMnx)Pt, magnetic phase diagram, a 101
Platinum Aluminide, coatings, Cr modified, hot corrosion behaviour and structure, a 104
Platinum Complexes, anti-tumour 23, 47, 107
  for radiosensitising, a 214
  co-ordination, literature review, 1983, a 43
  platinacyclobutanes, preparation, a 209
  PtCl(PEt3)2(P1F4), preparation, a 209
  Pt6(NH3)14Cl10X4, synthesis, a 102
    [Pt(L)I2], cis-[Pt(L)(L1)I2], a 101
Platinum Metals Alloys, properties 74, 172
Platinum Metals, chemistry of, conference report 186
  reactivity rationalised, book review 12
  sources, uses, IMM Commodity Meeting 11
Platinum Oxides, volatile, production, a 101
Platinum Silicides, formation in presence of Al, a 146
Poisoning, by S, on Pt/Al2O3 films, faceting, a 44
  of Pd catalysts by H2S, a 152
  S, resistance, by Pt-Sn/Al2O3, a 211
Pollution Control, air, by Honeycat unit 122
  automotive, European symposium 194
  exhaust gases, a 45, 106
  gas turbine exhaust, by Pt-Rh catalyst 162
  polychlorinated biphenyls, oxidation, a 103
  T, from nuclear fusion experiments, a 151
Polyamides, production from amines, a 107
Polychlorinated Biphenyls, destruction, a 103
Polymers, [M(octa-ethylporphyrin)L-L)]n, a 209
Powders, H2PtCl6.6H2O, Rh metal, a 208
Printing, Pd plated ink jet tubes, a 104
Propane, conversion to aromatics, a 151
  hydrogenolysis, on pretreated Ru/TiO2, a 46
Propene, production from isobutylaldehyde, a 106
Prostheses, neurological, implanted 2
Pyrometers, optical, a 47
Reduction, allyl chlorides, acetates, a 46
  CO2, by [Ru(bpy)2(CO)2]2+, a 103
  NO with CO, cycled, on noble metal catalysts, a 44
  NO, on Pt surfaces active site models, a 42
  photo, CO2, by Ru colloid catalyst, a 103
  photo, of nitrate to NH3, a 210
  photo, Pd(II), Rh(III) chloride salts, a 103
Reforming, n-paraffins, cyclopentanes, a 211
  Pt catalysts, effect of sulphiding on, a 105
Resistance Thermometers, Pt, industrial, a 214
  Pt, automated, solidification of TNT, a 47
  Pt, stability over 13-273 K, a 154
  Pt, thin film, in high magnetic fields, at low temperatures, a 47
  Rh-0.5at.% Fe, a 47
Resistors, thick film, Bi2Ru2O7, a 47
Reviews, anti-cancer Pt drugs 23
  catalysis for automotive exhaust, a 44
  cleavage of C-H bonds, a 106
  gas sensitive semiconductor devices, a 150
  IMM Commodity Meeting 11
  Ir, Rh organometallics, annual survey, a 148
  literature, Pt, Pd co-ordination chemistry, 1983, a 43
  Pd, H implanted, low temperature properties, a 146
  Ru complexes, half-sandwich chiral, a 209
  Ru, Os organometallic complexes, 1984, a 102
Rhodium, compounds HfRhGe, superconductivity, structure, a 148
    Rh(III) chloride salts, photoreduction, a 103
  powder, gas evolution on, a 208
  solidification in microgravity 62
  thin film electrocatalysts, a 148
Rhodium Alloys, Rhodium-Platinum, corrosion in molten glass, a 208
    interdiffusion, a 208
  ternary, quaternary, constitution, a 74, 172
Rhodium Complexes, organometallics, annual survey for 1985, a 148
  Ru(bipy)3Cl2, for H2 photoproduction, a 44
Rhodium Oxides, volatile, production, a 101
Royal Society of Chemistry, 3rd Int. Conf. on the Chemistry of the Platinum Group Metals 186
Ruthenium, compounds, carbonyls, H2production, a 44
    RuxIr1−xO2, anodic O2 evolution, a 43
  for n-CdTe modification, of solar cell, a 214
  polymers, [Ru(octa-ethylporphyrin)L-L]n, a 209
  solidification in microgravity 62
Ruthenium Alloys, Chromium-Ruthenium, superconductivity, magnetism, a 43
Ruthenium-Copper-Nickel, phase equilibria at 770K, a 208
  ternary, quaternary, constitution, a 74, 172
Ruthenium Complexes, cluster carbonyls, substitution reactions of, a 148
  double cluster with B, a 148
  half-sandwich chiral, reactions, review, a 209
  organometallic, annual survey, 1984 102
  Ru3(CO)12−xLx, water-soluble, synthesis, a 102
  Ru3(CO)12, for substitution reactions, a 148
    [N(PPh3)2] [Ru3M′(CO)13], synthesis, a 102
    [RuX(NO2) (bpy)2]Y, synthesis, a 43
Ruthenium Dioxide, films, reactively sputtered, for VLSI circuits, a 214
Ruthenium Dioxide, thin film in junction diodes, a 154
Ruthenium Oxides, BaO-RuO2-Fe2O3, a 148
Ruthenium Sulphide, crystals, growth and conductivity, a 150
Ruthenium Tetroxide, B.P., ideal solutions, a 43
Schottky Diodes, PtSi/Si, H2 effect on, a 101
Sextants, history, Pt, Pd in 91
Shale Oil, hydroprocessing, a 212
Silicon, contact metallurgy with Pt, a 101
Solar Cells, photoelectrochemical, a 214
    stable Si, at high temperature, a 154
Solder, dry, Pt film for wetting, a 150
Solidification, Pt, Rh, Ir, Ru, in microgravity 62
Soybean Oil, hydrogenation, a 151
Space, microgravity experiments 62
Stainless Steel, corrosion in nitric acid plants 185
Standard, Pt, for impurity levels in 133
Steam, electrolysis, a 102
Steel, Pd distribution in 136
Structure, atomic, of catalysts, by TEM, a 45
  Pt/Al2O3 films, by TEM, a 45
  surface topography, (100)-type Pt, a 42
Styrene, hydrogenation, by Os complexes, a 213
Sulphur Dioxide, in gas turbine exhaust 162
Sulphur, effect on Pt reforming catalysts, a 105
  poisoning, of Al2O3 films, a 44
    of methanol synthesis catalysts, a 153
    resistance of Pt catalysts to, a 211
Superalloys, Ni-base with Pt-Al-Cr coatings, a 104
Superconductivity, b.c.c. Cr-Ru, a 43
  LuRh1 · 2Sn4, a 147
  U(Pt,Pd)3 system, a 146
  ZrIrGe, HfIrGe, TiIrGe, HfRhGe, a 148
Synthesis Gas, for acetic acid production, a 46, 152
  for alcohol production, a 106
  for aldehydes and acetic acid production, by Pd(OAc)2, a 153
  for ethylene glycol production, a 153, 212
  for methanol production, a 211, 212
Temperature Measurement, a 47, 107, 154, 214
  Pt heater in blackbody, a 104
  by fast Pt-Ir thermocouple 144
  gas thermometry, history 196
Thermocouples, Pt-Ir, fast response 144
Thermoelectric Converter, Pt-W electrodes in, a 154
Thermometers, low temperature, a 47
  Rh-Fe/sapphire, 4.2K to room temperature, a 214
Thick Films, lead paths, Pd-Ag, gas corrosion of, a 47
  resistors, Bi2Ru2O7, as low temperature thermometers, in high magnetic fields, a 47
  stannic oxide + Sb + Pd, gas detectors, a 211
Thin Films, electrocatalysts, highly transparent, Pd,Rh,Pb,Re on InP, a 148
  Mo/Pd/Si, interactions, a 43
  Pd acetate, laser direct-write metallisation, a 107
  Pd/Co, Pd/Fe, magnetic anisotropy, a 146
  PtSi/Si, H2 effect on, a 101
  Pt, for dry solder wetting, a 150
  Rh-Fe/sapphire, TCR, for cryogenic use, a 214
  RuO2, diffusion barrier, in junction diodes, a 154
Tin, alkynylstannanes for enynes synthesis, a 153
Titanium, Titanium Alloys, crevice corrosion in 115
Transistors, platinised poly(3-methylthiophene), as O2, H2 sensors, a 104
Tritium, removal after nuclear fusion experiments, a 151
Troughton, Edward, history, Pt, Pd in astronomy and navigation 91
Turbines, gas, catalysts for emission control 162
  gas, Pt in blades 26
Urea, electro-oxidation, at Ru-Ti oxide elecrode, a 43
Vehicles, methanol fuelled, catalyst development for, a 45, 106
Vinyl Iodides, coupling with alkynylstannanes, to give enynes, a 153
Water, photochemical splitting, a 44
  photoreduction, a 149, 210
  photo-oxidation, to O2, a 149
  u.v. catalysed reduction, by colloidal Pt, and ketyl radicals 125
Welding, Ir sheet, hot cracking susceptibility 193
  platinum alloy, affect of variables 62
Wollaston, William Hyde, history, Pt, Pd in astronomy, navigation 91
Wood, catalytic liquefaction, a 45
Xylenes, dehydrocyclisation, on Pt/Al2O3, a 105
ZGS 5% Rhodium-Platinum, properties 8
ZGS Platinum, Platinum Alloys, in glass making 54

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