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Platinum Metals Rev., 1992, 36, (4), 241

Subject Index to Volume 36

a = abstract Page
Acetaldehyde, synthesis, a 55, 231
Acetals, silyl, synthesis, a 169
Acetylenes, amine addition, a 57
Acylation, amines, a 113
N -Acyldehydrophenylalanine, hydrogenation, a 56
Adsorption, anions, on Pt(111) defects, a 48
chlorophyll, adsorption on Pt electrode, a 51
CO, on Pd/Ce2, a 229
ethylene, on Pt(111), a 48
H2,onCo/Pt(110),a 48
N2O and CO, photo-, on Pt(111), a 52
nitroethane, on skeletal Rh-Ru, a 52
O2,OnPd(111), a 166
trimethylamine, on Ru/TiO2, a 112
Alcohols, alkynemono-ols, isomerisation, a 169
ethyl, sensor, a 227
fuelled vehicles, exhaust control 185
methyl electro-oxidation, on Pt, a 166, 226
on Rh-, Pt-, Ir-Sn oxides, a 225
photooxidation, by Pd0/TiO2, a 227
synthesis, by modified Pd catalysts, a 111
from syngas, a 56
oxidation, by Ru complexes, a 114
oxidation by K2PtCL4, Pt/O2, a 229
photoproduction, a 107
propan-2-ol, for imine hydrogenation, a 230
propynyl, for trimethyl aconitate synthesis, a 229
Aldehydes, synthesis, a 57, 113
Alkanes, C5-C6, aromatisation, a 228
C6, reactions with H2, on Pt/Al2O2, a 228
n -, hydrocracking, a 230
oxidation by K2PtCl4, Pt/O2, a 229
photooxidation to alcohols, a 107
Alkenes, hydrogenation, by anchored Rh complexes, a 112
Alkyl Carbamates, production, a 111
Alkylamines, oxidative carbonylation, a 111
sensor, a 168
Alkylidene-γ-Butyrolactone, hydrogenation, a 113
C-Alkylimidazole, synthesis, using Pt/Al2O3, a 228
N-Allyloxycarbonyl, reactions, a 113
Amides, synthesis, a 113
Amines, acylation, by Pd(OAc)2, a 113
addition to acetylenes, a 57
alkynyl-, for cyclic imine synthesis, a 57
catalyses, a 110
detection system, a 110
for synthesis of Ν,Ν’-disubstituted ureas, a 55
Amino Acids, chemiluminescence reaction detector, a 110
Ammonia, catalyses, a 110
detector, a 137
synthesis, a 112, 169, 229
used in Pd/SiO2 preparation, a 112
Aniline, synthesis, a 230
Arenes, hydrogenation, in trickle-bed reactor, a 56
Aromatisation, C5-C6 alkanes, over Pt/BaKL zeolite, a 228
hexane, n -, by Pt/molecular sieves, a 110
methane, by Pt/pentasil catalysts, a 228
propane, on Pt-Ir,La,Re/ZSM-5, a 54
Aryl Chlorides, vinylation, a 230
Arylboronic Acids, coupling with haloarenes, a 169
Azobenzene, selective hydrogenation, a 55
Benzaldehyde, one-pot synthesis from olefins, a 166
Benzene, hydrogenation, a 111, 112, 169
Biaryls, sterically hindered, synthesis, a 169
Biphenyl, hydrogenation, a 111
Bismuth, catalyst modifier, a 111
Bonding, diffusion, Pd to ZrO2, a 165
wafer, for Pd/GaAs, a 115
Book Reviews, Carbonylation: Direct Synthesis of  
Carbonyl Compounds 39
Catalysis Volume 9: a Specialist Periodical Report 85
Chemistry of the Platinum Group Metals 34
“Platinum 1992” 150
The Ayrton Metals Platinum Yearbook 1992 89
Brazing, ceramic-metal, by Pd alloys, a 110
p-Bromotoluene, hydrodehalogenation, a 169
Butadienes, for disubstituted aldehyde synthesis, a 57
n-Butenes, hydroformylation, a 113
Cancer, Pt complexes, synthesis, characterisation, a 59
Pt compounds, effect on tumour cells, a 59
Pt drugs, a 178, 231
Carbenoid Reaction, Rh(II) ligand change effects, a 113
Carbocyclisation, tetraene, by Pd(OAc)2, a 113
Carbon, composites, ZrPt3 coated 201
Carbon Oxides, CO2  
Electroreduction in water on TiO2/RuO2 226
for formic acid synthesis, a 169
photoreduction to HCOOH and HCHO, a 53
CO, adsorption ability of Pd/CeO2, a 229
atmospheric, global trends 126
binding to [Rh(TMPP)2(CO)]+ in glass, a 225
copolymerisation with olefins, a 57
cyclohexane carboxylation, a 57
formation on methane oxidation, a 228
hydrogenation, by Pd/SiO2-modified catalysts, a 111
for liquid hydrocarbon synthesis, a 168
oxidation, catalytic, a 54, 110
photo-coadsorption with N2O, on Pt(111), a 52
sensors 79, 184
Carbonylation, book review 39, 79, 184
methylacetate, by [PPh2Pt]2, a 57
nitrobenzene, a 170
oxidative, alkylamines, a 111
propynyl alcohol, for trimethyl aconitate, a 229
triarylbismuthines, a 113
Carboplatin 178
Carboxylation, cyclohexane, a 57
Carboxylic Acids, C-H bond hydroxylation, a 57
derivatives, photodecomposition to H2, a 107
Catalysis, 10th Int. Congress 1992 202
heterogeneous, a 54-56, 110-112, 168-169, 228-229
homogeneous, a 56-58, 112-114, 169-170, 229-231
transition metal and enzymes, review, a 110
Catalysts, automotive, in lean burn engines 2
three-way, model catalyst, a 104
emission control, SAE 1992 Int. Congr. 86
Iridium, Ir, peroxidicarbonate electrosynthesis, a 106
Ir-In/Al2O3, paraffin dehydrogenation, a 56
Ιr/Al2Ο3, characterisation 98
Ir/Al2O3,TiO2,Al2O3-TiO2, TPR 98
Ir/Cr2O3, Ir/MoO3, alcohol synthesis, a 56
Iridium Complexes, Ir pentamethylcyclopentadienyl,  
water gas shift reaction, a 52
for non-gasoline powered engines 185
Osmium, K2[OS3(CO)]/C, NH3 synthesis, a 229
OsO4+N -memylmorpholine-N -oxide,  
sulphide oxidation, a 56
Osmium Complexes, K2[Os3(CO11)]+K/C, for  
NH3 synthesis, a 112
for olefin asymmetric dihydroxylation, a 170
Palladium, in membrane reactors, see Membranes, see also Reactors  
Pd0/TiO2, for enhanced photooxidation, a 227
Pd single crystals, for cyclisations, a 111
Pd-Co/Al2O3,for hydrocarbon synthesis, a 168
Pd-Ni/Al2O3, preparation, adsorption, a 55
Pd-Pt/ Al2O3, valence study, a 168
wash-coat treatment, for oxidation, a 54
Pd-Ru-graphite-H3PO4, acetaldehyde synthesis, a 55
Pd/Al2O3, for CO oxidation, a 110
for methane oxidation, a 111, 228
Pd/Al2O3,Pd/SiO2-Al2O3, S poisoning, a 111
Pd/C+Pb,Bi,Te, for propylene glycol oxidation, a 111
Pd/C, for liquid-phase hydrogenation, a 229
Pd/CeO2, CO adsorption ability, a 229
Pd/La2O3-SnO2, for EtOH sensor, a 227
Pd/SiO2+Cu+/Cu2+, naphthalene oxidation, a 112
Pd/SiO2, preparation by ion exchange, a 112
Pd/SiO2-metal oxide modified, for CO  
hydrogenation, a 111
Pd/TiO2, doped, hydrogenation activity, a 111
PdCu/NaY zeolite, Cu leaching, a 55
PdO-ΜοΟ3/γ-Al2O3, preparation, a 112
Pd(OAc)2 bipyridine/montmorillonite, for  
urea syntheses, a 55
Pd(OAc)2/bipyridine-carboxyl copolymer,  
for azo, nitro group reductions, a 55
Pd,Rh,Ru/C+NaI, for alkyl carbamate synthesis, a 111
preparation from solvated solutions 80
Palladium Alloys, in membrane reactors, see Membranes, see also Reactors  
Pd-Ag, Pd-Y, for ethylene hydrogenation, a 112
Pd-Ru membranes, for dehydrolinalool  
hydrogenation, a 106
Pd-Zr, Pd-Zr/Al2O3, amorphous, hydrogenations, a 169
Palladium Complexes, Pd2(dba)3. CHCl3.CHCl3+  
diols, for ketone synthesis, a 169
Pd(acac)2+Ph3P, substituted aldehyde synthesis, a 57
PdCl2(MeCN)2, for cyclic imines, a 57
PdCl2(PPh3)2+NaI, for alkyl carbamates, a 111
PdCl2(PPh3)2+OP(n -Bu)+KBr, for  
N-phenylcarbamate, a 229
PdCl2(PPh3)2+-SnCl2, for nitrostyrene  
heterocyclisation, a 229
PdI2+KI or Pd/C+KI/[Pd(thiourea)4]I2, for  
trimethyl aconitate synthesis, a 229
Pd(II)+Ph2P(CH2)PPh2, for  
CO+olefins copolymerisation, a 57
Pd(II) chelates+tridenlale salicylaldimines,  
synthesis, a 57
Pd(OAc)2+dippb ligand, for aryl chloride  
vinylation, a 230
Pd(OAc)2, for amine acylation, a 113
CN insertion in oligosilane Si-Si bonds, a 57
for cyclohexane carboxylation, a 57
Pd(PPh3)4+Ba(OH)2, for biaryls synthesis, a 169
Pd(PPh3)4, for amide, peptide synthesis, a 113
Platinum, preparation from solvated solutions 80
Pt, peroxidicarbonate electrosynthesis, a 106
Pt black, for Np from radioactive waste, a 228
CO2 photoreduction to HCOOH and HCHO, a 53
Pt-Rh/CeO/Al2O3, for propane oxidation, a 168
Pt-Sn/ Al2O3, reforming 81, 151
Pt-Sn/poly(3-methyl)thiophene, for MeOH  
electro-oxidation, a 226
Pt/Al2O3+pentasil zeolite, gasoline reforming, a 168
Pt/Al2O3, for C-alkylimidazole synthesis, a 228
for choroacetonitrile oxidation, a 110
for CO oxidation, a 110
γ-irradiated, textura! changes, a 54
in Pd membrane reactor, a 170
pretreatment effects for C6-alkane reactions, a 228
Sn modified, coking resistance, a 110
Pt/Al2O3,TiO2,Al2O3,-TiO2, TPR 98
Pt/BaKL zeolite, C5-C6, aromatisation, a 228
Pt/C fibres, preparation, properties, a 51
Pt/C/Nafion, in PEM fuel cells, a 114
Pt/CdS+WO3, H2 photoproduction, a 52
Pt/La2O3-SnO2, for EtOH sensor, a 227
Pt/molecular sieves, properties, a 110
Pt/O2, in aqueous media, for ethers, alcohols,  
esters, alkanes, oxidation, a 229
Pt/pentasil,+Cr,Zn, catalysts, properties, a 228
Pt/SiO2, surface hydroxyl effects, a 54
Pt/TiO2, doped, hydrogenation activity, a 111
H2 photoevolution from carboxylic acid, a 107
Pt/zeolite+diphenyldiethoxysilane, for  
nonene hydrogenation, a 228
Pt/zeolite, for decane isomerisation, a 54
Platinum Alloys, Pt-Ir/Al2O3,TiO2,Al2O3,-TiO2, TPR 98
Pt-Ir/PS-DVB, for CO sensor 79
Pt-Ir,La,Re/ZSM-5 for propane aromatisation, a 54
Pt-Rh(100) 3-way model, for NO reduction, a 104
Platinum Complexes, H2PtCl6+PVA, for  
water photoreduction, a 107
K2PtCl2, for alcohols, alkane, ester, ether  
oxidation, a 229
(L2Pt(CO)X), asymmetric hydroformylation, a 56
[PPh2Pt]2 in RCOOR’, for ester isomerisation,  
carbonylation, a 57
[Pt3(CO6)]n2- in NaY zeolite,  
photocatalyst for water gas shift reaction, a 226
Pt metal halogenides, alkane, photooxidation, a 107
PtCl2(CH3CN)2 in BF3/clay, for arene  
hydrogenation, a 56
Pt(II) ions, in water, for carboxylic acid  
C-H bond hydroxylation, a 57
Pt(P(m -C6H4SO3Na)3)2CI2/pore glass,  
for hydroformylations, a 112
Platinum Group Metals, characterisation  
by TPR/TPD 98
reactivation, regeneration, book review 85
Rhodium, K2[Ru4(CO)11]/C, for gas phase NH3  
synthesis, a 229
Rh(111), for HCHO, HCOOH, HREELS study, a 55
[Rh2(O2CCH3)4]γ-amminopropyl silicate gel,  
hydrodehalogenation of bromotoluene, a 169
Rh, peroxidicarbonate electrosynthesis, a 106
Rh complexes/USP-zeolites, support effects, a 56
Rh ultrafine/polymer, support effect on selectivity, a 56
Rh-Ru, skeletal, for nitroethane adsorption, a 52
Rh/Al2O3, for CO oxidation, a 110
Rh/ Al2O3, films, H/D reactions on, a 55
Rh/SiO2, for chloroethanes hydrodechlorination, a 229
Rh/TiO2, doped, hydrogenation activity, a 111
[RhCl(COD)L], [RhCl(CO)2L],  
[Rh(PPh3)]/SiO2, Y-zeolite, activity, a 112
Rh(II) complexes/polymers, structure, activity, a 169
Rhodium Complexes, [Rh(Cod)Cl2]-Ph2P(CH2)4PPh2,  
for formic acid synthesis, a 169
[(C5Me5)RhCl2]2, for chloroaromatic conversion, a 170
di-Rh(II), effects of ligand changes, a 113
[PPN]2[MRh2(CO)15] M=O, Ru,+bipy for  
nitrobenzene carbonylation, a 170
for hydroformylation, a 170
Rh4(CO)12, butene reactions, a 113
[Rh5(CO)15]-, nitrobenzene carbonylation, a 170
Rh phosphite, polymer bound, hydroformylation, a 113
[Rh(acac)(CO)(PPh3)], hexene reactions, a 230
RhCl3-3H2O, water gas shift reaction, a 58
RhCl3,4H2O formaldehyde hydroformylation, a 170
[RhCl(CO)2]2, RhCl3,3H2O, for triarylbismuthine  
carbonylation, a 113
[RhCl(PPh3)3], dimethyl muconate  
hydrosilylation, a 169
formaldehyde hydroformylation, a 170
[Rh(CO)4], nitrobenzene carbonylation, a 170
Ruthenium, Ru+promoter/MgO+support,  
for NH3 synthesis 169
Ru-Co/Al2O3, for hydrocarbon synthesis, a 168
Ru/Al2O3, for NH3 synthesis, a 169
Ru/TiO2, doped, hydrogenation activity, a 111
trimetbylamine adsorption, oxidative  
interaction, a 112
Ruthenium Complexes, BINAP-Ru(II), for  
asymmetric hydrogenation, a 113
Bu4N[Ru(CO)3I3]+NaI, for alkyl carbamates, a 111
K2[Ru4(CO)13]+K/C, for NH3 synthesis, a 112
CO2 photoreduction, a 53
Ru3(CO)12-i -Bu2AlH1 for alkane  
hydrocracking, a 230
Ru3(CO)12, cyclooctadiene, cyclooctatriene,  
for coal liquefaction, a 230
Ru6(CO)16+PS, molecular size control, a 230
Ru(bpy)32+, for photo-induced pigment pattern formation, a 227
RuCl2(PPh3)3, imine transfor hydrogenation, a 230
[RuH2(PPh3)4], for nitriles conversions, a 170
[RunCl2(PPh3)4L], for alcohol oxidation, a 114
[RumCl2(AsPh3)2(8-hq)], for alcohol  
oxidation, a 114
[Ru(Salen)(NO)(H2O)SbF6, for Diels-Alder  
reaction, a 230
RuSiW11O395-, for double bond cleavage, a 166
Catalytic Etching, Pt/Rh, a 168
Cathodic Protection, ships in sea water, a 58
Cells, photobioelectrochemical, a 107
photoelectrochemical, anodes in, a 108
rechargeable, characteristics, a 52
Ceramics, ceramic/Pt sintered compacts, a 224
Chemical Production, by electrogenerative means 202
Chemical Vapour Deposition,  
organometallic, Rh, Ir films, a 227
Pt from Pt bihexafluoroacetylacetonate, a 53
Rh on glass, a 108
Rh on Si(111), TiO2/Si(111), a 167
see also Coatings; Electrodeposition; Plating  
Chemotherapy, see. Cancer  
Chlorate, formation, from NaCl, a 166
Chloroacetonitrile, oxidation, a 110
Chloroaroma tics, hydrodechlorination, a 170
Chlorophyll, adsorption, on amalgamated Pt electrode, a 51
Chloroplasts, platinised, in photobioelectrochemical cells, a 107
Chromium, catalyst promoter, a 56
in Pt+NiCr/glass, properties, a 224
Cisplatin 171, 178
Coal, liquefaction catalysts, a 230
Coatings, for gas turbine blades 89
Ir/Re, for rocket thrusters 103
organometallic, by various deposition techniques 26
Os-Ru, on W cathodes 33 Pd, thin layers, on less noble metals, a 104
Pt/Ti, for seawater, a 114
Ru/Ti mixed oxides/Si, on anodes, a 108
ZrPt3 for high temperature C composites 201
see also Chemical Vapour Deposition; Electrodeposition; Plating Cobalt  
in Co/Pd multilayer films, magnetic properties, a 224
in Co/Pt superlattices, atomic interdiffusion, a 224
in magneto-optic films, a 58, 104, 165
see also Palladium, Co/Pd; Platinum, Co/Pt  
Coking, resistance of Pt/Al2O3, a 110
Cold Fusion, a 49,114
Colloids, from solvated atom solution 80
Pt/Au, Pd/Au, ligand stabilised, a 50
Colombia, Pt history 40
Composites, C-C, ZrPt3 coatings 201
RuO2-glass, AC complex impedance spectra, a 59
Conductivity, detectors, for chlorinated  
hydrocarbons, a 108
Conferences, 10th Int. Congr. on Catalysis,  
19-24 June 1992, Paris 202
1992 SAE Int. Congr. 86
5th Int. on Chemistry of PGMs, St. Andrews,  
July, 1993 149 7th int. Symp. on Temperture Measurement, 149
7th int. Symp. on Temperture Measurement,  
Toronto, Spring, 1992 135
9th World Hydrogen Energy, June, Paris 196
Int. Symp. on Metal-Hydrogen Systems,  
1992 biennial, June, Uppsala 196
Copper, electroless plating, on Pd1Si, a 115
Corrosion, ICCS, for steel in sea water, a 58
platinised Ti, in sea water, a 114
prevention, of Ta, by Pt ion implantation 149
protection, Pd coatings on less noble metals, a 104
resistance, of Pd ions in Ti-Si1 a 114
of TbFeCo+Pt,Nb, magneto-optical films, a 104
Crucibles, periclase, to melt Ir 146
Pt, for Bi-Sr-Ca-Cu-O glass production, a 53, 231
for crystal growth, a 54
Crystals, bulk single, from Pt wire in Pt crucible, a 54
Cs4[IrO4], structure, a 225
Czochralski, quasicrystal growth, Al70Pd20Mn10, a 165
decagonal quasi, in Pd-Al-Mn, a 49
single-quasi, Al70Pd20Mn10, a 165
SrBaNb, Rh doped, photorefraction, a 225
ThRu2P2, URu2P2, a 225
Cyanides, insertion in Si-Si bonds, Pd catalysed, a 57
Cyclisation, ethyne, a 111
Cyclohexane, carboxylation, a 57
conversions, by catalytic membrane systems 70
dehydrogenation, on irradiated Pt/Al2O3, a 54
in membrane reactors, a 55, 111, 170
on Pd catalysts, a 111
Cyclohexanecarboxylic Acid, synthesis, a 57
Cyclooctenes, reactions, a 107, 113
Cyclopentanones, synthesis, a 113
Decane, isomerisation, a 54
Dehydrogenasen, n -paraffins, on Ir-In/Al2O3, a 56
Dehydrolinalool, hydrogenation, by Pd-Ru  
membranes, a 106
Detectors, a 53-54, 108-110,167-168, 227-228
alkylamines, a 168
amino acids, chemiluminescent reaction, a 110
CO 79, 184, 225
conductivity of chlorinated hydrocarbons, a 108
DNA unwinding monitor, a 171
electrochemical catalyst probe, a 55
EPIC, for H isotope separation, a 167
ethylene oxidation, a 55
EtOH vapour in air, a 227
gas, Pt thin film, micro-, a 108
glucamate, in vivo, a 171
glucose, a 53, 59, 106, 108, 227
glucose measurement, a 171
H2, a 109,184
IR, a 55,58,231  
NADH, a 168
NH3, a 137
nitrite, a 54, 109, 168
O2, in myoglobin, a 59
oxalate, a 168
pΗ,a 109, 168  
polymer electroactivity, a 108
strain gauges, a 228
tryptophan, a 52
tunable internal photoemission, a 167
Deuterium, a 55, 114, 226, 231
Dialysis, electrode, a 171
Diazirine, adsorbed on Pd(110), study, a 166
1,2-Dichloroethane, hydrodechlorination, a 229
2,2-Dichoropropionate, photooxidation, a 227
Diels-Alder Reaction, a 230
Diesel Engines, emission control catalysts 2, 185  
Diffusion, D, in Pd, a 226, 231
interatomic, in Co/Pt superlattices, a 224
membranes, Pd alloys 12, 70, 90, 112, 224
Pd, in (001) Pt, a 224
Pt in Si, a 48
Re through Ir, in rocket thrusters 103
Dihydroxylation, asymmetric, olefins, a 170
1,2-Diketones, for water photoreduction, a 107
Dimethyl Muconates, hydrosilylation, a 169
Dimethylformamide, formation, a 112
DNA, a 108, 171, 231
Dopants, W6+, Ta5+, for catalysts, a 111
see also Modifiers; Promoters  
Electrical Conductivity, Bal-xK2RuO3, BaRuO3, a 50
in Pd amorphous ultrathin films, a 224
Electrical Contacts, Al-Si-Pd-Nb+Mo, bilayered, a 171
ohmic, Ge/Pd/InP, a 115
Pd/AuGe/Ag/Au/GaAs, a 115, 171
Pd/Ge, for GaAs epitaxial lift-off, a 115
Pt, by CVD, a 53
with Pt/Ti, a 114
Si/Pd/n-GaAs, a 171
using PdVGaAs, a 115
Pt/Ti on binary, ternary semicondutors, a 114
RuO3/Au, Ag, for superconductors 97 Electrical Resistivity, in U-Ru1-Rh1-Ir compounds, a 225
Electrochemical Cells, for glucose detection, a 53
Electrochemistry, a 51, 106, 166, 225-226
Electrodeposition, a 108, 167, 227
see also Chemical Vapour Deposition; Coatings; Plating  
Electrodes, anodes, Pd/Nafion-coated glassy C, for  
HCOOH oxidation, a 226
Pt clad Nb, for ICCP system, a 58
Pt foil, for cathodic protection of ships, a 58
Ru/Ti mixed oxides/Si, in photoelectrochemical  
cells, a 108
RuO2/TiO2, for NaCl electrolysis, a 166
C paste+[Ru(bpy)2(PVP)10Cl]Cl, for nitrite  
determination, a 168
cathodes, W, Os-Ru coatings on 33
Ir2+RuO2/Ti, surface studies, a 106
Ir-Sn oxides, for MeOH oxidation, a 225
IrO2, in pH detectors, a 109, 168
LaF3/Pt, in hydrocarbon sensor, a 108
modified with [Ru(bpy)2(vpy)2]2+, nitrite detection, a 54
[Os(bipy)2(PVP)10Cl]Cl/glassy C, in nitrite sensor, a 109
OsX, X=S,Se,Te disks, for H2O oxidation, a 226
Pd-Pt, preparation, for H2 evolution, a 106
platinised C fibres, in biosensors, a 108
Pt+phenol, for glucose oxidase immobilisation, a 106
Pt, amalgamated, irreversible chlorophyll adsorption, a 51
dual layer, in SPE fuel cell, a 230
in electrogenerative systems 202
for glucose oxidation, a 51, 106
in glucose sensor, a 227
H2, O2, adsorption states, review, a 51
in MeOH/air fuel cells, a 230
perovskite modified/graphite, MeOH oxidation, a 166
in polymer electroactivity sensor, a 108
Pt wire, Teflon coated, glutamate measurement, a 171
Pt-glucose oxidase, for glucose detection, a 53
Pt-graphite sheet, for dissolved SO1 oxidation, a 51
Pt-Sn oxides, for MeOH oxidation, a 225
Pt/C+Nafion/electrolyte, thin film,  
in PEM fuel cells 145  
Pt/Nafion, for O2 reduction, in SPE fuel cell, a 51, 166
Pt/SPE membrane, for HCOOH oxidation, a 225
Pt/YSZ, in fuel cell, a 170
Rh-Sn oxides, for MeOH oxidation, a 225
Ru+Tl,Pb, for O2 reduction, a 106
Ru-Ir oxide, for H2, O2 evolution, a 226
TiO2/RuO2 rotating disks, CO2 reduction in  
H2O, H2 evolution, a 226
Electrogenerative Systems 202
Electroless Deposition, Cu on Pd2Si, a 115
Pd films, a 227
Electrolysis, NaCl, by RuO2/TiO2 anode, a 166
Electronics, organometallic compounds for 26
Emission Control, automotive, legislation 126
NOx, from lean bum engines 2
SAE 1992 Int. Congr. 86  
of vehicles powered hy non-gasoline fuel 185
Ene-Lactams, synthesis, a 170
Energy, conferences 196
conversion, in photoelectrochemical cells, a 108
transfer in polymers, a 107
Engines, diesel, see Diesel Engines  
gas turbine, protective coatings 89
jet, intermetallic compounds for 138
Environment, vehicle exhaust pollution 126
Epoxidation, cyclooctene, stilbene, styrene, a 107
Esters, oxidation by Pt, a 229
Etching, catalytic, Pt/Rh gauzes, a 168
plasma, RuO2 thin films, a 166
Ethers, oxidation, a 229
Ethylene, reactions, a 48, 55, 112, 231
Ethylene Glycol, oxidation, a 51
Ethyne, cyclisation, a 111
Flue Gas, clean up from coal powered plants,  
electrogeneratively 202
Fluorine, in U-PGM-F phase diagrams, a 48
Formaldehyde, reactions, a 53,55,170  
Formate, species, formation, a 112
Formic Acid, oxidation  
at Pd/Nafion-coated glassy C anode, a 226
at Pt/SPE membrane electrodes, a 225
photoproduction from CO2, a 53
reactions on Rh( 111), a 55
synthesis from H2+-CO2, a 169
Fuel Cells, a 114, 170, 230
MeOH 184, 230 PEM 51, 114, 145, 166
SPE, a 230
Gas Turbine Engines, protective coatings 89
Gauzes, Pt/Rh, catalytic etching, a 168
Glass, phosphate, Pt, DVS-Pt, corrosion in 14
preparation in Pt crucibles, a 231
Pt used for 14
pyrex, supporting Pt+NiCr, properties, a 224
RuO2-glass, composites, impedance spectra, a 59
substrates, for Pt, Rh deposition, a 108
Glasses, metallic, bulk, Pd-Ni-P, a 109
Pd loaded, photochromism, a 109
Glucal Derivatives, hydroformylation, a 170
Glucose, detectors, a 53, 59, 106, 108, 171, 227
electro-oxidation at Pt electrodes, a 51,106
Glucose Oxidase, a 106, 171
Glutamate, in vivo monitoring, a 171
Glycol Aldehyde, synthesis, a 170
Haloarenes, coupling with ary lboronic acids, a 169
Heterocyclisation, nitrostyrene, a 229
n-Hexane, catalytic reactions, a 110
Hexenes, hydroformylation, isomerisation, a 112, 230
History, 18th century purification of Pt in Colombia 40
Sophus Mads Jorgensen 217
Hydration, nitriles, a 170
Hydrazobenzene, synthesis, a 55
Hydrocarbons, atmospheric, global trends 126
liquid, synthesis, a 168
sensor, a 108
Hydrocracking, n-alkanes, a 230
Hydrodechlorination, a 170, 229
Hydrodehalogenation, p-bromotoluene, a 169
Hydroformylation, asymmetric, by (L2Pt(CO)X), a 56
n-butenes, a 113
catalyst, Rh phosphite preparation, a 113
formaldehyde, a 170
glucal derivatives, a 170
hexenes, a 112, 230
Hydrogen, adsorption at Pt/acid electrode, review, a 51
adsorption on Co/Pt(110), a 48
in catalytic membrane reactors 70, 170
see also Membranes  
conference 196
detectors 109, 184
diffusion, in Pd, Pd alloys, a 104, 112, 224
evolution.on coated Ru-Ir oxide electrodes,  
from NaOH, H2SO4, a 226
from propane oxidation, a 168
from water, on ΤiΟ2/RuO2 electrode, a 226
for formic acid synthesis, a 169
for gas sensitivity of Schottky barrier, a 167
in He, sensor, humidity effect, a 109
implanted in Pd-Rh, structure, properties, a 49
induced ordering in Pd-Mn, a 49
isotope separation, a 167
for Uquid hydrocarbon synthesis, a 168
in Pd, cold fusion, a 49, 114
in Pd/[(Li2O)(B2O3)2][WO3]-glass, coloration, a 109
photoproduction, a 52, 107
pure, production, membrane technology 12, 90, 224
reactions on Rh/Al2O3 films, a 55
sorption at Pd-Pt alloy electrodes, a 106
storage in formic acid, a 169
alkylidene-butyrolactone, by ΒIΝAΡ-Rut(II), a 113
arenes, by Pt, in trickle-bed reactor, a 56
aromatic compounds, on Pt,Pd,Rh,Ru/TiO2 a 111
benzene,biphenyl,naphthalene, on Pt,Pd,Rh,Ru/TiO2, a 111
benzenes, on Pd catalysts, a 55, 112, 169
CO, by Pd/SiO2-modified catalysts, a 111
dehydrolinalool, by Pd-Ru membranes, a 106
dinitrotoluene, liquid-phase, a 229
ethylene, a 112
imines, by propan-2-ol, a 230
methylcyclopropane, on Pt/molecular sieves,  
SAPO, a 110
N-acyldehydrophenylalanine, on Rh/USP-zeolite, a 56
nitrobenzene, by Pd(II)-tridentate salicylaldimines, a 57
nonenes, by Pt/zeolite+diphenyldiethoxysilane, a 228
olefins, by Rh catalysts, a 56, 112
Hydrosilylation, dimethyl muconates, a 169
Hydroxylamine, electrogenerative production 202
Hydroxylation, reactions, a 54, 57
Hypochlorite, formation, from NaCl, a 166
Imines, hydrogenation.synthesis, a 57, 230
Impressed Current Systems, for steel, ships,  
in sea water, a 58
Indoles, derivatives, synthesis, a 229
Infra Red, detectors, a 55, 58, 231
Integrated Circuits, Pd lead finishes, a 59
Ion Exchange, for Pd/SiO2 preparation, a 112
Iridium, compounds, HfIr3, for high temperature  
C composites 201
IrNb, high temperature structural use 138
IrO2, SIROFs, as pH detectors, a 109
U3Ir, superconductivity, a 225
electrodes see Electrodes  
in IR Schottky diode detectors, a 231
Ir/Re coatings for rocket thrusters 103
secondary refining 146
thin films, by organometallic CVD, a 227
Iridium Alloys, Ir-U, electrical/magnetic properties, a 225
Ir-W, high temperature strength 13
Ir-W-Th-Al, intermetallic layers with Mo, a 105
Iridium Complexes, Cs4[IrO4], crystal structure, a 225
Iridium Oxide, in detectors see. Detectors  
Iridium Silicides, in Schottky IR detectors, a 231
Isomerisation, reactions, a 54, 57, 169, 230
Isomerism, linkage, in [(bpy)2Ru(HPTN)], a 167
Johnson Matthey1 new South African autocatalyst,  
chemical salt and noble metals plant 164
“Platinum 1992” 150
Jorgensen, Sophus Mads, history 217
Ketones, photoproduction, synthesis, a 57, 107, 169
Lactic Acid, oxidation, on Pd/C+Pb,Bi,Te, a 111
Leaching, oxidative, Cu from, PdCu/NaY zeolite, a 55
Lead, catalyst modifier, a 111
for modifying Ru electrode, a 106
Lean Burn Engines, emission control catalysts 2
Liquefaction, coal, a 230
Luminescence, dicyano(tetraazamacrocyclo)Rh(III)  
complexes, a 227
photo, [OsN(NH3)4]3+, a 167
Ru(bpy)32+/Nafion film, for oxalate, alkylamines,  
NADH, sensor, a 168
Ru(bpy)33+, for amino acid sensor, a 110
in silk fibroin membrane, a 107
Magnetism, in Co/Pd multilayered films, a 58, 104, 224
ferro, in Rh, Ru overlayers on Ag(001), a 165
in Gd3Pd4, Gd4Pd5, a 104
in Pd-Cu alloys, on ordering, a 49
in Pt/Co multilayer films, a 48, 58, 104,165
structure after solidification, in Pt-Co-B, a 48
TbFeCo doped with Pt, Nb, a 104
in U-Ru, -Rh, -Ir compounds, a 225
U(Ru1-xRhx)2Si2, phases, a 50
Magneto-Optics, for data storage, a 58, 104, 165
see also Cobalt; Magnetism  
Medical, a 59, 171, 231
Membrane Reactors 54, 55, 70, 111, 170, 231
Membranes, M/H3PO4/M’, C2H4 oxidation  
catalyst probe, a 55
Pd, Pd alloys, composites, progress 216
Pd alloys, in catalytic reactors 54, 55, 70, 111
Pd-Ag, Pd-Y, for ethylene hydrogenation, a 112
Pd-Ru, for dehydrolinalool hydrogenation, a 106
for pure industrial H2 production 12, 90, 224
Pd/Al2O3, in reactors, a 170
Pd/Zr, for D diffusion, a 231
PEM, Pt/Nafion, a 114
see also Diffusion  
Metal Organic Vapour Phase Epitaxy, H2 for 12
Metallisation, Cu of Pd2Si, a 115
Pd acetate, by e-beam, a 115
Methane, aromatisation, by Pt/pentasil, a 228
oxidation, a 111, 168, 228
Methanol, see Alcohols, methyl  
Methyl Ethyl Ketone, electrogenerative production 202
Methyl Phenylcarbamate, synthesis, a 170
Methylacetate, carbonylation, by [PPh2Pt]2, a 57
Methylcyclopropane, hydrogenation, on  
Pt/molecular sieves, a 110
Methylformate, isomerisation, by [PPh2Pt]2, a 57
Modifiers, metal oxides, for Pd/SiO2, a 111
Pb,Bi,Te, for Pd/C, a 111
see also Dopants; Promoters  
Molybdenum, catalyst promoter, a 56
intermetallic layers with Ir-W-Th-Al, a 105
Myoglobin, O2 saturation detector, a 59
NADH, sensor, a 168
Naphtha, reforming, by Pt-Sn/Al2O3, catalyst 151
Naphthalene, reactions, a 111, 112
Natural Gas, fuelled vehicles, exhaust control 185
Neptunium, extraction from radioactive waste, a 228
Nickel, in Pt+NiCr/glass, properties, a 224
Niobium, magneto-optics, superconductivity, a 104, 225
Nitriles, hydration, a 170
Nitrite, detectors, a 54, 109, 168
Nitrobenzene, reactions, a 57, 170, 229, 230
Nitroethane, adsorption, on skeletal Rh-Ru, a 52
Nitrogen Oxides, atmospheric, global trends 126
emission control from lean bum engines 2
Ν2Ο, reactions on Pt(111), a 52
NO, electrogenerative reduction 202
reduction on model Pt-Rh( 100), a 104
Nitrostilbene, for phenylindole synthesis, a 229
Nitrostyrene, for indole synthesis, a 229
diNitrotoluene, liquid-phase hydrogenation, a 229
Nonenes, hydrogenation, a 228
Nuclear Fuel Reprocessing, Ru deposition, a 114
Olefins, reactions, a 56, 57, 112, 166, 170
Oligosilanes, CN insertion in Si-Si, a 57
Organometallics, for electronics 26
Osmium, electrodes see. Electrodes  
Osmium Complexes, Os polypyridyl in polymer,  
for energy transfer, a 107
[Os(bipy)2(PVP)10Cl]Cl, in nitrite sensor, a 109
[Oslv(Salen)(OPr)2], synthesis, a 105
[OsN(NH3)4]3+, photoredox properties, a 167
tetradentate dianionic chelating ligands, a 105
Oxalate, sensor, a 168
Oxidation, alcohols, by Ru complexes, a 114
chloroacetonitrile, on Pt/Al2O3, a 110
CO on Pt/Al2O3, a 110
ethers, alcohols, esters, alkanes, by Pt, a 229
ethylene, partial, on Pd-Ru-graphite-H3PO4, a 55
ethylene glycol, on Pt single crystals, a 51
Fe-Cr-Pd/Ru/Mo-Pd, high temperature, surface, a 105
glucose, at Pt electrode, a 51
HCOOH, at Pt/SPE membrane electrodes, a 225
on Pd/Nafion-coated glassy C anode, a 226
MeOH, on perovskite modified Pt electrodes, a 166
on Pt-Sn/poly(3-methyl)thiophene, a 226
on Rh-,Pt-,Ir-Sn oxide electrodes, a 225
methane, for Pd-Pt/Al2O3, valence study, a 168
on Pd/Al2O3, a 111, 228
naphthalene, by Pd/SiO2+Cu+/Cu2+, a 112
propane, on Pt-Rh/CeO2/Al2O3, a 168
propylene glycol, lactic acid, on Pd/C+Pb,Bi,Te, a 111
SO2, dissolved, at Pt-graphite sheet electrode, a 51
sulphides to sulphones, a 56
xylene isomers, propene, CO, on Pd+Pt/Al2O3, a 54
Oxygen, adsorption at Pt/acid electrode, review, a 51
adsorption on Pd(111), study, a 166
electroreduction, at Pt/Nafion electrodes, a 51, 166
on Ru+Tl, Pb, a 106
evolution, at RuO2/TiO2 anode, a 166
at OsS2 electrode, from H2O, a 226
at Ru-Ir oxide electrodes, a 226
photo, from Η2Ο, with carbonates, a 107
Palladium, amorphous, ultrathin films, electrical  
conductivity, a 224
black, doped Pb phthalocyanine detector, for H2 184
Co/Pd multilayer films, properties, a 58, 104, 224
Co/Pd, see also Cobalt  
colloids, Pd/Au, a 50
compounds, Al70Pd20Mn10, quasicrystal growth, a 165
Gd4Pd5, Gd3Pd4, magnetic properties, a 104
K2PdH4, Li2PdH2, Na2PdH2, properties, a 50
NaPd3O4, in rechargeable cell, a 52
Pd acetate, e-beam metallisation, a 115
Pd/Mg(NO3)2+H2, modifier, in AAS, a 109
UPd2Al3, superconductors, a 165, 225
Zr2PdHx, phase studies, thermodynamics, a 50
in Detectors, see Detectors  
diffusion in (001 ) Pt, a 224
diffusion bonding Pd foils to ZrO2 165
diffusion rate of D, during cathodic charging, a 226
in electrical contacts, see Electrical Contacts  
electrodeposited thin films, on PA and polypyrrole, a 108
energy emissions, when loaded with D, H, a 114
films, discontinuous, for strain gauge, a 228
electroless deposition of, a 227
H isotope separator, a 167
ions, implanted in Ti-Si, corrosion resistance, a 114
lead finish in surface mounted ICs, a 59
loaded glass, photochromism, a 109
in membrane reactors, see Membrane Reactors  
membranes, see Membranes  
Pd(110), diazirine adsorption study, a 166
Pd(111), O adsorption study, a 166
phosgene photodissociation, a 52
in Schottky devices, see. Schottky  
solvated atoms, precursors to colloids, films, catalysts 80
structure on hydriding, T release, a 49
thin films, see Thin Films  
Palladium Alloys, conference 196
Fe-Cr-Pd/Mo-Pd, high temp, oxidation, a 104, 105
Pd-Ag, diffusion membranes 12, 90  
see also Membranes  
Pd-Ag-Au-Y-Ru-Pt-Al1 for production 90
Pd-Cu, electrical, magnetic properties, a 49
Pd-Mn, rapidly quenched, H induced ordering, a 49
Pd-Mo, rapidly solidified, structure, a 49
Pd-Nb, thermodynamic stability, a 49
Pd-Ni, pure H2 production 90
Pd-Ni-P glass, preparation, a 109
Pd-Pt, electrodes, preparation, a 106
Pd-Rh, structure, property on H addition, a 49
Pd-Si, mechanical alloying, a 49
see also Palladium Silicides  
Pd-Ti-Co-Ni, phase diagram, a 224
Pd-Y(Gd)-Ag, H2 diffusion in, a 224
Palladium Complexes, β-[(CH3)4N][Pd(dmit)2]2, a 105
paramagnetic, a 52
Pd porphyrin, O2 in myoglobin sensor, a 59
Pd(NH3)2Br2, Pd(NH3)2(NO2)2, in plating baths, a 167
tetrakistriphenyl Pd(0), synthesis, a 105
Palladium Silicides, Cu electroless plating on, a 115
n -Paraffins, dehydrogenation, on Ir-InAl2O3, a 56
Patents 60-68,116-124,172-176, 232-236
Peptides, production, by Pd(PPh3) 4, a 113
Permeability see Diffusion  
H2,in thin Pd coatings, a 104
Petroleum, reforming, a 168
pH, sensors, a 109, 168
Phase Diagrams, Pd-Mo alloys, a 49
Pd-Ti-Co-Ni at 800°C, a 224
U-PMGs, thermodynamics, a 48
Phenol, hydrogenation, by membrane systems 70
Phenylcarbamate, formation, a 229
Phosgene, photodissociation, a 52
Phosphorescence, in Pd porphyrin, a 59
Photoanation, in [(bpy)2Ru(HPTN)], a 167
Photocatalysis. a 52-53,107,166-167, 226
Photoconversion, in solar cells 38
Photodissociation, DNA, a 108
N2O, a 52
O2, a 166
phosgene, a 52
Photoelectrochemical Cells, a 108
Photolysis, reactions, a 167, 227
Plasma Etching, RuO2 thin films, a 166
Plating, baths, Pd complexes, a 167
electroless, involving Pd, a 115, 227
see also Chemical Vapour Deposition; Coatings; Electrodeposition  
Platinum 1992” 150
Platinum, aluminide coatings, for gas turbine blades 89
chloroplasts, in photobioelectrochemical cells, a 107
Co/Pt, a 48,58, 104, 165, 224
colloids, Pt/Au, a 50
compounds, (C3H12)Pt(N3)2, photochemistry, a 226
effect on tumour cells, a 59
ZrPt3 for C coated composites 201
crucibles, a 53, 54, 231
in detectors, see. Detectors  
diffusion profiles in Si, a 48
in electrical contacts, see. Electrical Contacts  
electrodeposition, see Electrodeposition  
electrodes, see Electrodes  
in fuel cells, see Fuel Cells  
in glass making 14
in high temperature superconductors 97
ion implantation of Ta 149
market influences in 1991, book review 89
Pt(111), anion adsorption on defects, a 48
ethylene adsorption, reactions on, a 48
N2O, CO, photo-coadsorption on, a 52
N2O photochemistry on adsorption, a 52
Pt in TbFeCo magneto-optical films, a 104
Pt-NiCr/pyrex glass, dealloying, a 224
Pt/Rh gauzes, catalytic etching, a 168
Pt/Si/ErSi1,, for internal photoemission sensor, a 167
Pt(hkl) surfaces, ethylene glycol oxidation, a 51
purification, 18th century 40
resistance thermometers, see. Resistance Thermometers  
in Schottky devices, see. Schottky  
in sintered ceramics, a 224
solvated atoms, precursors to colloids,  
films, catalysts 80
thick films for low temperature measurement, a 231
Platinum Alloys, Pt-Co-B, magnetism, structure  
after solidification, a 48
Pt-Ir wire, in glucose sensor, a 59
in traction MeOH fuel cells 184
Platinum Complexes, anti-cancer drugs 59, 178, 231
[Net4]2[Pt12(CO)24]/graphite, STM, a 165
[Pt2(P2O5H2)4]4-, DNA photocleavage, a 108
tetrakistriphenyl Pt(0), synthesis, a 105
for unwinding DNA, a 171
Platinum Silicides, in Schottky devices, see Schottky  
Poisoning, CO, on MeOH electro-oxidation, a 166
S, effects in Pd/Al2O3, Pd/SiO2-Al2O3, a 111
thiophene, on Pt/Al2O3, effects, a 228
Pollution Control, book review 85
by electrogenerative systems 202
by motor vehicles 126
in lean burn engines 2
in vehicles powered by non-gasoline fuel 185
Polymerisation, CO+olefins, a 57
Polymers, electroactivity in cell, monitor, a 108
[Rh(TMPP)2(CO)]+, for binding CO, a 225
[Ru(bpy)2(PVP)10Cl]Cl, a 168
Ru,Os-containing, for energy transfer, a 107
Potassium, catalyst promoter, a 55
Powders, bimetallic, ultra-fine, Pt, Pd, Au, preparation 80
Promoters, alkali metal, for NH3 synthesis, a 169
Cr,Mo,V, to Ir catalysts, a 56
K,for Pd-Ni/Al2O3, a 55
NaI, catalyst, a 111
see also Dopants; Modifiers  
Propane, fuelled vehicles, exhaust control 185
reactions, a 54, 168  
Propene, oxidation, a 54
Propylene Glycol, oxidation, a 111
Quasicrystals, growth, Czochralski, a 165
Radioactivity, Np, extraction, a 228
Reactors, catalytic membrane, see. Membrane Reactors continuous-flow stirred, for water gas shift reaction, a 58
fixed bed, a 110
trickle-bed, a 56
Recording Film, see Magneto-Optics  
Reforming, naphtha, book review 85
Pt-SnVAl2O3 catalyst 151
pyrolysis gasoline, a 168
steam, for H2 formation, a 168
Resistance Thermometers 11, 59, 135
Rhenium, in rocket thrusters 103
Rhodium, compounds, ClRh(CO)(PPh3)2,  
photochemical behaviour, a 227
Mg2RhH1, Mg2Rh1 synthesis, a 105
Rh(CO)2(C5H7O2), thermal deposition, a 167
deposition by CVD, strips, thin films, a 108, 167, 227
doped SrBaNb crystals, photorefraction, a 225
ferromagnetism in Rh/Ag, a 165
in high temperature superconductors 97
Pt/Rh gauzes, catalytic etching, a 168
in resistance thermometry 11
U-Rh, electrical/magnetic properties, a 225
W/Rh/C multilayers, X-ray mirrors, a 50
Rhodium Alloys, Rh-Pd, changes on H addition, a 49
Rhodium Complexes, dicyano(tetraazamacrocyclo)  
Rh(III), photoproperties, a 227
Rh(CO)2thd, Rh(CO)2hfa, CVD, a 108
[Rh-C5Ph5)Br2] 2(1,3-/1,5-C5H12), a 105
[Rh(TMPP)2(CO)]+, to bind CO, a 225
Rockets, thrusters, coated with Ir 103
Ruthenium, compounds, AlRu, RuSc, RuTa,  
high temp. structural use 138
Ba2Ru3Ta2O10Br1, synthesis, a 166
BaRuO3, Ba1-xK1RuO3, electrical conductivity, a 50
oxides, doped Pb phthalocyanine detector, for H2 184
ThRu2P2, URu2P2, properties, a 225
U-Ru, electrical/magnetic properties, a 225
U(Rul-xRh2)2Si2, magnetism, a 50
deposition on stainless steel, nuclear reprocessing, a 114
in detectors, see Detectors  
electrodes, see Electrodes  
ferromagnetism in Ru/Ag, a 165
in n-GaAs Schottky contacts, a 231
Ru(III)-EDTA-ascorbate-H2O3, hydrocarbon  
epoxidation, a 107
in Schottky diodes, a 115
Ruthenium Alloys, Ce(Ru1-xCu2)2Si2,  
resistivity, thermopower, a 165
Fe-Cr-Ru, high temperature oxidation, a 105
Ru-Os coatings, on W cathodes 33
Ruthenium Complexes, in glucose analysis, a 171
[Ru10N(CO24)]-, synthesis, a 106
Ru polypyridyl, for energy transfer, a 107
[Ru(bpy)2(PVP)10Cl]Cl, nitrite detection, a 168
[Ru(bpy) 2(vpy)2]2+, nitrite detection, a 54
Ru(bpy)32+/Nafion, chemiluminescence detector, a 168
Ru(bpy)33+, in fibroin membrane, luminescence, a 107
tryptophan detection, a 53
Ru(dppnen)22+, photoexcited, quenching, a 53
Ru(II) pyridyltriazole, photoreactions, a 167
RuL2-(μ-CN)Ru(CN)L’2)2, in solar cells 38
synthesis, reactions, a 105
[Ru(PPh3)2(TCNQ)]2, structure, a 50
Ruthenium Oxides, RuO2 thin films, plasma etching, a 166
RuO2-glass, composites, impedance spectra, a 59
RuO2/Au, Ag, superconductor contacts 97
SAE, 1992 Int. Congr. 86
Schottky Barrier Detectors, IR 58
Schottky Barrier Diodes, laser CVD Pt deposition, a 53
Pd/n -GaAs, fabrication, annealing, a 58
Pt/GaAs, sensor sensitivity, a 137
Pt/n -GaAs, construction, a 171, 231
NH3 detection, a 137
PtSi-n -Si(100),a 171
PtSi-Si.a 115
Ru/GaAs, a 115
Schottky Contacts, Pt/n -GaAs, e-beam preparation, a 231
Ru/n -GaAs, a 231 Sensors, see Detectors  
Silicon, a 48, 114
Sodium Chloride, electrolysis, a 166
Solar Cells 38
Solder, PtPb, for ICs, a 59
Solvated Atoms, Pt, Pd, Au, precursors 80
Steel, corrosion in sea water, prevention, a 58
stainless, Ru deposition on, a 114
frani-Slllbene, epoxidation, a 107
Strain Gauges, Pd films for, a 228
Structure, micro, Pt-Co-B, after solidification, a 48
Pt/Co multilayer.sputtered, magnetism, a 104
Pd, on hydriding, a 49
in Pd-Cu, at 300-1200K, a 49
Pd-Mn, H induced ordering, a 49
Pd-Rh, on H addition, a 49
[Ru(PPh3)2(TCNQ)2, a 50
Styrene, reactions, a 107
Sulphides, oxidation to sulphones, on OsO4, a 56
Sulphur, catalyst poison, a 111
Sulphur Dioxide, oxidation, at Pt-grapbite sheet  
electrode, a 51
Superalloys, used for gas turbine blades 89
Superconductivity, in Bi-Sr-Ca-Cu-O, a 53
in UPd2Al3-Nb system, a 225
Superconductors, β-[(CH3)4N][Pd(dmit)2]2, a 105
high temperature, Pt, Rh, for flux pinning 97
low resistance contact electrodes 97
UPd2Al3, a 165
Surface Science, TPR/TPD, catalyst characterisation 98
Synthesis Gas, for alcohols synthesis, a 56
Tantalum, a 111, 149
Tellurium, catalyst dopant, a 111
Temperature Measurement, 7th Int. Symp., review 135, 59, 231
thick Pt films for low temperatures, a 231
Temperature Programmed Reduction, catalyst  
characterisation 98
Tetraene, carbocylisation, a 113
Thallium, for modifying Ru electrode, a 106
Thermocouples 59, 135
Thermodynamics, in Pd-Nb, a 49
of U-PGMs phase diagrams, a 48
Thick Films, Pt, for low temperature measurement, a 231
Thin Films, (C3H12)Pt(N3) 2, on Si(111), a 226
Co/Pd, multilayered, magnetism, a 58, 104, 224
Co/Pt, multilayers, interdiffusion,  
magnetisation, a 58, 104, 165, 224
Ir, by organometallic CVD, a 227
IrO2, SIROFs, as pH detectors, a 109
organic pigment formation, a 227
oxide, on Pd implanted Fe-40Cr alloys, a 104
Pd, amorphous, electrical conductivity, a 224
discontinuous on glass, for strain gauge, a 228
electroless deposited, a 227
on PA and polypyrrole, a 108
protective layers on less noble metals, a 104
Pd alloys, for industrial H2 production 90
Pd(OOCCH3)2, e-beam metallisation, a 115
polymerised phenol, on Pt electrodes, for  
glucose oxidase immobilisation, a 106
Pt+NiCr/pyrex glass, dealloying, a 224
Pt, in fuel cell electrodes 145
Pt on glass, for microsensor, a 108
Pt, Pd, from solvated metal atom solution 80
Pt/Nafion, in PEM fuel cells, a 114
PtSi, in Schottky diodes, a 115
Rh, by CVD, a 167, 227
Ru/Ti mixed oxides/Si, for anode protection, a 108
RuO2, plasma etching, a 166
TbFeCo+Pt,Nb, corrosion, magnetism in, a 104
Thiophene, catalyst poison, a 228
Tin, catalyst modifier, a 110
Titanium, platinised, corrosion in sea water, a 114
Pt/Ti, in electrical contacts, a 114
Ti-Si, implanted with Pd ions, corrosion, a 114
Triarylbismuthines, carbonylation, a 113
Trichloroethylene, hydrodechlorination, a 229
Trimethyl Aconitate, synthesis, a 229
Trimethylamine, adsorption, on Ru/TiO2, a 112
Tritium, release from Pd, a 49
Tryptophan, chemiluminescence, with Ru(bpy)33+, a 53
Tungsten, catalyst dopant, a 111
U-PGM-F, phase diagrams, a 48
Uranium, U-PGM phase diagrams, thermodynamics, a 48
Ureas, Ν,Ν’-disubstituted, synthesis, a 55
Vanadium, catalyst promoter, a 56
Vinylation, aryl chlorides, a 230
Water, electrochemical reduction, a 226
oxidation, on OsX2 disk electrodes, a 226
photodecomposition, a 107
Water Gas Shift Reaction, a 52, 58, 168, 226, 230
Wires, Pt, for crystal growth, a 54
Pt-Ir, in glucose sensor, a 59
X-Ray Mirrors, W/Rh/C multilayers for, a 50
Xylene isomers, oxidation, a 54
Zirconium, ZrO2, bonding with Pd, a 165

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