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Platinum Metals Rev., 1994, 38, (1), 15

Platinum 1993 Interim Review

During 1993 it is estimated that consumer demand for platinum in the western world will grow by six per cent to 4.02 million ounces troy. Shipments of primary platinum are expected to grow to 4.21 million oz, so – despite a fall in Russian sales to a four-year low and reduced output from minor primary sources – a surplus of 190,000 oz will result. Demand for palladium amounting to 4.04 million oz will, however, exceed supplies by 100,000 oz. For rhodium, lower shipments and growing demand will leave the market virtually in balance. While a small increase in consumption of ruthenium is forecast, purchases of iridium are expected to be steady.

Supply and demand data, and a discussion of the many factors that determine the market for platinum metals, are presented and summarised in the latest issue of Johnson Matthey’s twenty-four page illustrated publication “Platinum 1993 Interim Review”.

Organisations requiring such information are invited to request a copy from: Alison Cowley, Johnson Matthey Precious Metals Division, New Garden House, 78 Hatton Garden, London EClN 8JP, England; Fax 071–269 8389.

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