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Platinum Metals Rev., 1994, 38, (3), 125

Platinum 1994

Monday, 16th May 1994 saw the launch of “Platinum 1994”, the latest in the series of prestigious reviews of the platinum market published annually by Johnson Matthey, which aims to complement the information presented in Platinum Metals Review .

“Platinum 1994” is based upon information gleaned from the platinum industry worldwide and provides details of commercial and investment aspects of the platinum group metals. It is beautifully illustrated and well supported by statistical data, summarising events that affected the supply, demand and usage of these metals in 1993. The outlook for 1994 and beyond is discussed.

Once again demands made mainly by the automobile and jewellery industries caused platinum sales to escalate to 4.04 million ounces during 1993. This is a 6 per cent increase over 1992 figures, at an average London fixing price of $374.06 per ounce. Supplies of platinum worldwide rose to 4.38 million ounces resulting in a surplus of 340,000 ounces, mainly due to increased production as additional South African mining capacity came on stream.

Dealing similarly with palladium and rhodium, and the other platinum group metals, “Platinum 1994” also includes surveys on mining and exploration, principally in South Africa, biomedical applications, a comprehensive analysis of the world platinum markets and predictions of increased demand for platinum in 1994.

Readers of Platinum Metah Review who do not receive a free copy of “Platinum 1994” and would like to do so, please write to Ms Alison Cowley, Johnson Matthey PLC, 78 Hatton Garden, London EClN 8JP.

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