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Platinum Metals Rev., 1994, 38, (4), 150

Ian E. Cottington

A Tribute on his Retirement as Editor

As many of you may already know, on 30th June 1994, Ian E. Cottington retired as Editor of “Platinum Metals Review”, a position he had held since the death of Dr. L. B. Hunt on 9th April 1987. In 1956 when the Board of Johnson Matthey, with the encouragement of the Direaors of Rustenburg Platinum Mines, took the decision to launch a quarterly technical journal, “Platinum Metals Review”, the task was entrusted to Leslie Hunt. Thus in 1975 when Ian accepted an invitation to transfer from the Johnson Matthey Physical Metallurgy Laboratory and join the staff of “Platinum Metals Review” as Editorial Executive, the journal was in its nineteenth year of publication. By this time a reputation had been established for the accurate and timely reporting of advances in scientific knowledge and technical know-how concerning the platinum metals, and an international readership had been built-up, although largely in the Western World.

The attributes required of an Editor, including attention to detail, accuracy of reporting, the use of unambiguous language, importance of presentation of results, having work completed on time and within budget, and especially perhaps the ability to lead a small group of individuals having a variety of skills to work as an effective team, were, Ian claimed, much the same as those he had needed to run a successful metallographic department. Over the years Ian became involved in all aspects of the production and distribution of the journal, and even found time to research and write on some early applications of the platinum metals, and on platinotype photography, which is his special interest.

Ian has worked diligently to expand the distribution of the journal in the developing world, especially to the universities and colleges where future generations of platinum users will be educated. In fact the journal is now sent to over 100 countries. Ian has also increased the number of contributionspublished in “Platinum Metals Review” from authors in the C.I.S. and from Asia, and it is of satisfaction to him that while he was Editor the precious metals company Tanaka K.K. began the demanding task of publishing a Japanese language version of the journal.

In wishing Ian a long and happy retirement the editorial team renew their commitment to provide the platinum-using industries of the world with information which will enable platinum technology to befurther applied for the benefit of mankind. We are happy that Ian’s expertise, geniality and courtesy will remain available to Johnson Matthey in his new role as consultant, and Ian can still be reached via the Editorial Office in Hatton Garden.

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