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Platinum Metals Rev., 1994, 38, (4), 194

Subject Index to Volume 38

a = abstract Page
Abbe, Ernst, history 74
Absorption, H, by Pd+lignin cathode, a 85
by Pd 112
Acetaldehyde, adsorption, on Rh/SiO2, a 88
Acetates, allyl, vinyl, hydroformylation, a 185
Acetic Acid, direct conversion from methane, a 139
Acetylene, catalytic hydroiodination, a 36,139
hydrogenation, a 34,139
production from CH4+CO2, a 87
Acid Rain, flue gas desulphurisation 70
Acyl Chlorides, cross-coupling to a-alkoxystannanes, a 89
Adsorption, CO, on Pt80Fe20 (111) single crystals, a 83
Alcohols, allylic, oxidation, by Pd(II) salts, a 37
1-arylethanol production from vinylarenes, a 37
EtOH, synthesis, from syngas, a 88
hydrocarboxylation, by PdCl2(Ph3P)2, a, 139
MeOH, electro-oxidation, at Pt-Sn/C electrode, a 181
by Pt in polyaniline electrodes, a 135
on Pt-Ru electrodes, a 181
on Pt-Sn/C in silicotungstic acid, a 135
oxidation, by Pd/γ-Al2O3, a 137
oxidation, by K chlorate + Ru heterocomplex, a 139
synthesis from CO2 hydrogenation, a 138
Aldehydes, a 37,139,140
production, a 185
Alk-1-yne, hydrosilylation, a 37
Alkanes, dehydrogenation, a 185
from Ru methylene complexes, a 38
oxidation to alkyl esters by Rh complex, a 89
production from CO+H2, a 88
Alkenes, hydroformylation, a 139, 185
hydrosilylation, over Rh carbonyl-pyridine/SiO2, a 36
production from CO+H2, a 88
Alkylaromatics, electrocatalytic oxidation  
by Ru complex, a 89
1-Alkynes, cross-coupling reactions, a 184
Alkynes, hydroformylation, a 185
Allenes, cross-coupling reactions, a 184
Allylic Esters, reduction with formic acid, a 184
Amines, allyl, reactions with Ru(II) complexes, a 180
Amino Acids, flow detector, a 137
Ammonia, synthesis, Ru/zeolite A  
catalyst preparation, a 138
Aniline, copolymerisation, a 86
Annulation, 1,4-dienes, a 37
Anthracenes, electro-reduction,  
on poly(vinylferrocenium)/Pt, a 135
Aromatisation, n-C6, Pt/ML basic metal effects, a 137
n-hexane, over Pt/NaY zeolites, a 183
n-hexane, methylcyclopentane, on KL zeolites, a 183
Automobiles, emission control  
technology 2,10, 87, 109, 173
Ballard Bus 71
Battery, Ni oxide-metal hydride,  
activated with Pd, Pt black, a 86
Benzene, hydrogenation, a 35, 139
productions, a 87
1,1-Bi-2-naphthol, oxidation by Ru complex, a 136
Book Reviews, “Environmental Catalysis”,  
ACS Symp. Series 173
“Mechanical Properties of Metallic Composites” 118
“Metals in Glassmaking” 73
Butadiene, telomerisation with sucrose, a 184
Butylphenol, hydrogenation, over Ru catalysts, a 184
Butyne-Diols, hydrogenation, a 184
Cancer, Pt drugs, a 141
Capacitors, supercapacitors, using oxides of Ru and Ir 46
Carbon, nanotechnology, with Pd 59
Rh-C60 complex, a 180
Carbon Oxides, CO2, for CH4 reforming, a 138
hydrogenation, for alcohol synthesis, a 138
production from CH4 + CO2, a 87
reaction with CH4 over Pt wire, a 87
CO, adsorption on PtFe single crystal, a 83
co-oligomerisation with C2H4, a 37
electro-oxidation on Pt-Ru electrodes, a 85
hydrogenation over Ir-Mo-Rh/SiO2, a 138
for NO-CO interaction on Pt-Rh alloy, a 137
production from CH4 + CO2, a 87, 88
Ru catalyst preparation effects, a 138
Ru cluster complex breathing 159
sensor, a 136
Carbonylation, pentane, photocatalysis,  
by Rh complex, a 182
reductive, of nitro-aromatic compounds,  
with Pd complex, a 139
of nitrobenzene, a 137
Catalysis, 1st European Congress 16
heterogeneous, a 35-36, 87-88,137-139,183-184
homogeneous, a 36-38, 88-89,139-140, 184-185
Catalysts, Iridium, Ir-Mo/SiO2, increased activity  
with Rh, for CO hydrogenation, a 138
Iridium Complexes, [IrH2(pz)(Hpz)(PPh3)2],  
H transfer reactions, a 89
Palladium, Ag-Pd/C fibres, nitrobenzene reactions, a 36
electroless deposition from Pd complexes to films, a 86
in exhaust gas emission  
control technology 2,10,87,109, 173
Pd-Ho/γ-Al2O3, styrene hydrogenation, a 36
Pd/γ-Al2O3, for MeOH oxidation, a 137
Pd/Al2O3 fibres, sol-gel prepared, a 35
for C=C hydrogenation, a 184
Pd/C, promoting RhCl3, for methane  
conversion to acetic acid, a 139
Pd/CsHPMoWO, for cyclohexene oxidation, a 36
Pd/Y2O3, Pd/La2O3, ionic Pd state, a 88
for nitrobenzene carbonylation, a 137
three-way, for automobiles 57
Palladium Complexes,  
Pd dichloride-l,3-bis(diphenylphosphino) propane,  
for nitroaromatic reductive carbonylation, a 139
cationic Pd(l.10-phen), (bpy), (l,10-phen)(py),  
immobilised in Nafion, a 138
K2PdCl4, Pd(AcAc)2, with allene,  
for hydrogenations, a 88
Pd2(dba)3, for terphenyl cyclisation, a 139
Pd allyl+bidentate ligands, for codimerisation,  
co-oligomerisation reactions, a 37
Pd(acac)2 + Ph3 ligand,  
for sucrose ether production, a 184
PdCl2, Pd(OAc)2, allylic alcohol oxidation, a 37
PdCl2(Ph3P)2, for ethylene, alcohol hydrocarbonylation, a 139
Pd(OAc)2, for 1,4-diene annulation, a 37
Pd(OAc)2-Iigand1PdCl(Iigand), franj-PdCl2(ligand),  
optically active, for asymmetric reductions, a 184
Pd(PPh3)2Cl2, Pd(PPh3)4, ketone production, a (Ph3P)4Pd, for nitrile production, a 89, 88
for reductase inhibitor, a 184
Platinum, add-on to industrial thermal incinerator  
for air pollution control 160
for exhaust gas control, CAPoC3 109
Pt10Rh90 alloy, for NO-CO reaction, a 137
Pt bimetallic/γ- Al2O3,  
for n-decane dehydrogenation, a 35
Pt foil, for CH4-C3Hg combustion, a 35
Pt wire, for CH4+CO2 reaction, a 87
Pt-Re/Al2O3, preparation study, a 87
Pt/γ-Al2O3, benzene hydrogenation, a 35
Pt/Al2O3, preparation study, a 87
Pt/γ -Al2O3, promoted, n-decane dehydrogenation, 35
preparation, a  
Pt/C, polycrystalline thin films,  
O reduction activity, a 135
Pt/KL zeolite, preparation by CVD, a 87
Dy activity effects on reforming hexane,  
methylcyclopentane, a 183
Pt-Dy/KL zeolite, to reform hexane,  
methylcyclopentane, a 183
Pt/ML zeolite, basic metal effect on  
n-C6 aromatisation, a 137
Pt/Rh, automobile 2, 10
Pt/SiO2, for H2S oxidation, a 183
stabilisation, sintering, a 35
Pt/support, promoter effects on auto emissions, a 87
Pt/zeolites, CH4 conversions 19
for n -hexane reactions, a 183
Pt(NO2)2(NH3)2/superacid supports,  
for propane combustion, a 137
Platinum Complexes, Pt(H)-I-H -H2O, 36
C2H2 reactions, a  
Rhodium, colloids, for disubstituted  
aromatic reduction reactions, a 89
Ir-Mo-Rh/SiO2, for CO hydrogenation, a 138
Rh(110) surfaces, for NO+H reaction, a 184
Rh carbonyl-pyridine/SiO2, preparation,  
alkene hydrosilylation, a 36
Rh/γ-Al2O3, for methylcyclohexane  
dehydrogenation, a 138
Rh/Al2O3, surface explosions, a 36
TiO2, SiO2, for CH4 reforming, a 138
Rh/NaY, Rh/HY, preparation, zeolite effects  
on syngas reactions, a 88
Rh/SiO2, CH4 from syngas, CH3CHO adsorption, a 88
promoted, for EtOH synthesis, a 88
RhCl3.3H2O/SPPS, hydroformylation reactions, a 88
Rh(OH)(CO)(PPh3)2 /γ -Al2O3, benzene  
hydrogenation, a 139
single crystals, surface explosions, a 36
Rhodium Complexes, [(C8H14)2RhCl]2,  
for hydroacylation of olefin derivatives, a 185
chiral phosphinephosphite-Rh(I),  
for hydroformylations, a 140
hydroformylation reactions, a 185
HRh(CO)(PPh3)3, cross-coupling reactions, a 184
Na3Rh(I)Cl(dpm)3, for water photolysis, a 182
Rh( 1 -(2-diphenylphosphino)-1 -naphthy 1)-  
isoquinoline, for asymmetric hydroboration, a 37
Rh2Cl1(CO)4, for pentane photocarbonylation, a 182
[Rh3O(OAc)6(H2O)3]OAc, alkane oxidation, a 89
RhCl3, + Pd/C, for methane conversion  
to acetic acid, a 139
[RhCl(CO)2]2, for ring-opening silylformylation, a 37
RhCl(PPh3)3, for cyclocarbonylation, a 37
for diene-hydrosilane reaction, a 89
[Rh(cod)Cl]2, for alk-l-yne hydrosilylation, a 37
[Rh(cod)Cl]2-PPh3, for alk-l-yne hydrosilylation, a 37
Rh(I)+chiral ligands, for asymmetric cyclisation, a 37
Rh(I) arsine complexes, for alkane  
dehydrogenation,a 185
Rh(I) silyls, activation of C-F bonds, a 185
Rh(III), catalytic effect on luminol  
chemiluminescence, a 182
Rh(III)-H+-I-H2O, for C2H2 to C2H4 conversion, a 139
Rh(OH)(CO)(PPh3)2, benzene hydrogenation catalyst, a 139
Rh(SOX)(COD), olefin hydroformylation, a 139
Wilkinson's complex, (PPh3P)3RhCl1 for ketone  
production, a 185
Ruthenium, LaSrAlCuRuO/Al203,  
characterisation, a 184
perovskites, for NO reduction, a 184
Ru-Co/CeO2 Fischer-Tropsch, a 36
Ru-Cu/support, for alcohol synthesis, a 138
Ru-Mo/SiO2, preparation, for CO hydrogenation, a 138
Ru/Al2O3, CH4 oxidation to syngas, a 36
Ru/black, Ru/support, for butylphenol  
hydrogenation, a 184
Ru/SiO2, for CH4 reduction, a 88
K promoted, H2 chemisorption, a 138
Ru/zeolite A, preparation for NH3 synthesis, a 138
Ruthenium Complexes, Ru heteropoly + K  
chlorate, for alcohol, aldehyde oxidation, a 139
Ru methylene complexes, reduction with hydrosilanes, a 38
RuCl3-NR4I-NR3, for esterification of ethylene, a 185
[Ru(Cl)H(PPh3)3], for cycloheptadiene reactions, a 140
Ru(cod)2, to give poly(enol ester)s, a 140
Ru(II) dichlorotris(triphenylphosphine),  
for perfluoroalkylpyrrole synthesis, a 185
steroid transformations, a 89
[RuO(bpy)(trpy)](C1O4)2, for alkylaromatic  
oxidations, a 89
Chemical Vapour Deposition,  
Pt hexafluoroacetylacetonate in KL zeolite, a 87
of Ru, Os thin films, a 87
Chemisorption, H2, on K-Ru/SiO2, a 138
Chromophores, [Ru(tpy)(BL)Cl]+, a 181
Claddings, Pt on Mo-Re, for high temperatures 108
Clusters, Pd, giant, structure, a 85
polymer-immobilised PGMs 60
Ru, ions in glass, thick film resistors, a 185
Co-oligomerisation, reactions, a 37
Coal, flue gas desulphurisation 70
CoatingsPlating, Ti pretreatment before Pt deposition
Plating Baths, pyrophosphate for
, claddings, Pt on Mo-Re, high temperatures
Ir, on C-C composites, a 34
Pd, reductive deposition on porous Si, a 87
Pd-Zircaloy-4, on nuclear fuel rods 15
Pd/Pt black, on Pd, Pd alloy hydride electrodes.  
H discharge characteristics, a 86
poly(vinylferrocenium) on Pt electrodes, a 135
Pt/Al2O3, for selective solar collectors 179
Ru oxides, for anodes 70
RuO2/TiO2 film on electrodes, a 86
Cobalt, Co/Pt, disks, write/erase cycling, a 38
see Multilayers, see also Magneto-Optics  
in superlattices with Pt, a 180
Codimerisation, reactions, a 37
Cold Fusion, a 86
Colloids, Rh, for disubstituted aromatic reduction, a 89
Composites, NiO-Pd, transport properties, a 180
Conferences, 1st European Congress on Catalysis,  
Montpellier, France, September 1993 16
3rd Int. Cong. Catal. Auto. Poll. Control (CAPoC3),  
Brussels, April 1994 109
3rd Inter-republic Conf. Hydrogen Mater. Sei. & Chem.  
of Metal Hydrides, Ukraine, October 1993 20
6th MMM/Intermag, New Mexico, June 1994 164
10th World Hydrogen Energy, Florida, June 1994 174
Fuel Cells, Long Beach, February 1994 71
SAE, Detroit, February 1994 57
Copolymerisation, aniline, para -phenyldiamine,  
on IrO2/Ti electrodes, a 86
immobilised PGM clusters 60
Corrosion, Pd(100) layer-by-layer in H2SO4,  
I catalysed, a 90
Corrosion Protection, a 140
Cottington, Ian E. 150
Cross-Coupling Reactions, α-alkoxystannanes  
to acyl chlorides, a 89
Pd catalysed, for reductase inhibitor, a 184
Rh catalysed, unactivated allenes and 1-alkynes, a 184
Crystals, Ir, Ir alloys, single rod, fracture behaviour, a 84
Pd in C worms 59
Pt80Fe20(111), single, for CO adsorption, a 83
Cyclisation, asymmetric, catalysts for, a 37
oxidative, terphenyls, for triphenyl synthesis, a 139
l-aryl-2-(trimethylsilyl)acetylene, a 37
Cycloheptadiene, reactions,  
with [Ru(Cl)H(PPh3)3], a 140
Cyclohexene, oxidation.  
over Pd/heteropoly compounds, a 36
n-Decane, dehydrogenation, a 35
Dehydrogenation, alkanes, a 35, 138, 185
reactions, by Pd-Ag tubular membranes, a 141
Deposition, Pd laser written lines, a 182
reductive, Pd on porous Si, a 87
Desulphurisation, of coal flue gas 70
Detectors, amino acids, a 137
CO, O2, by PtAu/ZrO2,Y,O3,Yb2O3/Pt, a 136
glucose 35, 108
H2 21, 137, 174,183
H2S, by RGTO Pt/SnO2 a 34
IR, tunable 163
lactate, enzyme microelectrode with Rh 108
methane, of Pt or Pd doped SnO2, a 34
peptides, a 137
periodate, a 183
pH,a 87, 136
pyranose oxidase, a 183
saccharides, a 183
Deuterium, diffusion into Pd at high temperature, a 134
Dienes, reactions, a 37,89
Diesel Engines, pollution control, CAPoC3 conf. 109
Diffusion, H and D into Pd, a 34, 134
2,3-Dihydro-1H -inden-l-ones, production, a 37
Diodes, p+n. Pt-diffused, electrical properties, a 38
Diurethanes, synthesis, a 139
Döbereiner, Johann Wolfgang, history 74
Dysprosium, effects on Pt-KL zeolite  
reforming catalysts, a 183
Editorial 150
Electrical Contacts, ohmic, Au/Pd/Te/n-InP, a 141
Pd/Ge, for CHTNT/NERFETs fabrication, a 90
Ti/Pt/Au/n-InN, thermal stability, a 141
ultra low resistance, with Pt/Ti/Pt/Au, a 141
Electrocatalysis, of Pt and RuO2,  
interfacial mediator interpretation 166
Electrochemical Cells, for T generation, a 86
Electrochemistry, a 33, 34, 85, 86, 135,181
Electrochromism, multicolour, by redox  
reactions of Ru(bpy) & MV, a 86
Electrocrystallisation, for Co/Pt superlattices, a 83
Electrodeposition, a 34, 86, 87,136, 182
Co-Pt, Co-Pd thin films from alkaline baths, a 180
Pt on Ti electrodes 165
Electrodes, amperometric, Pt, platinised graphite.  
saccharide, pyranose oxidase, determination, a 183
anodes, Ru oxide coatings 70
cathodes, Pd+lignin, H sorption, a 85
Pd, D loaded for T generation, a 86
Pt in MeOH/air fuel cells, a 89
DSA, Ru+Pt+Ti mixed oxide, a 85
in fuel cells see Fuel Cells  
IrO2/Ti, copolymerisation reactions, a 86
IrRuS semiconductor, O2 evolution, a 181
Nafion-coated ITO, + Ru(bpy) + MV,  
redox reactions, a 86
Ni-Nb-Pt, for ethylene oxidation, a 181
Pd, corrosion behaviour, a 34
H discharge, a 86
for pH measurements, a 136
Pd-Ni-Rh hydride, Pd-Rh hydride,  
with Pd/Pt black coatings, H discharge, a 86
photo-, Pt/p-Si, H evolving, a 86
anthracene electroreduction, a 135
Pt, eiectrodispersed, with Pt oxide layers, a 33
for formaldehyde electro-oxidation, a 181
micro-, rotating disc, O2 reduction, a 33
in PAFC, a 185
in phosphoric acid, a 140
in polyaniline, electro-oxidation, of Cl, MeOH, a 135
Pt(111), Pt(100), rotating discs,  
O2 electroreduction, a 85
supporting PZT thin films, a 85
Pt rotating wire, for periodate determination, a 183
Pt-Ru, for CO electro-oxidation, a 85
for MeOH electro-oxidation, a 181
Pt-Sn/C, for MeOH electro-oxidation, a 181
Pt-Sn/C in silicotungstic acid, a 135
Pt/graphite, for H2 electro-oxidation  
in KOH solution, a 181
Ru+Pt+Ti mixed oxide, properties, a 85
Ru/Pt, anodic film growth, in HClO4, a 181
RuO2, supporting PZT thin films, a 85
RuO2-C composites, for glucose oxidation, a 183
RuO2/C, for amino acid flow sensor, a 137
RuO2/TiO2 film coatings, a 86
Ti, Pt plated, pretreatment 165
ultramicro-, Ir-based Hg, a 87
Electroless Deposition, selective, Pd,  
to bind catalyst to monolayer films, a 86
Electroless Plating, Pd film in tubular  
ceramic membranes, a 33
Electroplating, Pt plating on Ti 165
Emission Control,  
auto, catalyst technology 2, 57, 87, 109,173
coal flue gas 70
Pt catalyst, for industrial VOC thermal incineration 160
Enamines, synthesis using Ru(II) complexes, a 180
Energy, hydrogen, 10th World Conf. 174
storage, in supercapacitors 46
Engines, to control NOx 2
Enthalpies, Pt 119
Enynes, production by cross-coupling reactions, a 184
Epoxides, ring opening silylformylation, a 37
Esters, preparations, a 89, 140
Etching, Pt, by magnetron, cyclotron plasmas, a 83
Ethene, dimerisation, by Pd cationic  
complexes/Nafion, a 138
Ethylene, electro-oxidation at Ni-Nb-Pt electrode, a 181
hydroesterification, with methyl formate, a 185
reactions, a 37, 139
synthesis, a 139
Ferrocene, with [Ru(bpy)3]2+ in LB monomultilayer  
films with ferrocene, a 137
Films, Pd catalyst binding to, a 86
Pd-Al-Si-V,forULSI, a 84
Pt/p-Si, photoelectrodes, H evolving, a 86
RuO2/TiO2 coatings on electrodes, a 86
see also Thin Films, see also Multilayers  
Fischer-Tropsch, reactions, a 36,38
Flue Gas, desulphurisation 70
Fluorine, C-F bonds, activation, a 185
Formaldehyde, electro-oxidation on a Pt electrode, a 181
Formate, stabilisation on Pt(Ill), a 134
Formic Acid, reduction with allylic esters, a 184
Fuel Cells, a 38, 89,90, 140, 185
conference 71
MeOHZair, a 89,90
PAFC, a 9 0,185
PEM 174
Ru in, a 140
SOFC, a 140
Fullerenes, Pd crystals in nanoworms 59
Glass, making 73,74
Glasses, Pd-Ni-P, high temperature properties, a 32
in thick film resistors, a 185
Glucose, detector, a 35
oxidation, a 183
Heat Pumps 174
n-Hexane, aromatisation, a 183
reactions over Pt catalysts, a 183
History, glass making using Pt in Jena 74
Spanish platina 22,126
Holography, of Pt(111), a 136
to reconstruct Pt(110) surfaces, a 182
Hydroacylation, styrene, pentafluorostyrene, a 185
Hydroboration, asymmetric, of vinylarenes, a 37
Hydrocarbons, unsaturated, hydrogenation  
by Pd(II)-allene system, a 88
Hydrocarboxylation, ethylene, alcohols, a 139
Hydroesterification, ethylene + methyl formate, a 185
Hydroformylation, alkenes, alkynes, a 185
reactions, a 88,139,140
Hydrogen, 10th World Hydrogen Energy Conf. 174
absorption, by Pd cathode+lignin, a 85
absorption effects on Zr2Rh, a 134
chemisorption, on K-Ru/SiO2, a 138
diffusion into Pd at high temperature, a 134
discharge from Pd, Pd hydride alloy electrodes, a 86
electro-oxidation in KOH solution,  
at Pt/graphite electrode, a 181
Pd, Pd alloys, conference 20
Pd separation membrane, a 140
Pd-H system 112
permeation in Pd, PdNi, PdRu, PdAg membranes, a 34
photoevolution, from Pt/p-Si, a 86
production from CH4, a 88
reaction with NO, a 184
recovery from H2S, by Pt/SiO2, a 183
sensors 21,137, 183
solubility in Pd alloys, a 84
transfer reactions, a 89
Hydrogen Sulphide, catalytic control in cars 2
detector, a 34
H recovery from, a 183
Hydrogenation, acetylene, a 34,139
benzene, a 35,139
butylphenol, over Ru catalysts, a 184
C=C, in butyne-diols and octene,  
by Pd/Al2O3-heteropolyacid, a 184
CO2, for alcohol synthesis, a 138
CO, over Ir-Mo-Rh/SiO2, a 138
Ru catalyst preparation effects, a 138
disubstituted aromatic rings, a 89
styrene, over Pd-Ho/γ-Al2O3, a 36
unsaturated hydrocarbons, a 88
Hydroiodination, acetylene, a 139
Hydrosilylation, of alk-l-yne, a 37
alkenes, a 36
Industrial Pollution, Pt catalyst for 160
Infrared, detectors, tunable 163
Interconnects, nanosize 56
Iodine, promoter, CH4 conversion to CH3COOH, a 139
in Pt homogeneous system, C2H2 reactions, a 36
Iridium, coatings on C-C composites, a 34
compounds, Ir3Si4/SiGe/p-Si(100),  
high temperature stability, a 84
ZrRh shape memory effect, a 84
Ir-Au bilayer films, in superconducting  
phase transition thermometers, a 38
Ir/quartz, thin films, by MOCVD from  
Ir(tetramethyl-heptadione)(cyclooctadiene), a 136
mixed metal oxide magnetic properties, a 33
in Schottky diodes, a 141
single crystal rod, fracture behaviour, a 84
in tunable IR detectors 163
Iridium Alloys, Ir-Al-Si, high temperature  
oxidation, a 134
Ir-Nb-Zr, high temperature properties, a 33
Ir-Re-Ru, fracture behaviour, a 84
Iridium Complexes,  
Ir(CO)Cl(PPh3)2(O2), photo-elimination of O, a 136
IrR(CO)L2(mnt), photochemistry, a 136
Iridium Oxides,  
IrO2-Ta2O5 ultrafine particles, sol-gel preparation, a 134
in supercapacitors 46
Iridium Silicides, phase diagram, a 33
Iron, promoter, to Rh/SiO2, for EtOH synthesis, a 88
Japan, Johnson Matthey Kitsuregawa Technical Centre 11
Jena, glass making history 74
JM216, anti-cancer drug, a 141
Johnson Matthey, Kitsuregawa Technical Centre 11
“Platinum 1993 Interim Review” 15
“Platinum 1994” 125
Joining, of ceramic/Pd composites, a 35
Ketones, alkyl, production, a 185
Langmuir-Blodgett, films, optical modulation, a 182
monolayers, of Os(DPP)3, electron kinetics, a 135
trough, multimonolayers, with Ru(bpy)  
and ferrocene, electrical properties, a 137
see also Thin Films  
Lasers, Pd in, a 32
Lignin, in Pd electrode, for H sorption, a 85
Lithium, promoter, to Rh/SiO2, for EtOH synthesis, a 88
C120-Ru(bpy)32+, quenching mechanism, a 136
IrR(CO)L2(mnt), a 136
luminol, a 182
in [Pt(dppm) (5,6-Me2phen)](C104)2, a 182
Ru(bpy)32+, in glucose sensor, a 35
[Ru(Spy)3]2+ in Langmuir-Blodgett films, a 137
Ru(II) diimine in O2 probes, a 183
Luminol, chemiluminescence, with Rh(III) catalyst, a 182
Magnetism, in Co-Pt, Co-Pd thin films, a 180
in Co/Pt superlattices, a 180
in CoNi/Pt multilayers, a 140
in ErPt2Si2, a 83
H absorption effects, on Zr2, a 134
in Pd2TiIn, a 33
Pd, Pt in storage applications, conference 164
in Pd/Fe nano multilayers, a 32
Magneto-Optics, Co/Pt disks, write/erase cycling, a 38
multilayers in, conference 164
properties of CoNi/Pt multilayers, a 141
see also Thin Films; and Multilayers  
Medical Uses, a 141
Membranes, in fuel cells, a 140
Pd 174
formed inside porous tube, for H separation, a 140
Pd, PdNi, PdRu, PdAg, for C2H2 hydrogenation, a 34
Pd-Ag, for dehydrogenation reaction, a 141
Pd/ceramic, H2/N2 permeability, a 33
Metal-Support Interaction, in Pt/ML  
zeolite catalysts, a 137
Methanation, activity of C/Rh bearing  
activated magnetite, a 90
Methane, combustion, with C3H8, over Pt foil, a 35
over Pa/Al2O3, a 35
conversion, direct, to acetic acid, a 139
on Pt/zeolites 19
to CO+H2, over Ru, a 88
detector, a 34
oxidation, partial, over Ru/Al2O3,  
syngas preparation, a 36
production, from CO+H2, a 88
reforming, with CO2, over Pt wire, a 87
over Rh, a 138
Methyl Formate, hydroesterification, with ethylene, a 185
Methylcyclohexane, dehydrogenation, a 138,141
Methylcyclopentane, aromatisation, a 183
conversion on Pt/KL zeolite to C6H6, a 87
Milling, ball, high energy, between Pd-Si, a 84
Co/Pt, superlattices by electrocrystallisation, a 83
Pd-Ni, compositionally modulated, optical,  
electronic properties, a 180
Pt/Co, coercivity, conference report 164
Nanotechnology, C cluster production using Pt, Pd, a 83
Pd crystals in C worms 59
Pt nodes for polymer connections 56
Nitriles, from vinyl triflates, a 88
Nitro-aromatics, reductive carbonylation, a 139
Nitrobenzene, reactions, a 36,137
Nitrogen Oxides, catalytic control in automobiles 2, 10
emissions control, book review 173
NO, reaction with H, a 184
reduction, by Ru perovskites, a 184
Nuclear Fuel, Pd-Zircaloy-4 clad rods 15
Octene, hydrogenation, a 184
Olefins, 1,2-disubstituted, hydroformylations, a 140
active, production by Pd complexes + ligands, a 184
cyclic, hydroformylation, a 139
reactions with [Ru(Cl)H(PPh3)3], a 140
Optical Properties, PtAl2, colours, a 32
Osmium, compounds, carbonyl fluorides, a 135
carbonyls, transformation to metal and  
oxide phases, a 135
Osmium Complexes,  
Os(DPP)3 Langmuir monolayers, electron kinetics, a 135
for photovoltaic devices 151
Oxidation, alcohols, aldehydes, by K chlorate  
+ Ru heterocomplex, a 139
allylic alcohols, by Pd(II) salts, a 37
cyclohexene, a 36
electro-oxidation, CO, on Pt-Ru electrodes, a 85
MeOH, on Pt-Ru alloys, a 181
on Pt-Sn/C bimetallic catalysts, a 181
on Pt-Sn/C in silicotungstic acid, a 135
MeOH, Cl, by Pt in polyaniline electrodes, a 135
glucose, at RuO2-C paste electrodes, a 183
H2S, a 183
Ir-Al-Si, at high temperatures, a 134
methane, partial, syngas preparation, a 36
photocatalytic, 1,1 '-bi-2-naphthol,  
by [Ru(menbpy)3]2+, a 136
Oxygen, electroreduction, at Pt, a 85
photo-elimination by Ir(CO)Cl(PPh3)2(O2), a 136
probe, a 183
reduction activity, of thin film Pt/C, a 135
Palladium, ball milling with Si, a 84
black, electrode coatings, a 86
for C cluster production, a 83
clusters, giant, structure, a 85
in Co-Pd thin films, see Thin Films  
compounds, Pd2TiIn, magnetism, a 33
PdSi produced by ball milling, a 84
Ti2Pd, TiPd, electrochemistry, corrosion, a 34
UPd2Al3, superconductor, magnetic,  
electrical, thermal properties, a 180
crystals, in C worms 59
in electrodes, see Electrodes Fe/Pd nano layers, magnetism, a 32
H, D, diffusion, a 134
joining to ceramic to make composite, a 35
lines, laser written on silica, deposited from PdAc, a 182
in magneto-optics, see Magneto-Optics membranes, for H separation, a 33, 34, 140, 141
NiO-Pd composites, transport properties, a 180
in ohmic contacts, a 90, 141
Pd(100) dissolution by H2SO4, I catalysed, a 90
Pd-H system 112
Pd-Ni, CMM, optical, electronic properties, a 180
Pd/Ge thin film contacts to GaAs, for lasers, a 32
Pd/Rh bimetallic clusters, polymer protected, a 32
in sensors, see Detectors  
thin films, see Thin Films  
in Zircaloy-4 cladding, on nuclear fuel rods 15
see also Hydrogen  
Palladium Alloys,  
Au-Pd-Cr-Pt-Fe-Al-Y, high temperature  
strain gauge materials 98, 179
Pd-Ag, cold worked, H solubility, a 84
Pd-Ag-Ni, cold worked, H solubility, a 84
Pd-Al-Mn, high temperature deformation, a 84
Pd-Al-Si-V, for ULSI, a 32,84
Pd-Cr, high temperature strain gauge materials 98, 179
Pd-Fe-Au, electrical properties, a 32
Pd-Ni, cold worked, H solubility, a 84
for H absorption in sensor, a 137
pyrophosphate plating baths for, a 182
Pd-Ni-P, high temperature properties, a 32
Pd-Si-Cu, phase separation, a 134
PdYBC, high temperature superconductor 56
shape memory effect, a 33
Pentafluorostyrene, hydroacylation, a 185
Pentane, carbonylation, photocatalysis  
by Rh complex, a 182
Peptides, flow detector, a 137
Perfluoroalkylpyrroles, synthesis, a 185
Periodate, determination at a rotating  
Pt wire electrode, a 183
sensor, a 183
pH, measurement, a 87, 136
Phase Diagrams, Ir-Si, a 33
Pt-In-P, a 32
Pt-Rh-W at 1000°C, a 134
Ru-Te, a 135
Yb-Pt-Ge system, a 134
N -Phenylcarbamate, methyl, production, a 137
para-Phenyldiamine, copolymerisation,  
on IrO2/Ti electrodes, a 86
Photocells 151
Photoconversion, a 34, 86, 136,182
Photoelectrochemistry, H2 production 174
Photolysis, laser flash, for Ru(bpy)dpp  
and Ru(bpy)dhp absorption spectra, a 86
with Wilkinson's catalyst, a 182
Photosensitisers, Ru, Os complexes 151
Photovoltaic Devices 151
Platina, Spanish history, 22,126
Plating, Ti pretreatment before Pt deposition 165
Plating Baths, pyrophosphate for Pd-Ni  
alloy coatings, a 182
“Platinum 1993 Interim Review” 15
“Platinum 1994” 125
Platinum, anti-cancer drugs, a 141
black, electrode coatings, a 86
for C cluster production, a 83
cladding, for Mo-Re high temperature alloys 108
compounds, ErPt2Si2, magnetic properties, a 83
PtAl2, colours, a 32
in electrodes, see Electrodes  
enthalpies, specific heats 119
etching, by RF magnetron and electron  
cyclotron resonance, a 83
for flue gas desulphurisation 70
in fuel cells, see Fuel Cells  
in glass making, book review 73
interconnecting nodes for polymers 56
interfacial mediator interpretation of electrocatalysis 166
in magneto-optics, see Magneto-Optics  
in multilayers, a 141
in ohmic contacts, a 141
plating, on Ti, surface pretreatments 165
in p+n diodes, a 38
Pt(110) surface, holographic reconstruction, a 182
Pt(111), formate stabilisation by O, a 134
photoelectron holography, a 136
Pt-In-P high temperature phase data, a 32
Pt-Rh-W system, a 134
Pt/BF2+/diamond, facet effect on  
electrical properties, a 83
Pt/C polycrystalline thin films,  
oxygen reduction activity, a 135
Pt/Co disks, write/erase cycling, a 38
Pt/diamond/Si, facet effect on electrical properties, a 83
in resistance thermometers, a 141
in superlattices with Co, a 180
thin films, see Thin Films  
used in glass making at Jena 74
Yb-Pt-Ge system, phase equilibria, a 134
Platinum Alloys, in electrodes for fuel cells, a 38
Pt80Fe20(111), CO adsorption, a 83
Pt-Mn-Sb, polar Kerr rotation 164
Pt-W-Re-Ni-Cr-Y, high temperature strain  
gauge materials 98,179
Platinum Complexes, Pt hexafluoroacetylacetonate,  
into KL zeolite, by CVD, a 87
[PtD2]X2, D=Schiffbase or hydrated Schiff base,  
X=anionic ligand, synthesis, a 180
[Pt(dppm)(5,6-Me2phen)](C104)2, luminescence, a 182
Platinum Metals, polymer-immobilised clusters 60
Platinum Resistance Thermometers, thin film, a 141
Pollution Control, auto exhaust, CAPoC3 conf. 109
coal flue gas 70
NOx exhaust emissions, book review 173
promoters for autocatalysts, a 87
Pt catalyst, for industrial air emissions 160
SAE Congress, Pd automotive catalysts 57
Polyfluorobenzenes, C-F bond activation, a 185
Polymerisation, immobilised PGM clusters 60
Polymers, with attached clusters, a 32
immobilised PGM clusters 60
interconnects between Pt nodes 56
poly(3-methylthiophene) electric switching 56
polyimide film, RuO2, thick film resistor, a 38
Potassium, promoter, nitroaromatic carbonylation, a 138
for Ru/zeolite A, a 138
to Ru/SiO2, H2 chemisorption, a 138
“Precious Metals”: ISSN 1004-0676 21
Promoters, alkaline metals, for Pt/Al2O3 catalysts, a 35
CeO2 effect on autocatalysts emissions, a 87
Fe, Li, to Rh/SiO2 for EtOH synthesis, a 88
1, for methane conversion to acetic acid, a 139
K, for catalysts, a 138,139
Propane, low temperature catalytic combustion, a 137
2-Propanol, H transfer to cyclohexanone, a 89
Propylene, hydroformylation, a 88
Pyranose Oxidase, detection, a 183
Pyrolysis, of CH4 with CO2 to give acetylene,  
benzene, a 87
Pyrroles, perfluoroalkylation, a 185
Reductase Inhibitor, synthesis, by Pd complexes, a 184
Reduction, electro-, O2, at Pt electrodes, a 85
Reforming, CH4 with CO2, over Rh, a 138
Resistors, RuO2 reaction with AIN in resistor pastes, a 38
RuO2 thick film, resistance adjustment, a 38
RuO2-based thick film, a 185
Rhodium, compounds, carbonyls,  
transformation to metal and oxide phases, a 135
RhCl3(DMSO),, photochemical isomerisation, a 34
Zr2Rh, H absorption effects, a 134
ZrRh shape memory effect, a 84
in glucose, lactate sensors 108
Pd/Rh bimetallic clusters, polymer protected, a 32
Pt-Rh-W system, a 134
(RhO2)0.010(Fe3O4.44), preparation, for C  
conversion to CO2, a 90
Rhodium Complexes, breathing CO 159
[Rh(acac)(L)2(C60)] synthesis, a 180
Ruthenium, clusters, in resistors, a 185
compounds, carbonyls, transformation  
to metal and oxide phases, a 135
CpRu(PPh3)nS2P(OR)2, synthesis, structure, a 85
Ru(C5H5)2, precursor for RuO2 thin films, a 34
RuS2, semiconducting, STM, a 85
in fuel cells, a 38,140
Ru-Te system, constitution, a 135
single crystals, tensile testing 12
Ruthenium Alloys, Ru-Nb-Zr, optimised properties 19
Ruthenium Complexes, C120-Ru(bpy)32+,  
quenching mechanism, a 136
cis -di(thiocyanato)bis(2, 2'-bipyridyl-4,4'-  
dicarboxylate)Ru(II), photosensitiser 151
(NMe3CH2Ph)+(Ru4C[CO] 16Me)- cluster, CO breathing 159
(π-allyl)Ru(II), a 180
Ru(bpy)2dpp2+ and Ru(bpy)2,dhp2+,  
absorption spectra, a 86
[Ru(bpy)3]2+, sensitiser in LB monomultilayer  
films with ferrocene, a 137
RuClH(CO)(PPh3)3, reaction with allylamines, a 180
Ru(II) diimine, as luminescent O probe, a 183
Ru(II)-bipyridine, optical modulation in LB films, a 182
[Ru(menbpy)3]2+, to oxidise l,l'-bi-2-naphthol, a 136
[Ru(tpy)(BL)Cl]+, synthesis, a 181
Ruthenium Dioxide, interfacial mediator  
interpretation of electrocatalysis 166
Ruthenium Oxides, in anode coatings 70
RuO2, thick film resistors, Nd: YAG laser effect, a 38
thin films, a 34
RuO4, CVD, for RuO2 films, a 34
in supercapacitors 46
in thin films, see Thin Films  
Saccharides, detection, a 183
SAE, 1994 Congress 57
Schott, Otto, history 74
Schottky, behaviour, in Pt/BF2+/(100) diamond, a 83
Schottky Barrier Diodes, Pt/GaAs, a 90
Schottky Diodes, for H detection, a 183
Ir-Al/n-GaAs, a 141
Semiconductors, RuS2, STM, a 85
Sensitisers, for photovoltaic devices 151
Sensors, see Detectors  
Shape Memory Effect, a  
Silylation, dehydrogenative, 33, 84
1,5-dienes with hydrosilanes, a 89
Silylformylation, ring-opening, epoxides, a 37
Sol-Gel Process, for ultrafine IrO2-Ta2O5 particles, a 134
Solar Surfaces, Pt coated 179
Specific Heat, Pt 119
Zr2Rh, H absorption effects, a 134
Stannanes, a-alkoxy, cross-coupling  
to acyl chlorides, a 89
Steroids, for β-oxopropyl esters production, a 89
Strain Gauges, high temperature, alloys for 98, 179
Styrene, reactions, a 36, 37, 185
Sucrose Octadienyl Ethers, production, a 184
Superacids, solid supports for catalysts, a 137
Supercapacitors, as energy stores 46
Superconducting Phase Transition Thermometers, a 38
Superconductivity, H absorption effects, on Zr2Rh, a 134
Superconductors, YPdBC, high temperature 56
UPd2Al3, magnetic, electrical, thermal properties, a 180
Co/Pt, multilayer growth by electrocrystallisation, a 83
Co/Pt antiferromagnetic coupling, a 180
Switching, in polymers for nanosize connections 56
Synthesis Gas, CH4 production, a 88
conversions, over Rh/SiO2, a 88
for EtOH synthesis, a 88
preparation, from CH4, a 36
Telomerisation, butadiene, a 184
Temperature Measurements, a 38, 141
millikelvin, a 38
Terephthalic Acid, for poly(enol ester)s synthesis, a 140
Terphenyls, preparation, for triphenylene synthesis, a 139
Thermodynamics, Pt, specific heats, enthalpies 119
Thick Films, RuO2 in polyimide resistors,  
NdrYAGlaser effect, a 38
Thin Films, Co-Pt, Co-Pd, coercivities, squareness, a 180
in detection technology see Detectors  
Ir/quartz, by MOCVD from Ir(tetramethyl-  
heptadione)(cyclooctadiene), a 136
Langmuir-Blodgett, optical modulation, a 182
multilayers, in magnetic storage, conference 164
Pd/mica, characterisation, a 83
polycrystalline Os, from Os(hfb)(CO)4, CVD, a 87
polycrystalline Ru, from Ru(hfb)(C0)4, CVD, a 87
Pt/C, O reduction activity, a 135
Pt/mica, characterisation, a 83
Pt/sapphire(0001), by MBE, a 35
PZT/RuO2/SiO2/Si and PZT/Pt/Ti/SiO2/Si, a 85
RuO2, on glass, Al, Si(100), CVD, a 34
MOCVD, a 34
resistivity, a 84
see also Films; Langmuir-Blodgett; Magneto-Optics  
Titanium, electrodes, Pt plated 165
Triphenylenes, substituted unsymmetrical,  
synthesis, a 139
Tritium, generation in electrochemical cells  
using Pd cathode, a 86
Vinyl Triflates, for nitrile production, a 88
Vinylarenes, reactions, a 37, 139
Vinylsilanes, preparation, a 37
Volatile Organic Compounds,  
catalytic thermal incineration 160
Water, photolysis, with Wilkinson's catalyst, a 182

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