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Platinum Metals Rev., 1995, 39, (4), 195

Subject Index to Volume 39

a = abstract Page
Acetylenes, reactions, a 42, 136, 140, 184
ACT, pgm coating technology 98
Acyclic Compounds, hydrogenation, on Pt, a 183
Advanced Coating Technology, ACT 98
Alcohols, 2-alkanols, synthesis, on Pd catalysts, a 184
electro-oxidation on Ru(VII)/Ru(IV), a 181
methyl, electro-oxidation, at Pt, Ru, Pt-Ru, a 82, 181
oxidation, by Pd561Phen60(OAc)180, a 43
Rh carbonylation catalyst, a 87
optically active, production, a 140
primary, aromatic, oxidation, by RuO4, a 88
Aldehydes, benzaldehyde, allylation, a 139
branched, from Rh chiral catalysts, a 140
formaldehyde, hydroformylation, on Rh, a 185
oxidation, by RuO4, a 88
from primary/secondary alcohol electro-oxidation, a 181
yield, from pentane carbonylation, a 40
Alkenes, addition reactions, via Ru complexes, a 87, 141
1-alkenes, asymmetric hydrosilylation, a 184
hydroformylation, by Rh(I) complexes, a 44
isomerisation, by Rh complex, a 140
Wacker oxidation, a 42
Alkenyl Halides, coupled to aryl-alkynyl Zn chlorides, a 139
2-Alkylaminooxazoles, high yield synthesis, a 87
α-Alkylation, hydroxyalkynoates, via CpRu(COD)Cl, a 141
Alkynes, addition to alkenes, by Ru complexes, a 87
Alkynylcarboxylic Acid Esters, production, a 139
1-Alkyiiylzinc Chlorides, coupled to atkenyl halides, a 139
Allenyl Tosylcarbamates, cyclisation on Pd, a 184
Allyl Acetates, reaction with sodiodimethylmalonate, a 86
Allylaminocyclization, allenyl tosylcarbamates, a 184
Allylation, benzaldehyde, a 139
Allyloxyaromatic Esters, reactions, a 86
Allylsilanes, synthesis, a 86
Ammonia, oxidation, Pd alloy catchment gauzes 19
sensor, a 182
synthesis, from N2, a 83
[Ru6N] clusters for, a 139
Aromatisation, alkane mixtures, on Pt/zeolite composites, a 138
Aryl Halides, reactions, a 139
Arylation, Heck, on benzene-Pd(II)/polymer, a 42
2-Arylbenzothiazoles, new synthesis, a 43
Aryldiazonium Salts, Heck reaction, a 183
Ballard Bus, 4th Grove Fuel Cell Symposium 160
Biofuels, glycerol oxidation 159
Book Reviews, “Catalysis of Organic Reactions” 65
“Catalytic Naphtha Reforming, Science & Technology” 27
“Computer-Aided Design of Catalysts” 171
“Insights into Speciality Inorganic Chemicals” 172
“Metel Compounds in Cancer Therapy” 179
“Phase Diagrams of Precious Metal Alloys, First Suppl.” 18
“Rhodium Express” 78
“The Platinum Group Metals: A Global Perspective” 116
Butadienes, reactions a 42, 140
Butane, reactions, a 42, 85
Butenolides, synthesis, CpRu(COD)Cl catalysed, a 141
C-H Bonds, addition to olefins, a 141
Cancer, anti, rrans-[RuCl4(Him)2]- complex, a 45
chemotherapy, conference 63
Pt drugs, binding to DNA, a 141
Ru compounds in NO mediated disease 150
Ru phlhalocyanines, for photodynamic therapy 14
Capacitors, RuO2/Pb(ZrTi)O3/RuO2 with Pt interlayers 64
Carbon Oxides, CO2, electroreduction, on Pd, Pt, a 39
at Pt gas diffusion electrode, CH4 production, a 135
CO, adsorption at Pt, Ru, Pt-Ru electrodes, a 82
hydrogenation, on Rh/Mo/SiO2, a 43
interdiffusion in Ru pellets, for Fischer-Tropsch, a 43
oxidation, over CuO-Pd/γ-Al2O3, a 184
reaction with NO and H over Pt, Rh catalysts, a 183
for triarylbismuthines carbonylation, a 184
Carbonyl Compounds, α,β-unsaturated, hydrosilation, a 88
Carbonylation, aryl iodides, by PdCl2(PPh3)2-Co2(CO)8, a 139
by PdCl2(PPh3)2-Ru(CO)12, a 139
halogenoalkynes to alkynylcarboxylic acid esters, a 139
MeOH, by Rh complex, a 87
photo-, pentane, in Rh2Cl2(CO)4 + PMe3, a 40
triarylbismuthines, with CO, a 184
Carboxylates, production using Ru chiral complexes, a 185
Carboxylic Acids, acetylene addition, by Pd cluster, a 184
Catalysis, biphasic 107
heterogeneous, a 41-43, 84-85, 138-139, 183-184
homogeneous, a 43-44, 86-88, 139-141, 184-185
modelling techniques 171
review of the 14th N. Am. Catalysis Soc. meeting 126
Catalysts, automotive, new Mexican plant opens 72
review of 2nd European Precious Metals Conf. 112
SAE conf., 1995 73
biphasic Rh systems 62
electro-, Pt-Al/C, for SO2 oxidation, a 135
industrial, book review 65
phase transfer, a 88
Iridium Complexes, Ir chloro complexes,  
H isotope exchange in aromatics, a 140
phenylacetylene hydrosilylation, a 140
Palladium, 5%Pd/BaSO4 forO-benzyl hydroxamates, a 85
Pd(II) complex/polymer, for Heck arylation, a 42
CuO-Pd/γ-Al2O3, for CO oxidation, a 184
glycerol from rapeseed oil, oxidation 159
Pd colloids/NR4+, preparation, stabilisation, a 42
Pd-Cu/zeolite, for Wacker oxidation of alkenes, a 42
Pd/Al2O3, methane combustion, a 84
Pd/γ-Al2O3, Pd/ZrO2, SO2 propane oxidation effect, a 84
preparation, liquid-phase hydrogenation activity, u 184
selective acetylene hydrogenation, a 42
Pd/C + AsPh3, for cross-coupling reactions, a 139
Pd/C, Al2O3, SiO,, BaSO4, for Heck reaction, a 183
Pd/CeO2, interaction with H2, a 184
Pd/polymer microdispersions, H2 generation, a 85
Po/SiO2, Rh modified, ethene hydroformylation, a 138
Pd/WO3-x nanocrystalline, catalytic properties, a 138
Pd/ZnO/γ-Al2O3, CCl3F3, hydrogenolysis, a 42
PdCl2(PPh3)2-Co2(CO)8, aryl iodide carbonylation, a 139
PdCl2(PPh3)2-Ru(CO)12, aryl iodide carbonylation, a 139
Pd(OAc)2 + AsPh3, for cross-coupling reactions, a 139
PdSAPO-5, one-step synthesis, a 139
Ph3P[Pd(dba)2/Ph3P], oxysilylation reactions, a 86
Palladium Alloys, Pd-Ni, butadiene hydrogenation, a 42
Palladium Complexes, [PdMo3S4(tacn)3CI][PF6]3, a 184
Pd2(dba)3CHCl3, cyclised, butadienyl tosylcarbamates, a 184
Pd561Phen60(OAc)180, for MeOH oxidation, a 43
Pd-HCl, for H transfer from H2O-CO, a 86
Pd-MOP, 1-alkenes asymmetric hydrosilylation, a 184
[Pd(allyl)Cl]2 for allyl acetate reactions, a 86
PdCl2.dppf, for [2.2]paracyclophanes synthesis, a 43
PdCl2(dppf)/K2CO3, one-pot method for enamides, a 43
PdCl2(Ph3P)2, for styrene hydrocarboxylation, a 86
Pd Cl2 (PhCN)2, cyclised butadienyl tosylcarbamates, a 184
PdCl2(PPh3)2, for 2-arylbenzothiazoles, a 43
Pd(II) + cyclic aminomethyl phosphines, a 43
Pd(OAc)2:PPh3, for allylsilane synthesis, a 86
Pd(OAc)2, for enones, enals synthesis, a 139
for olefin hydroesterification, a 140
Pd(OAc)3/PPh3/Na2CO3, enamide synthesis, a 43
Pd(O)L, for cyclodimerisation of butadiene, a 140
Pd(PPh3)4, for benzaldehyde allylation, a 139
for imidazo[4,5-b]pyridines phenylation, a 140
for tribromomethylbenzene to diarylacetylenes, a 86
PdX2-LiX, for carbonylations, a 139
Pd/pumice, phenylacetylene liquid-phase hydrogenation, a 139
Pd/WO3-x nanocrystalline, catalytic properties, a 138
Platinum, for diesel filter trap 2, 114
EUROPT-1, compared with Pt catalysts, a 183
glycerol from rapeseed oil, oxidation 159
Pt(100), activity for NO+H2 reaction, a 42
Pt, cinchona-modified, pyruvate hydrogenation, a 41
Pt-Au/SiO2, preparation, characterisation, a 85
Pt-MFI zeolite, NO reduction, a 85
Pt-NaY, Pt/SiO2, HY, n-hexane reactions, a 183
Pt-Sn/Al2O3, modified by Sm, Li, a 42
Pt-Sn/SiO2, for unsaturated nitrile synthesis, a 85
Pt/Al2O3, for chlorobenzene hydrodehalogenation, a 183
enantioselective ethyl pyruvate hydrogenation, a 183
ethyl peruvate hydrogenation, α 138
methane reactions, a 84, 138
slurry-phase hydrogenation of phenol, a 41
in trickle bed reactor, naphthalene hydrogenation, a 183
Pt/Al2O3, Rh/Al2O3, adding H2 to NO+CO, a 183
Pt/Al2O3/NiAl(110), model, characterisation, a 183
Pt/BaKL composite, to reform alkane mixtures, a 138
Pt/C, metal-support interaction, a 84
Pd/C, Rh/C, acyclic compounds hydrogenation, a 183
Pt/γ-Al2O3, Pt/ZrO2, SO2, propane oxidation, a 84
Pt/H-BEA, chlorobenzene hydrodehalogenation, a 183
Pt/H-mordenite, methylcyclopentane conversion, a 41
Pt/K-δ Al2O3, for CHCl3, CH2H2 oxidation, a 84
Pt/SiO2, high surface area, preparation, a 138
Pt/ZrO2, superacid, butane isomerisation, a 138
Pt/WO3-x nanocrystalline, properties, a 138
Platinum Complexes,  
Pt-1,3-divinyltetramethyldisiloxane, a 86
Pt/BaKL zeolites, reforming alkane mixtures, a 138
Rhodium, Rh/Al2O3, preparation, a 85
Rh/CeO2-ZrO2, O exchangers, a 85
Rh/Pt(100), NO + H2 reaction, a 42
Rh/SiO2, promoted by Mo, CO hydrogenation, a 43
Rh/ZnO, for N2O decomposition, a 184
Rhodium Complexes, in biphasic catalysis 108
Cis -[RhI(CO)(Ph2PCH2P(S)Ph2)],  
activity for MeOH carbonylation, a 87
(n6-C6H6BPh3-RH(COD), acetylene silylformylation, a 140
HRhPP(CO)2, for asymmetric hydroformylation, a 140
(Ph3)4RhH, hydrosilation of α,β-unsaturated carbonyls, a 88
Rh2Cl2(CO)4 + PMe3, pentane photocarbonylation, a 40
[Rh2(µ-(-)-DIOS)(cod)2]n, styrene hydroformylation, a 87
Rh2(OAc)4, for 2-alkylaminooxazoles synthesis, a 87
for cycloheptatrienes, norcaradiene synthesis, a 87
Rh4(CO)12, acetylene sUylformylation, a 140
Rh-PPh3, catalyst regeneration, a 185
RW(acac)(P(OPh)3)2/P(OPh)3 for hydroformylation, a 44
RhCl3(Pybox), ketone asymmetric hydrosilylation, a 185
[RhCl(CO)2]2, triarylbismuthines carbonylation, a 184
[RhCl(CO)2Cl]2, for poly(methylhydrosiloxane), a 86
RhCl(CO)(PPh3)2, formaldehyde hydroformylation, a 185
RhCl(PPh3)2, for 2-propanol dehydrogenation, a 44
RhCl(PPh3)3, formaldehyde hydroformylation, a 185
for poly(mefhylhydrosiloxane), modification, a 86
Rh(CO)2acac, for hydroformylations, a 86
[Rh(cod)2]BF4, for hydroborations, a 185
for keto esters hydrosilylation, a 140
[Rh(COD)Cl]2/TPPTS, biphasic 62
[Rh(cod)(OOCR)]2, alkene hydroformylation, a 44
[Rh(CO)(PPh3)(µ-Cl)]2, isomerisation, a 44
[Rh(dppc)-(acetone)], hydrosilation, hydrogenation, a 140
for ketones, alkenes reduction, isomerisation, a 140
[Rh(dppc)NED](PF6), precursor, isomerisation, a 140
Ruthenium, hydrogenation, review, a 184
[Ru6N] clusters, for NH3 synthesis, a 139
Ru, FeRu, Pt, FePt/C, pyridine hydrodenirrogenation, a 84
Ru pellets, Fischer-Tropsch, H2/CO diffusion effect, a 43
Ru-Cr-Mn/Al2O3, for CO hydrogenation, a 43
RuO2.xH2O, O catalytic activity, a 44
Ruthenium Complexes,  
for addition of C-H bonds to olefins, a 141
BINAP-Ru(II), olefin asymmetric hydrogenation, a 87
chiral, with glass microbeads, in biphasic catalysis 108
CpRu(COD)Cl, for alkynes addition to alkenes, a 87
[Ru(azpy)2(H2O)(py)]2, glucopyranoside oxidation, a 44
for aerobic alkene epoxidation, a 87
trans -RuCl2(Pybox-ip)(ethylene),  
for asymmetric cyclopropanation, a 185
Ru(II)-bis(2-oxazolin-2-yl)pyridine, chiral,  
for asymmetric cyclopropanation of styrene, a 185
Ru(II)(AMPP), α-ketoesters hydrogenation, a 87
RuO4, phase catalyst transfer, oxidation reactions, a 88
Catchment Gauzes, Pd alloy 19
Chemical Compounds, a 38-39, 81-82, 134-135, 180-181
Chemical Technology, CH4 steam reforming,  
in Pd membrane reactor, a 45
Chlorobenzene, hydrodehalogenation, a 183
Chloroform, catalytic oxidation, a 84
Cinnamic Acid Esters, production, a 183
Clusters, K1.64Pt(C2O4)2, on glassy C electrode, a 181
Pd38(CO)28L12, synthesis, a 180
[Ru6(CO)18]2-, in NaX zeolite, O sensitive, a 139
[Ru6N] for NH3 synthesis, a 139
Coatings, Ir, on isotropic graphite, thermal cycling, a 83
Pd, for semiconductor packages, a 138
pgms, ACT technology for glass manufacturing 98
Ru-Sn, on Ti, a 137
see also Electrodeposition  
Cobalt, in alloys, a 68, 88
see also Thin Films  
Colloids, palladium, catalysts, preparation, a 42
Ru2S, preparation, luminescence, a 40
Composites, a 133, 134
Conferences, 14th Fuel Cell Seminar,  
San Diego, CA, Nov.-Dec. 1994 9
14th N. Am. Catalysis Soc, meeting,  
Snowbird, Utah, June 1995 126
1 st Int. Workshop on Diffusion and Stresses,  
Kossuth Univ., Hungary, May 1995 127
1 st Int. Symp. Fuel Cell Systems,  
Montreal, 9-13 July, 1995 165
2nd European Precious Metals, Lisbon, May 1995 112
4th Biennial Int. Symp. on Metal-Hydrogen Systems,  
Fujiyoshida, 6-11 Nov. 1994 75
4th Grove Fuel Cell Symp., London, Sept. 1995 67, 160
6th Int. Conf. on Platinum Group Metals,  
York Univ., July 1996, announcement 111
7th Int. Symp. on Metal Co-ordination Compounds in  
Cancer Chemotherpy, Amsterdam, March, 1995 63
Electrochem '95, Bangor, 10-14 Sept. 1995 173
“Noble and Rare Metals”,  
Donetsk, Ukraine, Sept. 1994 29
SAE, Feb.-March 1995, Detroit 73
Corrosion Protection, Ru in stainless steel 107
in RuO2.xH2O, a 44
Crystals, IrxRu1-xS2, a 39
nano, Pd, in H2 sensor, a 137
Pt/WO3-x, Pd/WO3-x,, catalytic properties, a 138
Cyclisations, 2,3-butadienyl tosylcarbamates, by Pd, a 184
Cycloaddition, reactions, a 87
Cycloalkanol, Cycloalkanone, production, a 183
Cyclodimerisation, butadiene, by Pd complex, a 140
Cycloheptatrienes, synthesis, a 87
Cyclohexene, hydroformylation, by Rh catalysts, a 86
Cyclopentene, hydroformylation, a 44
Cyclopropanation, asymmetric, styrene, diazoacetates, a 185
Debrominative Coupling, reactions with Pd catalysts, a 86
Dehydrogenation, reactions, a 42, 44
Dehydropipernonalines, synthesis, a 43
Deposition, Pd-Fe alloys, electrolytically, a 40
Rh on brass, a 40
Desorption, H2, from Pd, Ru-Pd foils, a 133
Detectors, air humidity, a 41
air-fuel ratio for automotive exhaust, with Pt, a 40
biosensor for Pt anticancer drugs, a 141
DNA, a 84
glucose, a 41, 54, 137
H2, a 41, 137
IR, a 182
lactate biosensor, a 137
monohydrics, polyhydrics in flowing streams, a 182
NH3, by Pt/GaAs porous Schottky diode, a 182
pΗ, a 183
Rh, a 182
Deuterium, absorption/desorption, diffusion, a 80, 181
Diarylacetylenes, catalytic production, a 86
1,2-Diarylethenes, catalytic production, a 86
Diazoacetates, asymmetric cyclopropanation, a 185
Dichloromethane, catalytic oxidation, α 84
Dienamides, conjugated, one-pot synthesis, a 43
Diesel, reduction of NO in exhaust, a 85
trap, review of 2nd European Precious Metals Conf. 112
Diesel Engines, particulate emission control 2
Diffusion, H, D, in Pd, Pd alloys, a 80, 127
Diodes, p+n, Pt diffused, in SiO2 films, a 185
DiphenyIimidazo[4,5-b]pyridines, synthesis, a 140
Dispersion, Pd in Pd/Al2O3, a 42
DNA, a 84, 136, 141
Doctoral Theses, CIS 79
Doping, see also Modifiers  
Drugs, metal based, book review 179
Electrical Contacts, ohmic, Au/Ge/Pd to n-type InP, a 45
Pd/Ge to n-type InP, a 45
Pd/In/Pd, Pd-In/Pd, Pd-In/n-GaAs, comparisons, a 88
Pd/Zn/Pd/Au to p-type InGaAs/InP, a 45
Pd/ZnSe, thin film, solid state reactions, a 180
Electrical Engineering, a 5, 88, 141, 185
Electrochemical Cell, Pd/YSZ/Pd, NO, CH4 removal, a 137
Electrochemistry, a 39, 82, 135-136, 173, 181
Electrodeposition, a 40, 83, 136-137,182
Pd-Fe alloys, a 40
Ru-Co alloy 68
Ru-Sn on Ti, a 37
see also Electroless Deposition  
Electrodes, anodes, platinised Ti, a 88
cathodes, Pt/Y2O3 stabilised ZrO2, a 181
chlorosilylated Pt oxide surfaces, a 39
interdigit array, Pt/insulation/Pt-IDA, trace Fe analysis, a 137
microelectrodes, Ir, for water quality testing 132
K1,64Pt(C2O4)2, a 81
Pd, for Pd-Li alloy formation from eutectic melts, a 83
Pd microparticles/poly-[N-(5-hydroxypentyl)-pyrrole]film, for C2H2 hydrogengation, a 136
Pd poly(N-pyrrole)film-coated, a 82
Pd/Pt, for CO2 reduction, at + potentials, a 39
Pt, surfaces, for MeOH electro-oxidation, a 181
gas diffusion, for CO2 reduction, a 135
K1.64Pt(C2O4)2/glassy C fibres, ultramicroelectrodes, a 181
Ru, Pt-Ru, CO adsorption, a 82
Pt/C, highly dispersed, fabrication, a 135
Pt/γ-MnO2, for Li ion insertion, a 135
Pt/modified glassy C, for monohydrics, polyhydrics, a 182
Pt/pHAPh, rotating disc, a 82
Pt/Ti/Pt/Au base, for bipolar transistors, a 141
Rh-dispersed C paste, for lactate biosensing, a 137
with [Rh(bpy)3]3+, for nicotinamide reduction, a [ 83
Rh(bpy)3]3+/hydrogel, for nicotinamide reduction, a 83
Ru2S colloids/TiO2, sensitisation, a 40
RuO2, reactive ion etching, a 45
RuO2-glass, composite, for pH sensing, a 183
wire, with Os complex for glucose detection, a 137
Electroless Deposition, Ni, aided by Pd/Si(110), a 80
Emission Control, in diesel engines 2, 114
technology 113
SAE conf. 73
Emitters, Pd silicide coated Si, a 141
Enals, production from enol silanes, a 139
Enamides, conjugated, one-pot synthesis, a 43
Enol Silanes, conversion to enones, a 139
Enones, from enol silanes, a 139
Epoxidation, aerobic alkene, Ru complex promoted, a 87
Esters, keto, hydrosilylation, a 140
Etching, dry, Pd thin films, by F sputtering, a 84
Ethene, hydroformylation, on Rh-modified Pd/SiO2, a 138
Ethyl Peruvate, hydrogenation, over Pt/Al2O3, a 138
Ethyl Pyruvate, enantioselective hydrogenation, a 183
Feeder Tubes, coated by Johnson Matthey ACT 98
Pt, for hollow glassware, a 141
Fibre Optics, in air humidity sensor, a 41
Films, PLZT on (111)Pt/Ti/SiO2/Si, for memories, a 141
Pt, sputtered, properties, a 80
Filters, for diesel engine emissions 2
Foils, Pd, Pd alloys, H absorption/desorption, a 80, 133
Formic Acid, electro-oxidation, a 82
Fuel Cells, 14th Fuel Cell Seminar, conf. report 9
4th Grove Fuel Cell Symp. 67, 160
a 44, 88
new materials, conference 165
SPE,a 88
Fullerenes, [60]-derivative with Ru tris(bpy), synthesis, a 135
C60-Pt-MV, photoreduction of H2O to H2, a 83
(n2-C60)Pt(PPh3)2,a 38
(n2-C60)Ru(CO)4,a 39
Ir-C60, Ir-C70 complexes, a 82
Os3-C60 complexes, a 82
Pt-C60, Pt-C70 complexes, a 81
Gas Turbines, pinning wires for blades 117
Glass, ACT, pgm coating technology 98
RuO2 composite, conduction mechanism, a 134
Glass Technology, a 141
Glucose, sensors 41, 54, 137
Glycerol, rapeseed oil by-product, oxidation 159
Glycolaldehyde, from formaldehyde, a 185
Halogenoalkynes, carbonylation, a 139
Heck, reactions, a 42, 183
Heptine-1, hydrogenation, + aminomethyl phosphines, a 43
n -Hexane, reactions, a 138, 183
Humidity, sensor, a 41
Hydridosilanes, reactions with allyloxyaromatic esters, a 86
Hydridosiloxanes, reactions with allyloxyaromatic esters, a 86
Hydroboration, styrene, a 185
Hydrocarbons, synthesis, Fischer-Tropsch, on Ru, a 43
Hydrocarboxylation, styrene, a 86
Hydrodehalogenation, chlorobenzene, a 183
Hydrodenitrogenation, pyridine, catalytic, a 84
Hydroesterification, olefins, by Pd catalyst, a 140
Hydroformylation, alkenes, by Rh(I) complexes, a 44
asymmetric, styrene, by Rh catalysts, a 87
using HRhPP(CO)2, a 140
ethene, on Rh-modined Pd/SiO2, a 138
1-octene, by Rh biphasic catalyst 62
olefins, on Rh, catalyst regeneration, a 185
reactions, on Rh(acac)(P(OPh)3)2/P(OPh)3, a 44
Hydrogen, desorption from Pd, Ru-Pd foils, a 133
diffusion in Pd, Pd alloys, a 80, 127
effects in metals, conference 29
effects in Pd, Pd alloy-Η, p-c(n)-T, a 133
induced ordering in Pd-Au, a 133
interaction with Pd/CeO2, a 184
interdiffusion in Ru pellets, for Fischer-Tropsch, a 43
isotope exchange reactions, Ir catalysed, a 140
in Pd-H, Pd alloy-Η systems, conf. 75
photoevolution, a 83
reaction with NO, over RhPt(100), a 42
reaction with NO and CO over Pt, Rh catalysts, a 183
sensitive Pd-Si MIS, a 88
sensors, a 41, 137
separation by Pd impregnated Al2O3 membrane, a 88
solubility, vibrational modes in nanocrystalline Pd, a 80
sorption, in thin Pd, Pd alloy foils, a 80
storage by bicarbonate/formate reaction, a 85
transfer to ß-benzoylacrylic acid, Pd catalysed, a 86
Hydrogenation, 1,3-butadiene, on Pd-Ni alloys, a 42
acetylene, on Pd, a 42, 136
asymmetric, α-ketoesters, by Ru(II)(AMPP), a 87
olefins, by BINAP-Ru(II) complexes, a 87
CO, on Rh/Mo/SiO2, Ru-Cr-Mn/Al2O3, a 43
enantioselective, of ethyl pyruvate, a 183
ethyl peruvate, over Pt/Al2O3, a 138
heptine-1, by Pd(II) + cyclic aminomethyl phosphines, a 43
liquid-phase, on Pd/γ-Al2O3, a 184
naphthalene, a 183
O-containing acyclic compounds, a 183
phenol, slurry-phase, a 41
phenylacetylene, on Pd/pumice, a 139
pyruvate, enantioselective, by cinchona-modified Pt, a 41
on Ru catalysts, review, a 184
Hydrogenolysis, 1,1,2-trichlorotrifluoroethane, a 42
Hydrosilation, α,β-unsaturated carbonyl compounds, a 88
Hydrosilylation, reactions, a 140, 184, 185
Hydroxyalkynoates, ot-alkylation, a 141
Hydroxyls, detector, a 182
Imidazo[4,5-b]pyridines, phenylation, a 140
Indium, in electrical contacts, see Electrical Contacts  
Infrared, detector, a 182
Iridium, coatings on graphite, thermal cycling, a 83
compounds, BaFeIrCoO, a 81
CrlrO, ferromagnetism in, a 134
IrH(CO)(PPh3)3, reaction with C60 & C70 fullerenes, a 82
IrxRu1-xS2, crystals, a 39
in microelectrodes, for testing water quality 132
Iridium Alloys, Ir-Pt, tips for SEM, a 137
Iridium Chlorides, for highly acidic catalysts, a 85
Iridium Complexes, [MeCOIr(CO)2I3]-, synthesis, a 134
Iridium Oxides, films, sputtered, a 84
IrO2-RuO2-TiO2, powders, preparation, a 39
IrO2-SnO2ultrafine binary oxides, sol-gel production, a 82
Sr2MIrO6, perovskite structure, a 135
Iridium Suicides, IrxSi1-x, thin films, properties, a 38
Iron, trace analysis, in ultrapure spectral C, a 137
Isomerisation, butane, to isobutane, a 85
[Os(tpy)(Cl)2(N)]+, a 135
[Rh(CO)(PPh3)(µ-Cl)]2,a 44
Isotope Exchange Reactions, H, catalysed by Ir, a 140
JM1226, new Ru drug 150
Johnson Matthey, filter for diesel engines 2
JM1226, new Ru drug 150
Mexican autocatalyst plant opening 72
“Platinum 1995” 128
Joining, Pd, Pd alloy electrodeposits, solderability, a 138
α-Ketoesters, hydrogenations, a 87, 138
Ketones, asymmetric hydrosilylation, a 185
diaryl, from triarylbismuthines, a 184
from electro-oxidation of alcohols, a 181
isomerisation, by Rh complex, a 140
Lactate, detector, a 137
Lasers, trimming Pt thin films 129
Legislation, automotive, reviewed at conf. 112
Liquid Crystal Polymers, formation, a 86
Lithium, a 42, 135
Lithography, using Pd as proton source 32
Luminescence, in air humidity sensor, a 41
lyoluminescence, in Ru(II)tris(bpy)chelates, a 182
in Ru compounds, complexes, a 40, 82, 83
Lyoluminescence, in Ru(II)tris(bpy)chelates, a 182
Magnetism, in annealed Co-Pd-Si amorphous alloys, a 133
in BaFeIrCoO, a 81
Co-PlZCuZpermalloy sandwiches, magnetoresistance, a 141
ferromagnetism, in CrlrO, a 134
in Pd2TiAl, a 37
high field magnetisation of UPd2Al3, a 37
in SrLaZnRuO1 a 38
in U2Pd2In, U2Pd2Sn1 a 38
Magneto-Optics, a 185
Co/Pd multilayer films, a 88
spin valve memory, Co-Pt/Cu/Ni-Fe-Co/Cu, a 185
Medical, a 45, 141
Membranes, Pd, impregnated Al2O3, H2 separation, a 88
Pd, Pd/Ag/stainless steel, steam reforming CH4, a 45
ultrathin on porous ceramic, sputter deposited, a 136
Memory, PLZT films on (111)Pt/Ti/SiO2/Si, a 141
Methane, adsorbed & photoirradiated, on Pt(111), a 40
catalytic combustion, a 84
oxidation, over Pt, in SPE fuel cell, a 88
on Pt/Al2O3 catalysts, a 138
removal by Pd/YSZ/Pd electrochemical cell, a 137
steam reforming, in Pd membrane reactor, a 45
Methyl Esters, from triarylbismuthines, a 184
Methylcyclohexane, reforming, on Pt/BaKL composite, a 138
Methylcyclopentane, conversion, a 41
reforming, over Pt/BaKL zeolite composite, a 138
Mexico, Johnson Matthey autocatalyst plant 72
Microelectronics, Pd source of protons for lithography 32
Mineralogy, in CIS, conference 29
Modifiers, Sm, Li, on Pt-Sn/Al2O3, a 42
Molybdenum, promoter for Rh/Mo/SiO2, a 43
Multilayers, Co-Pt/Cu/Ni-Fe-Co/Cu, memory elements, a 185
Pt/(NiCo), for magneto-optics, a 185
Nanocatalysis, by Pt-Rh tip 13
Nanocrystallites, Pt-Pd, in a Langmuir trough, a 180
Nanoparticles, Rh-Pt colloids, structure, a 180
Nanotechnology, by Pt-Rh tip, for nanocatalysis 13
fabrication of nanophase Pd, a 37
see also Thln Films  
Naphtha, reforming, book review 27
Naphthalene, hydrogenation, a 183
Nickel, electroless deposition, aided by Pd/Si(100), a 80
NitrUes, unsaturated, synthesis, from NO-alkane/alkene, a 85
Nitrogen, reduction, on irradiated (Ru, Os/TiO2), a 83
Nitrogen Oxides, N2O, decomposition on Rh/ZnO, a 184
NO, in the body, Ru compounds for 150
in diesel exhausts, reduction on Pt-MFI zeolite, a 85
reaction with CO and H over Pt, Rh catalysts, a 183
reaction with H2, over RhPt(100), a 42
removal by Pd/YSZ/Pd cell from gas flow, a 137
NMR, of 99Ru, 101Ru in h.c.p. Ru, a 38
Norcaradiene, synthesis, a 87
O-Benzyl Hydroxamates, deprotection by Pd/BaSO4, a 85
Octenes, hydroformylations, on Rh catalysts, a 62, 86
Octyl-D-Glucuronic Acid, synthesis, a 44
Octyl-D-Glucopyranoside, oxidation, by Ru, a 44
Olefins, reactions, a 87, 140, 141, 185
Osmium, the densest metal 164
redox polymer, [Os(bipy)2(PVP)10Cl]Cl, stabilisation, a 39
Osmium Chlorides, for highly acidic catalysts, a 85
Osmium Complexes, Os3-C60 fullerenes, clusters, a 82
Os3(CO)l1, (NCCH3), cluster growth on surfaces, a 82
Os bi(phenanthroline)dipyrido phenazine, DNA probe, a 84
Os bipyridyl redox polymers, for glucose electrodes 54
[Os(bpy)3]2+, fast efficiënt energy transfer, a 136
[Os(n-H2)(CO)(quS)(PPh3)2]+ synthesis, a 135
[Os(tpy)(Cl)2(N)]+ a 135
trichlorostannyls, electronic, photo properties, a 182
in wired sensor, for glucose detection, a 137
2-Oxazolidinones, synthesis, by Pd, a 184
Oxidation, chloroform, dichloromethane, a 84
CO, over CuO-Pa/γ-Al2O3, a 184
electro-, MeOH & H2CO2 at Pt, Ru, Pt-Ru, a 82
electrochemical, SO2, with Pt-Al/C black, a 135
MeOH, catalysed by Pd561Phen60(OAc)180, a 43
methane, on Pt/Al2O3 catalysts, a 138
in SPE fuel cell, a 88
octyl-α-D-glucopyranoside, by Ru catalyst, a 44
propane, a 84
Rh, α 81
Wacker, of alkenes, a 42
Oxygen, reactions, a 37, 85, 181
Palladium, in Au/Pd thermocouples, a 45
bonding ability, a 138
clusters, giant, Pd561Phen60(OAc)180, MeOH oxidation, a 43
large, Pd34(CO)24(PEt3)12, preparation, a 180
Pd38(CO)28(PR3)12, preparation, a 180
colloids, in catalysts, a 42
complexes, Pd phosphine-phosphinite, a 134
composites, ZrO2(YSZ)-Pd, O permeation, properties, a 133
compounds, Pd2TiAl1 ferromagnetism, a 37
U2Pd2In, U2Pd2Sn, magnetic ordering, a 38
UPd2Al3, magnetisation of, a 37
diffusivities of H, D, a 80
foils, H absorption, H desorption studies, a 80, 133
H effects in, p-c(n)-T, a 133
impregnated Al2O3 membrane, for H2 separation, a 88
in magneto-optic multilayer films with Co, a 88
membranes, a 45, 136
microparticles, in poly(N-pyrrole)film electrodes, a 82
nanocrystalline, H solubility, vibrational modes, a 80
for solid state gas sensor, a 137
nanophase technology, a 37
nanosize particles/Si(100), Ni electroless deposition, a 80
nuclei, activated on plastic, a 137
in Pd2Si layer in field emitters, a 141
Pd-Ag powders, morphology, thermal properties, a 133
Pd-H, Pd alloy-Η systems, conf. 75
PdCu(110) single crystal, surface analysis, a 80
pinning wires for gas turbine blades 117
as proton source for Uthography 32
with Si in tunnel insulator, H2 sensitive, a 88
systems, Ce3Pd20Si6, heavy electron system, a 133
dry etching, by F sputtering, a 84
see also Conferences; Thin Films  
Palladium Alloys, Pd alloy-Η, H effects in, a 133
bonding ability, a 138
Pd-Ag, foils, H absorption studies, a 80
porous stainless steel, in membrane reactors, a 45
Pd-Au, H induced ordering, a 133
Pd-Co-Si, amorphous, annealing, magnetisation, a 133
Pd-Fe, electrolytic deposition, a 40
Pd-Li, eutectic formation on Pd electrodes, a 83
Pd-5%Ni, ammonia catchment gauzes 19
Pd-rare earths, formation from eutectic melts, a 83
Pd-5%Rh, D2 loadings, a 181
Pd-Ru, foils, H absorption studies, a 80
H desorption, a 133
for pinning wire in gas turbine blades 117
shape memory effect 126
Palladium Chlorides, for highly acidic catalysts, a 85
Palladium Complexes, Pd3(dppm)3CO2+, photoaddition, a 136
low valence complex, with π-acceptor ligands, a 180
trani-[PdPh(py)(PMe3)2]BF4, synthesis, a 134
trani-[PdPh(solvent)(PMe3)2]BF4, synthesis, a 134
Palladium Silicides, formation studies, a 37
Pd82Si18, amorphous, heat of crystallisation, a 81
bulk nanophase, prepared by quench melting, a 81
PdSi, Pd2Si, phases in Pd thin films/(111)Si, a 80
Paracyclophanes, synthesis, by PdCl2.dppf, a 43
Particulates, from diesels, filter emission control 2
Pentane, photocarbonylation, by Rh2Cl2(CO)4, a 40
Pentenolides, synthesis, CpRu(COD)Cl catalysed, a 141
pH, detection, a 183
Phase Diagrams, book review 18
Pt-Sn, a 37
Phenol, slurry-phase hydrogenation, on Pt/Al2O3, a 41
Phenylacetylene, reactions, a 139,140
Phenylation, of imidazo[4,5-b]pyridines, a 140
Photoconversion, a 40, 83, 136, 181-182
Photodynamic Therapy, with Ru phthalocyanines 14
Photoelectrochemical Cells, a 83
Photolysis, in [(Ru(bpy2)2(bpzt)]3+, a 182
Pipernonalines, synthesis, a 43
Plating, Rh, a 182
“Platinum 1995” 128
Platinum, cancer drugs 63, 141
clusters, K1.64 Pt(C2O4)2/glassy C, ultramicroelectrodes, a 181
clusters, [Pt6(µ-CO)6(µ-dppm)3], first octahedral, a 180
compounds, (n2-Ceo)Pt(PPh3)2, a 38
doping in SnO2 thin films, electronic conduction, a 45
feeder tubes for glass production, a 141
in photoreduction of H2O to H2, a 83
Pt(111), CH4 adsorption, photoirradiated, a 40
Pt(533), O desorption, dissociation, a 37
Pt100-hex and Pt100-(lx 1), surface energy, a 182
Pt/p-InP(100) photoelectrochemical cells, a 83
sputtered films, properties, a 80
in thermometry 45, 129
Platinum Alloys, Pt-Co catalysts, in PAFC, a 44
Pt-H2WO4 electrocatalyst, for PAFC, a 44
Pt-Ir, tips for SEM, a 137
Pt-Ni, short range order, a 133
Pt-Rh tip, for nanocatalysis 13
Pt-Zr, Pt-Zr-Y, structure, dispersion strengthened 167
Platinum Chlorides, for highly acidic catalysts, a 85
Platinum Complexes, cluster, K1.64Pt(C2O4)2/C, synthesis, a 81
Pt-C60, Pt-C70 fullerenes, a 81
PtCl61, photoconversion in aqueous TiO2, H, Cl, a 136
(Pt(N2C(H)CO2)(PPh3)2], fumarate derivatives, a 134
Pt(NO2)2(NH3)2 for Pt/C electrodes, a 135
Pt(qdt)22-, Pt(phen)(qdt), absorption/emission, a 181
low valence complex synthesis, π-acceptor ligands, a 180
Platinum Silicides, PtSi, thin film superconductivity, a 37
PLZT films, on (111)Pt/Ti/SiO2/Si, for memories, a 141
Pollution Control, filter to remove diesel soot 2, 112
in water, Ir microelectrode, to test Pb and Cd 132
Polymerisation, electro-, 2-hydroxy-3-aminophenazine, a 82
Polymers, liquid crystals, formation, a 86
redox, [Os(bipy)2(PVP)10Cl]Cl, a 39
to support Ru, Pd catalysts 109
Poly(methylhydrosiloxane), modified by Rh, a 86
Powders, Ag-Pd, morphology, thermal properties, a 133
IrO2-RuO2-TiO2, preparation, a 39
Ru and Ru40Al60, a 38
Promoters, a 42, 43, 139
Propane, catalytic oxidation, a 84
2-Propanol, dehydrogenation, a 44
Pyridine, hydrodenitrogenation, catalytic, a 84
Pyruvate, hydrogenation, by cinchona-modified Pt, a 41
Rapeseed Oil, glycerol oxidation 159
Reactors, membrane, Pd, Pd/Ag stainless steel, a 45
Reduction, cathodic, of nicotinamide by Rh(bpy), a 83
electro-, CO2, on Pd/Pt wire net and plate, a 39
on Pt gas diffusion electrode, a 135
N2, over Ru, Os/TiO2, to NH3, a 83
photo, of H2O, a 83
Reforming, alkane mixtures, on Pt/zeolite composites, a 138
n-hexane, over Pt/BaKL zeolites, a 138
naphtha, book review 27
steam, methane, in Pd membrane reactor, a 45
Resistance Thermometers, a 45
Resistivity, in LaRh2Si2, Ce(Rhl-xRux)2Si2, a 38
Rhodium, compounds, CeLaRhSb, superconductivity, 81
LaRh2Si2, resistivity, thermopower, a 38
Sr2RhO4, 2D conductor, structure, a 180
crack-free deposition on brass, a 40
detection, a 182
modifier, for Pd/Si02, ethene hydroformylation, a 138
plating, a 182
Rh(100) & polycrystalline Rh, interactions with O2, a 81
Rh(III)/Cu(II), on Fe2O3, for H2 photoproduction, a 83
“Rhodium Express” 78
segregation in dilute Ag-Rh alloys, a 81
Rhodium Alloys, Rh segregation in, a 81
Rh-Fe, martensites, structure, a 180
Rhodium Chlorides, for highly acidic catalysts, a 85
Rhodium Complexes, [(9S3)Rh(µ-SPh),MCp*]2+ a 134
(HBPz*3)Rh(CO)2, photochemistry, a 136
Li3RhH6, preparation, structure, a 39
[Rh(bpy)3]3+/hydrogel, nicotinamide electroreduction, a 83
Rh(III), voltammetry, for trace Rh detection, a 182
Ruthenium, additions to stainless steel 107
clusters, [Ru6(CO)18]2, in NaX zeolite, O sensitive, a 139
compounds, Al2Ru, semiconducting properties, a 38
Ce(Rhl-xRux)2Si2, resistivity, thermopower, a 38
IrxRu1-xS2, crystals, a 39
NO-mediated disease, anti-cancer activity 150
Ru porphyrins, photophysical properties, a 82
SrLaZnRuO, solid solution, structure, properties, a 38
SrRuO1 superconductor 32
effect on transformations in Ti-Ni alloys 174
implanted in Si1 electrical, optical properties, a 134
nanocrystalline, production from RuAl powder, a 38
NMR of 99Ru, 101Ru, a 38
RU(VII)/RU(IV) system, alcohols electro-oxidation, a 181
Ruthenium Alloys, Ru40Al60, production & leaching, a 38
Ru-Co, electrodeposition 68
Ru-Pd foils, H desorption, a 133
Ru-Sn1 coatings on Ti, a 137
Ruthenium Chlorides, for highly acidic catalysts, a 85
Ruthenium Complexes, [60]-fullerene derivative, a 135
anticancer, a 45
CpRuC5H4(AuPPh3)2+BF4- a 39
dinuclear, macrocycles, with bpy units, a 181
(n2-C60)Ru(CO)4, a 39
[(pp)2Ru(BL)Ru(pp')2]4+, synthesis, a 181
Ru6C(CO)14(n5-C5H4PPh3), cluster, a 82
Ru phthalocyanines, photodynamic cancer therapy 14
Ru polyaminocarboxylate, new drug 150
[(Ru(bpy)2)2(bpzt)]3+ photolysis, a 182
Ru(bpy)2(daf)2+, in zeolite Y supercages, a 136
[Ru(bpy)3]2+, fast efficient energy transfer, a 136
Ru(bpy)32+, a 40, 83
Ru(bpy)(bpm)(bpz), quenchers of luminescence, a 40
Ru(II)tris(bpy)chelates, lyoluminescence, a 182
Ru(OEP)(H2PyP3P)2, synthesis, a 135
[Ru(pp)2(CO)2]2+, chiral, decarbonylation, a 181
Ru(TAP)2(2-TAP-G)2+ for metal-DNA binding, a 136
ruthenocene auration, a 39
trichlorostannyls, spectra, photochemistry, a 182
very large molecules 33
Ruthenium Oxides, RuO2/Fe2O3, H2 photoproduction, a 83
RuO2-glass composite, conduction mechanism, a 134
for pH sensing, a 183
RuO2-IrO2-TiO2, powders, preparation, a 39
RuO2-thermometers for mK range, a 88
RuO2-xH2O, corrodability, O catalytic activity, a 44
Ruthenium Sulphides, Ru2S colloids/TiO2, luminescence, a 40
Scanning Tunnelling Microscope, Pt-Ir tips, a 137
Schottky Diodes, in sensors, a 41, 182
Sensors, see Detectors  
Shape Memory Alloys, Pd 126
Silicon, Ru implanted, electrical, optical properties, a 134
Silylformylation, acetylenes, a 140
SIROFS, a 84
Sodiodimethylmalonate reactions, Pd catalysed, a 86
Sol-Gel Process, for powder production, a 3 19, 82
Sputter Deposition, pgm metals, a 80, 84, 136
Steel, stainless, Ru additions 107
Stilbenes, epoxidation by Ru complexes, a 87
Styrene, reactions, a 86, 87, 185
Sulphur Dioxide, oxidation, with Pt-Al/C black, a 135
Superacids, a 85, 138
Superconductivity, in CeLaRhSb system, a 81
Superconductors, PtSi, ultrathin films, a 37
Srn+1RunO3n+1, perovskite 32
Temperature Detection, by thin film sensors 129
Thermocouples, Au/Pd, stability, properties, a 45
Thermometers, Pt resistance, a 45
RuO2, for mK range, a 88
Thermopower, in LaRh2Si2, Ce(Rh1-xRux)2Si„ a 38
Theses, CIS doctoral 79
Thick Films, RuO2-glass composite, pH sensing, a 183
RuO2-thermometers for mK range, a 88
Thin Films, Co-Pt/Cu/permalloy sandwiches, a 141
Co/Pd magneto-optic, a 88
IrxSil-x electrical, optical properties, a 38
PbZrTiO, reactive ion etching, a 45
Pd, dry etching, by F sputtering, a 84
Pd on (111)Si, silicides formation, a 80
Pd on ceramic, ultrathin, by sputter deposition, a 136
Pd doped SnO2, synthesis, a 37
Pd/Si, nanothin, multilayers, formation, a 37
Pd/ZnSe contacts, structure, a 180
Pt1 laser trimming, for temperature sensors 129
Pt, Pd, Pt-Pd, in a Langmuir trough, a 180
Pt in Pt/NiCo multilayers for magneto-optics, a 185
Pt-doped Sn oxide, electronic conduction, a 45
PtSi, superconductivity, a 37
Titanium Alloys, Ru in martensitic transformations 174
Transistors, AlGaAs/GaAs, Pt/Ti/Pt/Au electrodes, a 141
Triarylbismuthines, carbonylation, a 184
Trichlorosilyl Alkanes, synthesis, a 184
Trichlorotrifluoroethanes, hydrogenolysis, a 42
Turbine Blades, pinning wire 117
Vinyl, compounds reactions, 44, 140
Wacker, oxidation, alkenes, a 42
Water, photoreduction, by C60-Pt-MV, a 83
testing its quality, by Ir microelectrode 132
Wires, pinning, for gas turbine blades 117
Yttrium, added to Pt alloys 167
Zirconium, added to Pt alloys 167

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