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Platinum Metals Rev., 1996, 40, (4), 203

Subject Index to Volume 40

a = abstract Page
Acetonitrile, effects on charge transport in  
[Os(bipy)2(PVP)10Cl]Cl films, a 190
Acetophenone, derivatives, asymmetric transfer  
hydrogenation, via Ru(II) complex, a 94
Acetylcholine, detector 69
Acetylenes, disubstituted, from C2H2+aryl iodides, a 141
Acrylic Acid, hydrogenation, on Pd/PA-Nd3+, a 192
Alcohols, allenic, synthesis, a 141
allyloxycarbonyl-protected, Pd-catalysed cleavage, a 141
direct formation from alkenes, a 141
ethyl, CO2 hydrogenation, over Rh/SiO2+Li salts, a 193
synthesis from CO2-H2, on [Rh10Se]/TiO2 clusters, a 92
from hydrocarbonylation of alkenes, a 141
hexanol, photoproduction, a 190
methyl, effects on charge transport in  
[Os(bipy)2(PVP)10Cl]Cl films, a 190
electro-oxidation, at Pt-Ru-Sn, a 137
on Pt/graphite, a 89
production from CO2 via Ru cluster catalysts, a 94
optically active (E )-allylic, (EE )-dienylic and  
allenic alcohols, synthesis, a 141
(S)-enriched, > 90% yield, < 92 % ee, production, a 94
unsaturated, from cinnamaldehyde hydrogenation, a 192
hydroformylation, by Rh(acac)(CO)2+phosphine  
ligands, a 141
α-Aldehydes, from methylacrylate,  
via water soluble Rh phosphine PNS/PC, a 93
Aldehydes, aliphatic, detector, a 42
fast production from butane, over Pt-Rh single gauze 125
Alkanes, dehydrogenation, by IrClH2(PPr3)2,  
to alkenes, a 141
hydroxylation, with O2 and Ru polyoxometalate, a 44
light, C-C, C-H bond activation, by Pt-Cu/Al2O3, a 91
oxidation, by RuF16Pc in NaX zeolite catalyst 37
rapid conversions over Pt-Rh single gauzes 125
Alkenes, dihydroxylation, a 194
from alkanes dehydrogenation, by IrClH2(PPr3)2, a 141
for hydrocarbonylation to alcohols, a 141
Alkylation, allylic, by cinnamyl ethyl carbonate,  
by Pd/TPPTS, a 193
2-Alkynylbenzaldehyde, carbonylation, a 193
(E )-Allylic Alcohol, preparation via CpRu(PPh3)2Cl, a 194
Bis(α -Amino Acids), synthesis, via Pd(Ph3P)4, a 44
Ammonia, amperometric detector, a 138
detection by Pt-doped CdSnO3, a 191
for propionitrile formation, a 92
synthesis, on Ru clusters/zeolite, a 140
on Ru/fullerene catalyst, a 43
on RuAanthanide oxide catalysts, a 140
Ammoxidation, CH4, on Pt/Al2O3, Pt-Rh gauzes, a 192
Anglo American Platinum Corporation 2
Aromatisation, propane, on Ga/SiO2 catalyst  
in Pd membrane reactor, a 192
Ascorbic Acid, effect on H2O2 detection, a 191
Azobenzene, for indole formation, a 193
Barium, effects on 3-way automotive catalysts, a 92, 192
Benzocyclobutenes, preparation,  
with Pd(PPh3)4 + K2CO3, a 193
Biological Systems, PGMs in, book reviews 117, 160
Book Reviews, “Catalysis by Metals and Alloys” 70
“Encyclopedia of Chemical Technology” 174
“Fuel Cells and Their Applications” 159
“Mixed Ions in Biological Systems, Volume 32”  
Interactions of Metal Ions with Nucleotides,  
Nucleic Acid, and Their Constituents 117
"Metal Ions in Biological Systems, Volume 33:  
Probing of Nucleic Acids by Metal  
Ion Complexes of Small molecules, 160
"Palladium Reagents and Catalysts-Innovations  
in Organic Synthesis, 126
1,3-Butadiene, hydrogenation, over Co-Pd/Al2O3, a 43
Butylene, rapid production from butane, over Pt-Rh single gauze 125
C-H Bonds, in Ru3(CO)8(C9H10), activation via Ru-Ru bond breaking, a 136
Capacitors, (Ba, Sr)TiO3 thin film, a 45
Carbon60, fullerene pgm complexes 23
Carbon Oxides, CO2  
hydrogenation, to EtOH, over Rh/SiO2+Li salts, a 193
MeOH, via Ru cluster anions, a 94
via Rh complex, a 93
CO2 + H2, for EtOH synthesis, a 92
CO, CO2, reaction kinetics, on polycrystalline Pt  
electrocatalyst in fuel cell, a 142
CO:H2, electro-oxidation, on (110), (110) surfaces  
of Pt2Sn, structural effects, a 90
for copolymerisation with ethylene, a 93
hydrogenation, on Fe+Pt/SiO2, a 43
on Mn-Ru/Al2O3 catalysts, a 140
on Pt/Co/Al2O3, a 43
oxidation, on La0.8Sr0.2 AI0.8Cu0.1Ru0.1O3, a 193
on Pt/CeO2, kinetic modelling, a 139
reactions with Pd-Cu, a 38
CO-NO reaction, on La0.8Sr0.2 Al0.8Cu0.1Ru0.1O3, a 193
Carbonylation, 2-alkynylbenzaldehyde,  
via water-gas shift reaction, by Rh6(CO)16, a 193
Carboplatin, photostudies, a 138
Catalysis, aqueous phase, with Rh complex, a 193
with supported Pd complex, a 193
conference, 2nd European Congress 19
heterogeneous, a 42-43, 91-93, 139-140, 191-193
homogeneous, a 43-44, 93-94, 140-141, 193-194
conference review 161
Heck-type cyclisations, a 140
liquid-phase hydrogenation 8
Rh supramolecular, enzymatic catalytic reactions, a 93
Catalysts, see also Photocatalysts  
automotive, 3-way, Pd, CeO2 effects, a 192
La, Ba effects, a 92, 192
Pt-Rh, synergism, a 139
Pt-Rh/Al2O3, CeO2 promoted, a 92
Catalysts, Indium, Ir species in H-ZSM-5 zeolite  
channels, redox, carbonylation chemistry, a 93
Ir/HY zeolite, Pt/SiO2-Al2O3,  
for diesel and DBT hydrodesulphurisation, a 139
Iridium Complexes, for activation of C-H bonds 79
IrClH2(PPr3)2, for alkane dehydrogenation, a 141
Osmium, Os, olefin C=C bond fission,  
in presence of K osmate, and periodic acid, a 90
Osmium Complexes, OsCl2(PPh3)3,  
for cyclopropanation reactions, a 44
Palladium, Pd colloids, for microcontact printing 116
Pd/ACF, for liquid-phase hydrogenation  
of olefinic C6 hydrocarbons, a 140
Pd/CeO2, conversions, a 192
Pd/y-Al2O3, automotive, Ba effects, a 92
Co-Pd/Al2O3,1,3-butadiene hydrogenation, a 43
Pd metallic/stainless steel flakes,  
for m-xylene combustion, a 43
Pd thin film/PbSrZrO, resonance oscillation  
giving enhanced catalytic activity 25
Pd/TPPTS, in-situ generated for diynes, indolic and  
furanic products, Pd(0) intermediate, a 44
Pd/TPPTS/SiO2, water soluble catalyst, for allylic  
alkylation of cinnamyl ethyl carbonate, a 193
Pd(OAc)2/TPPTS, PdCl2/TPPTS, cyclisations, a 140
Palladium Complexes, (dppp)Pd(OAc)2, (dppp)Pd[C(OyBu]Cl + rert-butyl alumoxane,  
for polyketone polymer production, a 93
for ethynyltnmethylsilane polymerisation, a 141
homogeneous/support, PdCl2-(C9H19)3N/γ-Al2O3  
for hydrogenations 8
Pd(II) system for copolymerisation 78
Pd(OAc)2, reaction of bicyclopropylidene and  
vinyl iodide, cascade of reactions, a 93
Pd(OAc)2-TPPTS, cleavage of allyloxycarbonyl  
protected alcohols, a 141
[Pd(PPh3)2]Cl2+Cul, C2H2+aryl iodide reaction, a 141
Pd(PPh3)4, for bis(ct-amino acid) synthesis, a 44
for benzocyclobutenes synthesis, a 193
for polymerisation reactions 78
(PPh3)2PdCl2, reaction of 3-(p-nitrobenzoyloxy)-  
3-buten-2-one with aryl and vinyl halides, a 193
Platinum, nanometre Pt/MCM-41, for CO oxidation 35
[(PPh3)Pt(PPh3Au)6](NO3)2/SiO2, structure, a 139
Pt-Bx-Al2O3, for naphthalene hydrogenation, a 191
Pt/Al2O3, foam monoliths, for HCN synthesis, a 192
for NO decomposition + C3H6, H2, a 91
Pt/CeO2, kinetic modelling, a 139
Pt/HY zeolite, Pt/SiO2-Al2O3, for diesel, DBT, HDS a 139
Pt/lanthana, for NO, and CO adsorption, a 91
Pt/Na-BEA, for dec-l-ene,  
dec-5-ene hydrogenation, a 139
Pt/TiO2, sol-gel, synthesis and characterisation, a 139
for HCOOH decomposition, a 92
Platinum Alloys, Pt-Cu/Al2O3,  
for alkane C-H, C-C bond activation, a 91
Pt-Dy/Al2O3, for n-hexane, methylcyclopentane  
conversions, a 192
Pt-Pd/support, S resistance, a 92
Pt-Rh gauzes, for HCN synthesis, a 192
Pt-Rh/Al2O3, CeO2-promoted, 3-way, automotive, a 92
Pt-Sn/Al2O3, sol-gel, preparation, properties, a 192
Pt-Sn/C, for crotonaldehyde hydrogenation, a 139
Platinum Complexes,  
PtCl2-C8H17 NH2-HAl(ι -Bu)2/y-Al2O3,  
for hydrogenations 2
PtCl4, synthesis of 3-oxabicyclo[4.1.0]hept-4-enes, a 43
[PtH(H2O)(PMe3)2][OH], acetonitrile hydration 169
chiral, Pt, a 43, 102
colloidal, for H2 photochemical production, a 190
Fe+Pt/SiO2 CO + H2 reactions, a 43
Pt/AAPx, for naphthalene hydrogenation, a 42
Pt/Al borate, Pt/borate-Al2O3, resistance to S, a 43
Pt/Co/Al2O3, for CO hydrogenation, a 43
PtCl2(atropoisomeric diphosphine)/SnCl2,  
for styrene asymmetric hydroformylation, a 43
Rhodium, liquid-phase hydroformylation  
catalysts, a 140
[Rh10Se]/TiO2 clusters, for EtOH synthesis  
from CO2/H2, a 92
Rh/CeO2, ceria structure effect on O migration, a 92
Rh/lanthana, for NO, and CO adsorption, a 91
Rh/SiO2+Li salts, CO2 hydrogenation to EtOH, a 193
Rh/SiO2, highly dispersed,  
from organic Rh precursors via OMCVD, a 92
Rh/Y-zeolite, forentate ligand spropionitrile formation, a 92
Rhodium Alloys, Rh-B/, Rh-Zn-B/SiO2,  
for hydroformylation of styrenes, a 140
Rhodium Complexes, chiral, Rh, a 44
[((cod)Rh(µ-Cl))2] + mono & bidentate ligands,  
for CO2 hydrogenation, a 93
n5-CpRh(Cod)/PS, for cyclopentanone synthesis, a 140
Rh2(OAc)4, Rh2(cap)4, Rh2(tfa)4,  
for α-diazo carbonyls reactions, a 93
Rh carbonyl/phenyl-sulphonato-alkylphosphine,  
for higher molecular olefin hydroformylation, a 44
Rh phosphine PNS/PC, for hydroformylation, a 93
Rh(acac)(CO)2+phosphine ligands,  
for unsaturated alcohol hydroformylation, a 141
RhCl3 + poly-N,N -diallyl-N,N,dimethylammonium  
chloride, for hexene hydroformylation, a 44
RhCl34H2O-(C8H17)3N/Nd2O3, for hydrogenation 8
RhCl(PMe3)2CO, for hexanal hydrogenation, a 190
[RhH(PEt3)3], hydroformylation of hex-1-ene  
to aldehydes, alcohols, a 141
Rh(I) supramolecular basket-shape molecule,  
for dihydroxyarene substituted reactions, a 93
Rh(I)(TPPTS)/SiO2, for indole production, a 193
Rh(PPh3)3Cl-Isocyanide + polymer, alkene, alkyne,  
nitrile, nitrocompound hydrogenation, a 193
Ruthenium, Ru3-C60-Cs+/SiO2, for NH3 synthesis, a 43
Ru clusters/zeolite, for NH3 synthesis, a 140
Ru/La2O3, for NH3 synthesis, a 140
Ruthenium Alloys,Ru-Me/Al2O3, Me=Ge, Sn, Pb,  
for citral, cinnamaldehyde hydrogenation, a 140
Ru-Mn/Al2O3, for CO hydrogenation, a 140
Ruthenium Complexes,  
[(CO2)Rh(µ-Cl)]2, for oxabicycloheptenes,  
cyclopropane ring cleavage, a 43
Cp*(dppf)RuH, preparation, MV reduction with H2, a 94
CpRu(PPh3)2Cl, for allylic substitution,  
of allylic cyclic carbonates, a 194
Ru2(O2CCH3)4, immobilised on modified supports,  
for cinnamaldehyde hydrogenation, a 192
Ru3(CO)12 + alkaline iodides,  
in N -methylpyrrolidone, a 94
Ru red/Pt, in water electro-oxidation 87
RuCl2(PPh3)3 for cyclopropanation reactions, a 44
RuCl,.(H2O)3, for syn-diols, a 194
NO reduction, water-gas shift reaction, a 93
RuF16Pc in NaX zeolite catalyst, alkane oxidation 37
[RuH2(CO)(AsPh3)3], [RuH2(CO)(AsPh3)(L-L)],  
activity for propionaldehyde hydrogenation, a 194
RuH2(PPh3)4, for optically active (E )-allylic  
(E,E )-dienylic, allenic alcohols, synthesis, a 141
Ru(II), for asymmetric transfer hydrogenation  
of acetophenone derivatives in propan-2-ol, a 94
[ WZnRu2III(OH)(H2O)(Zn W9O34)2]1  
for alkane hydroxylation, a 44
La0.8Sr0.2Al0.8Cu0.1Ru0.1O3, for CO oxidation,  
NO-CO reaction, a 193
Catchment Gauzes, Pd alloy, for nitric acid plants 80
Cells, Pt/ZrO2(Y2O3)/Pt solid oxide,  
working electrode function, a 142
Ceria, promoter, a 92
structural effects on O migration on Rh catalysts, a 92
Chirality, in Pt, Ru, Os complexes 102
Chlorine, production,  
on coated Ru-Pt oxide electrodes, a 90
Choline, detector 69
Chromium, electrodeposition, via Pt/Ti anodes, a 42
Cinnamaldehyde. hydrogenation, a 140
over Rh, Ru, Pd complexes, a 192
Cinnamyl Ethyl Carbonate, allylic alkylation,  
catalysed by Pd/TPPS/SiO2, a 193
Cisplatin, adducts in DNA, crystal structure, a 45
anti-cancer drug 165
Citral, hydrogenation, a 140
Clusters, Pt309, with ligands, metallic behaviour, a 136
catalyst for H2-D2 equilibration, a 139
Ru3(CO)8(C9H8), C-H bond activation  
on Ru-Ru bond fission, a 136
preparation, a 89
Coatings, a 138
Nafion/glassy C disks + Os(bpy)32+  
electron transfer rates, a 90
Pd, electroplated, on Ni-Co chip carriers, a 138
Cobalt, Co/Pt multilayers, coercivity, a 135
CoPt single crystals, magnetism, a 38
Co-rich CoPt thin films, magnetic measurements, a 194
Cold Start, automotive, SAE conference 110
Colloids, Pd particles, ultrafine, preparation, a 142
Pd(II) dispersion, electroless Ni deposition, a 138
Pt, shape control 168
for water photolysis, a 190
Sb-doped SnO2, with Ru(bpy)32+, luminescence, a 190
Composites, Pd/Ni wire, interdiffusion, a 88
Pd/Ta, for H2 separation, a 139
thin Pd films/ceramic membranes, preparation, a 142
Conferences, 2nd European Congress on Catalysis,  
Maastricht, September, 1995 19
11th World Hydrogen Energy Conference,  
Stuttgart, 23-28 June 1996 175
Hydrogen Treatment of Materials,  
Donetsk, September, 1995 36
Metal-Hydrogen Systems,  
Dayton, 10-11 June, 1996 180
SAE, Spring, Detroit, 24-27 February 1996 110
6th Int. Conf. on the Chemistry of the Platinum  
Group Metals, York, 22-26 July 1996 71, 161
Copolymerisation, ethylene and alkyl acrylates,  
by Pd(II) catalyst 78
Copper, plated onto Pd/carbon spheres, a 191
Corrosion Protection, a 94
in the chemical and oil industries 54
Creep, in pure Pt, high temperature, a 189
Cross-Coupling Reactions, of captodative olefins, a 193
Crotonaldehyde, hydrogenation,  
on Pt-Sn/C, Sn effect, a 139
Cyclisations, Heck-type, with Pd(OAc)2/TPPTS,  
PdCl2/TPPTS, a 140
Cyclopentanone, synthesis, on n5-CpRh(cod)/PS, a 140
Cyclopropanation, ethyl diazoacetate with olefins, a 44
Dehydrocyclisation, n-hexane, a 192
Dendralene, production, a 93
Detectors see Sensors  
α-Diazo Carbonyls, reactions via Rh2(OAc)4,  
Rh2(Cap)4, Rh2(tfa)4, a 93
Dibenzotmophene, hydrodesulphurisation, a 139
Diesel, reactions with catalysts, a 92
Diesel Fuel, hydrodesulphurisation, a 139
Dihydroxylation, alkenes, by RuCl3-(H2O)3, a 194
Diketones, β-Pt, a 189
Diodes, Pt/PZT/n-SrTiO3 ferroelectric memory, a 142
syit-Diols, preparation, a 194
Diphenylacetylene, for indole formation, a 193
Diynes, synthesis, via Pd/TPPTS, a 44
DNA, photochemical reactions with Ru(II), Rh(III)  
polypyridyls, porphyrins, uranyl ions, a 91
Pt complexes in binding studies 127
Electrical Contacts, ohmic,  
Au/Ge/Pd to η-type GaAs, a 194
Pd/Al-n-type GaN, a 194
PdGe-based/n-GaAs, thermal stability, a 45
Ti/Pt/Au on Be implanted GaAsSb, HIGFET, a 94
Electrocatalysts, for fuel cell 94, 141, 142, 150, 194
Electrochemistry, a 39-40, 89-90, 137-138, 190
Electrodeposition, a 42, 138, 191
Cr, a 42
electroless metal plating, Pd on carbon spherules, a 191
Pd/Vycor glass, a 42
Electrodes, anodes, Pt/Ti for Cr electroplating, a 42
Pt, in PEFC, a 142
RuO2/TiO2, for sea water electrolysis, a 137
catalysts, Pt-Co-Cr/C black,  
for O reduction reaction in PAFC, a 94
Pt/PAN, for O2 reduction, a 94
coated Ru-Pt oxide, for O2 evolution and hypochlorite production, a 90
enzyme, with Ir/C for biosensing glucose, a 191
Ir-dispersed C-paste transducer biosensor, a 191
IrO2 coated Ti electrodes, O reduction kinetics, a 190
Ni-40Nb-pgm, for Zn extraction 18
[Os(bipy)2(PVP)10Cl]Cl-modified, charge transport, a 190
[Os(bpy)]/Nafion coatings, mass transport study, a 40
Pd, sheet, for styrene hydrogenation, a 137
Pd-doped/C strips, printed, for HCHO sensing, a 42
Pd/C paste, Pd immobilisation studies, a 137
platinised Pt, for enzyme detection, a 191
Pt(100), Pt(110), for HCHO electro-oxidation,  
in perchloric acid, a 137
Pt(111), HCHO surface patterns, a 40
hydride surface patterns, a 40
Pt, bottom electrodes, on high dielectric SiO2/Si  
thin films, for (Ba, Sr)TiO3 films, a 45
for humidity sensors, a 138
polarised + PPy, NH3 detection in biosensors, a 138
polymer modified, for H2O2 detection,  
with ascorbic acid, a 191
Pt hydrous oxide film formation, a 39
for D-sorbitol electro-oxidation, a 40
to detect choline, acetylcholine 69
Pt (nanosized)/graphite (porous), for O reduction reaction, a 89, 90
Pt and Pt-Ru, in DMFC 150
Pt single crystals, H deposition on, a 40
NO adsorption, a 39
Pt (well calibrated)/graphite (porous),  
for O reduction reaction, a 89
Pt-Ru/, Pt-Sn/, Pt-Ru-Sn/conducting polymer matrix,  
poisoning for MeOH electro-oxidation, a 137
Pt/C in PEFC, a 194
Pt/C/vulcan C, in fuel cells, a 141
Pt/graphite, for MeOH electro-oxidation, a 89
Pt/graphite/polymerised LaPO4, HER, a 137
Pt/spherical microelectrodes, for CV  
and stripping analysis, a 42
Pt/(Ta2O5+Pt)/Ti, fabrication, a 137
Pt/YSZ, in SOFC, a 194
Pt/ZrO2, in O2 automotive sensors, a 42
PZT/Pt/SiO2/Si, (Ba, Sr)TiO3/Pt/SiO2/Si, thin films, a 90
Ru(NH3)63+ and Os(bpy)33+/Nafion,  
for Ru oxidation to Ru(VII) by Os, a 137
RuO2-SnO2 coated Ti, morphology, a 90
RuO2-TiO2 film, SIMS study, a 138
RuO2/TiN, for (Ba, Sr)TiO3 thin film capacitors, a 45
RUO-RUCN/C for aliphatic,  
furanic aldehyde detection, a 42
RuS2 Colloids/TiO2, photoelectrochemistry, a 41
Electroless Plating, Pd/Vycor glass, bath conditions, a 42
Emission Control, at SAE conference 110
Enthalpies, of pgms 62
Entropies, of pgms 62
Enzyme, electrodes, sensors, a 191
Ethane, ammoxidation for HCN synthesis, a 192
Ethene, for direct alcohol formation, a 141
for propionitrile formation, a 92
Ethylene, combustion on IrO2, NEMCA effect, a 40
for copolymerisation with CO, a 93
polymerisation, by Pd catalyst 78
Ethynyltrimetbylsilane, polymerisation,  
by Pd bis(acetiylide)complex, a 141
Extraction, noble metals from anode muds, in Russia 118
Fluorescence, [PtBrMe2(4-CH2-7-MeOcoumarin)(phen)],a 39
Formaldehyde, detector, a 42
electro-oxidation, on Pt(100), Pt(IlO) electrodes,  
in perchloric acid, a 137
Formic Acid, decomposition by  
[Pt4(µ-CH3COO)8]/SiO2, a 92
production, via Rh complex catalyst, a 93
Fuel Cells 44-45, 94, 141-142, 150, 194
at 11th World Hydrogen Energy Conference 175
book review 159
DMFC 150
PAFC, Pt on electrodes, a 44
PEFC, a 142
gas diffusion electrodes, a 194
SOFC, a 45, 194
Fullerenes. [C70(Pt(PPh3)2)4], characterisation, a 189
pgm complexes 23
Ru3-C60-Cs+/SiO2 catalyst, for NH3 synthesis, a 43
Furanic Aldehyde, detector, a 42
Gallium Arsenide, Ru, S passivation, a 88
Gauzes, single Pt-Rh, for rapid alkane conversions 125
Glucose, sensors, a 91, 191
Graphite, in Pt(IV)-graphite compounds, a 40
Hexanal, photocatalytic hydrogenation,  
with H2 by RhCl(PMe3)2CO, a 190
n-Hexane, conversions on Pt-Dy/Al203, a 192
Hexene-1, hydroformylation, a 44
History, discovery of ruthenium 181
ruthenium, and recent research 128
Humidity, sensor, a 138
Hydration, of nitriles to amides 169
Hydrocarbonylation, alkenes, from alcohols, a 141
in platinum metals metallurgy 118
Hydrodesulphurisation, debenzothiophene and diesel, a 139
Hydroformylation, alcohols, unsaturated,  
by Rh(acac)(CO)2+phosphine ligands, a 141
asymmetric, styrene, a 43, 44
by CpRh(cod)/PS, a 140
hex-l-ene to aldehydes, alcohols, by [RhH(PEt3)3], a 141
hexene-1, a 44
higher molecular olefins,  
by H2O + MeOH soluble Rh catalysts, a 44
liquid-phase, styrene, substituted, a 140
methylacrylate to α-aldehyde,  
via water soluble Rh phosphine PNS/PC, a 93
Hydrogen, changing mechanical properties and  
structure of Pd-Mn 37
deposition on single crystal Pt, Pt(100), Pt(110),  
and Pt(111) surfaces, a 40
evolution reaction, on electrodes of  
Pt/graphite/polymerised LaPO4, a 137
forced diffusion in Pd, a 189
interaction with Pd, Donetsk conf. report 36
permeation in Pd-Ag membranes, a 38
photoproduction, on Pt/CdS, Pt/CdS/ZnS, a 90
photoproduction from water,  
by Pt/TiO2+Zn porphyrin, a 41
by Rh/perfluorinated poly(p-phenylene), a 41
by water photolysis, a 190
discussed at 11th World Hydrogen Energy Conf. 175
in a PEFC, a 142
reaction with CO over Fe + Pt/Si2, a 43
sensors, a 42, 191
separation, a 139
solubility in Pd-Pt, a 88
storage, for fuel cell use 177
Hydrogen Cyanide, synthesis, a 192
Hydrogen Peroxide, detection, a 191
Hydrogenation, 1,3-butadiene, over Co-Pd/Al2O3, a 43
acrylic acid, on Pd/PA-Nd3+, a 192
alkenes, on Pt/Na-BEA, a 139
asymmetric transfer, of ketones, in propan-2-ol,  
via Ru(II) complex, a 94
cinnamaldehyde, over Rh, Ru, Pd complexes, a 192
citral, on Ru-Me/Al2O3, Me = Ge, Sn, Pb, a 140
CO2 to EtOH, over Rh/SiO2+Li salts, a 193
CO2 to HCOOH, a 93
CO, by Pt/Co/Al2O3, a 43
on Mn-Ru/Al2O3 catalysts, a 140
crotonaldehyde, on Pt-Sn/C, Sn effect, a 139
hexanal, with H2 in RhCl(PMe3)2CO, a 190
linoleic acid, on Pt/TiO2, a 41
liquid-phase, by pgm complex catalysts 8
of C6 olefinic hydrocarbons, on Pd/AFC, a 140
naphthalene, with Pt-Bx-Al2O3, a 191
on Pt/ΑΑΡx catalyst, a 42
organic substrates, by Rh(PPh3)3Cl-Isocyanide  
polymer bound, a 193
propionaldehyde, a 194
styrene, with Pd sheet electrode, for ethylbenzene, a 137
Hydrogenolysis, of chiral allylic and  
propargylic cyclic carbonates, a 141
Hydroxylation, alkanes, with O2 and  
Ru polyoxometalate, a 44
Hypochlorite, production, on Ru-Pt oxide electrodes, a 90
Indoles, formation from azobenzene and  
diphenylacetylene, a 193
Iridium, apparatus, for XRF fusion technology 87
compounds, NaSr3IrO6, single crystals, a 136
Sr3CuPt1-xIr1O6, random quantum spin  
chain paramagnetism 63
SrCaIrO, SrBaIrO, properties, a 38
contact electroresistance,  
for oxide film defect evaluation, a 91
Iridium Alloys, Ir-Nb, Ir-Ti, refractory superalloys, a 189
Iridium Complexes  
(n4-C8H12)IrRu-H)(PPh3)2(n5-C2B9H11) cluster, a 89
[Ir(COD)Cl]2 + α-diimines, a  
Iridium Oxide, catalyst film, for ethylene combustion,  
NEMCA effect, a 40
compounds, electrochemistry during O reactions, a 40
Iridium Silicides, Si:Ir deposition ratio effects  
on IrSi/Si(100), a 135
Iron, [Fe(II),Ru(III)] formation, a 94
Johnson Matthey, "Platinum 1996" 127
relationship with Rustenburg Platinum Mines 2
Junctions, Pt silicided p+n, Pt/Si films/Si, a 45
Ketone, production, from olefin C=C bond fission,  
in presence of K osmate, a 90
Klaus, Karl Karlovitch, discoverer of ruthenium 181
Lactones, from 2-alkynylbenzaldehyde carbonylation, a 193
Lanthanum, additions to 3-way automotive catalysts, a 192
Lean-Burn Technology, at SAE conference 110
Linoleic Acid, photohydrogenation by Pt/TiO2, a 41
LPG, sensor, a 191
in [Ru(bpy)2(bpz)]2+, in [Zn(bpy)3](C1O4)2, a 138
of Ru(bpy)3 on colloidal Sb-doped SnO7, a 190
[Ru(bpy-d8)2(bpz)]2+, in [Zn(bpy)3](C1O4)2, a 138
in Ru(bpy)(CN), Ru(DMbpy)(CN), a 41
L-Lysine, photocatalysed to pipecolinic acid, a 41
Magnetism, in Co-rich CoPt and CoPtP thin films, a 194
coercivity, Co/Pt multilayers, a 135
in CoPt single crystals, under compression, a 38
electronic and nuclear in Pt 112
in FeRhPd alloys, and crystalline properties, a 88
in LaNdRhSi system, a 38
in MnPt thin films, a 135
random quantum spin chain paramagnetism  
in Sr3CuPt1IrxO6 63
in SrCaIrO, SrBaIrO, structures, a 38
in UIr2Si2, and physical properties, a 88
in U(PdFe)2Ge2, a 88
Manganese, MnPt thin films, magnetic properties, a 135
Medical, carboplatin, photostudies, a 138
corrosion of implants, a 94
Medical Uses, a 45, 165
Melting Points, of pgms 62
Membranes, Pd-Ag films, preparation, a 38
Pd/α-Al2O3, tubes, for H2 removal, a 192
Pd/ceramic composite, preparation, a 142
Pd/Ta composites, for H2 separation, a 139
Pt nanochannel replicas 25
Memory Diode, Pt/PZT/n-SrTiO3, fabrication, a 142
Methane, ammoxidation, to HCN on  
Pt/Al2O3, Pt-Rh, a 192
conversion to syngas over Pt electrode, a 194
Methylacrylate, hydroformylation to α-aldehyde,  
via water soluble Rh phosphine PNS/PC, a 93
Methylcyclopentane, conversions, a 192
Mining, platinum, in South Africa 2
Mirrors, X-ray multilayer, Pt/C, a 88
Modifiers, Ba, for 3-way catalysts, a 92, 192
Molecular Wires 72
Ru and Os polypyridine complexes 26
Molybdenum, effect on corrosion resistance  
of V-free Ti medical implants, a 94
Nanocomposites, Pt/polymer preparation 77
Nanoparticles, Pt in recast ionomer, for O reduction, a 89
Nanotechnology, molecular wires 26
nanometre Pt/MCM-41 35
Pt nanochannel replica membranes 25
Naphthalene, hydrogenation, on Pt-Bx-Al2O3 catalyst, a 191
on Pt/AAPjc catalyst, a 42
NEMCA, effect, a 40
New Patents, a 46-52, 95-100, 143-148, 195-98
Nickel, electroless deposition,via Pd(II) colloid, a 138
plated onto Pd/carbonaceous spherules, a 191
Nitric Acid, plants 80
Nitriles, hydration to amides 169
Nitriloacetic Acid, electron donor,  
for H2 photoproduction, a 190
Nitrogen Oxides, NO,  
adlayers on Pt single crystal electrodes, a 39
and CO adsorption on Rh/lanthana, Pt/lanthana, a 91
decomposition using C3H6, H2, over Pt/Al2O3, a 91
reactions with CO, on La0.8Sr02Al0.8Cu0.1Ru0.103, a 193
reactions with PdCu, a 38
NOx, reductions, by 3-way catalysts, a 92
reductions over Pd modified 3-way catalysts, a 192
sensor, with Pt gate MOSFET, a 91
Olefins, higher molecular, hydroformylation, a 44
α-Olefins, polymerisation, by Pd catalyst 78
Optical Switching, in Pd/Y and Pd/La films 102
Osmium, compounds, LaRu4-xOsxP12,  
superconductivity, electrical conductivity, a 135
Osmium Complexes, chirals, Os(CHIRAGEN[7]) 102
Os polypyridines, in molecular wires 26
[Os(bipy)2(PVP)10Cl]Cl, thin films on electrodes, a 190
[Os(bpy)]32+, in Nafion coatings on glassy C disks,  
electron transfer rates, a 90
Os(bpy)33+/Nafion, for oxidising Ru(NH3)63+, a 137
[Os(CO)6][Sb2F11]2, a 39
sandwich indenyl, (n5-C9H7)Os-n5 -C9H7,  
redox behaviour at a Pt electrode, a 90
used in molecular wire development 26, 72
3-Oxabicyclo[4.1.0]hept-4-enes, synthesis by PtCl4, a 43
Oxidation, alkanes, by RuF16Pc in NaX zeolite catalyst 37
CO, on Pt/CeO2, kinetic modelling, a 139
electro, MeOH, on Pt/graphite, a 89
partial, alkanes, Pt-Rh gauze 125
Oxygen, dissolved, sensor, a 191
evolution on coated Ru-Pt oxide electrodes, a 90
reduction, in alkali, on IrO2/Ti electrodes, a 190
Palladium, coatings on tubular reactors, a 192
compounds, Pd in VOHPO4.0.5H2O, a 89
Tl2Pd4Se6, preparation, a 89
corrosion effects on V-free Ti alloys for implants, a 94
electrocoatings for Ni-Co chip carriers, a 138
forced H diffusion, a 189
H diffusion through sheet electrode, a 137
H permeation, a 40
nanocrystalline, specific heat, a 38
Pd-H, anomaly at 50K 180
Donetsk conf. 36
system, ACS symposium 180
thin films on Y and La, optical switching effect 102
ultrafine particles, preparation using ultrasound, a 142
ultrathin films, growth on Al(001), a 135
Palladium Alloys, Ag-Pd, Cu-Pd, nanoscale, a 38
Cu-Pd, properties and structures, a 189
Pd-Ag, film membranes, preparation, a 38
Pd-Cu, CO, NO surface reactions, a 38
Pd-Mn, H changes mechanical properties, structure 37
Pd-Pt, thick foil, H solubility, a 88
Palladium Complexes, acetylacetonato derivatives  
of palladated α-arylalkylamines, synthesis, a 136
(n2-C60)Pd(CNR)2, a 189
(n2-C60)Pd(PPh3)2, in benzene, laser excitation spectra, a 190
palladacycle, from Pd(PPh3)2Cl2 + dimethylhydrazone, a 39
Pd macrocycles, with pendant-arm 14-,16-,18-members, a 189
Pd(NH3)42+ ions, on C spheres, for Ni, Cu plating, a 191
polynuclear hydroxo Pd11(PHC) complexes, a 39
Permeation, H, in Pd 40, 175, 180
H in Pd-Ag membranes, a 38
Phase Diagrams, RuO2-Bi2O3-ZnO, RuO2-Al2O3-ZnO, a 88
Photocatalysts, Pt/CdS, L-Iysine into pipecolinic acid, a 41
Pt/TiO2, for H2 production from water, a 41
for linoleic acid hydrogenation, a 41
PtS/CdS/Pt, IrS/CdS/Ir, a 41
Rh colloid/perfluorinated poly(p-phenylene), a 41
Photoconversion, a 41, 90, 91, 138, 190
Photolysis, for H2 photoproduction, a 190
laser, of (n2-C60)Pd(PPh3)2, spectra, a 190
Photoreactions, with DNA, induced by Ru(II),  
Rh(III), polypyridyls, porphyrins, uranyl ions, a 91
Plating, Ni onto Pd/carbonaceous spherules, a 191
"Platinum 1996" 127
Platinum, additions, to YBaCuO superconductors,  
effects on solidification, a 135
on CdS and CdS/ZnS, for H2 photoproduction, a 90
Co/Pt multilayers, coercivity, a 135
colloids 168, 190
compounds, Pt chloride-graphite intercalation, a 40
Sr3CuPt1-xIrxO6, random quantum spin  
chain paramagnetism 63
Tl2Pt4S6, TI2Pt4Te6, Tl2Pt4Se6, preparation, a 89
contact electroresistance measurements,  
for oxide film defect evaluation, a 91
in fuel cells, see Fuel Cells  
high temperature creep, a 189
membranes 25
mining in South Africa 2
Pt309 clusters, with ligands, inner metallic core, a 136
Pt hydrous oxide films, from potential cycling, a 39
PtCo single crystals, magnetism, a 38
recovery in nitric acid plants 80
in superconductivity 64
Platinum Alloys, Pt2Sn, single crystal surfaces  
for CO, C0:H2 electro-oxidation, a 90
Platinum Complexes, [C70{Pt(PPh3)2}4],  
isolation, characterisation, a 189
chiral complexes 102
(n2-C60)Pt(CNR)2, a 189
[Pt2(µ-C1)2{(C0R)2H}2], R=Me, Et, a 189
fluorescence, a 39
[Pt11(dpp-C,N,N')(MeCN)]+ DNA binding studies 127
cis-Pt(LH2)Cl2, H2L[PtCl4],  
with deprotonated amide ligands, a 39
trans-Pt(II) acetylide, photophysical properties, a 91
Platinum Silicide, injunctions, a 45
Platinum-Iron, ultralow temperature physics 112
Poisoning, Pt-based electrodes,  
in MeOH electro-oxidation, a 137
of Pt-Sn/Al2O3 by thiophene, a 192
S in fuel cells, a 141
Polymerisation, CO + ethylene, via Pd complex, a 93
ethynyltrimethylsilane, by Pd bis(acetiylide), a 141
Polymers, high molecular weight, production,  
by Pd catalyst system 78
with Os complex as electrode coating, a 190
polyketone, production via (dppp)Pd(OAc)2 or  
(dppp)Pd[C(O)’Bu]Cl + terr-butyl alumoxane, a 93
Printing, fine electronic circuitry 116
Promoters, CeO2, for 3-way catalyst, a 92
Li salts for Rh/SiO2, CO2 hydrogenation to EtOH, a 193
polymer-immobilised Nd ions, for ultrafine Pd, a 192
Propan-1-ol, preparation, a 194
Propane, aromatisation on Ga/SiO2,  
in Pd membrane reactor, a 192
Propionitrile, formation, over Rh/Y-zeolite, a 92
Reactors, tubular, Pd coated, for H removal, a 192
Recording Film, ultra-high density, CoCrPt(Ta, Β), a 45
Reduction, oxygen, on IrO2 coated Ti electrodes, a 190
Rhodium, compounds, CeRh2Si2, superconductivity, a 135
LaNdRhSi system, superconductivity, magnetism, a 38
in superconductivity 64
Rhodium Complexes, [e-BHP(C12)2RhIII(L)(H2O)]Cl,  
synthesis, characterisation, a 136
Rh1-RhIII with cyanide bridges, a 136
trans -[Rh(CH=CH2)(CS)(Pi Pr3)2], preparation, a 89
trans -[Rh(R)(CO)( Pi Pr3)2], preparation, a 89
Rustenburg Platinum Mines 2
Ruthenium, compounds, CeRu2, superconductivity, a 89
CeRu4P12, superconductivity, electrical properties, a 135
LaRu4-xOsxP12, superconductivity, a 135
Ru(bpy)(CN), Ru(DMbpy)(CN), photoproperties, a ! 41
Ru(NH3)63+, oxidation by Os(bpy)33+/Nafion, a 137
after laser flash photolysis, a 41
[Fe(II),Ru(III)] formation, a 94
historical discovery 181
historical perspective 128
Ruthenium Alloys, Ru enhanced Ti alloys 54
Ruthenium Chloride, to passivate GaAs surface, a 88
Ruthenium Complexes, chirals, Ru(CHIRAGEN[6])Cl2 102
(n4-C8H12)IrRu(µ-H)(PPh3)2(n5-C2B9H11) cluster, a 89
[Ru2(O2CCMe3)4(NITPh)]n (BF4)n, properties, a 136
Ru3(CO)8(C9H8), C-H bond activation  
on Ru-Ru fission, a 136
preparation, characterisation, a 190
Ru polypyridines, in molecular wires 26
Ru(bipy)32+, in water photolysis system, a 190
[Ru(bpy)2(bpz)]2+, [Ru(bpy-d8)2(bpz)]2+, in  
[Zn(bpy)3](ClO4)2, luminescence spectra, a 138
Ru(bpy)2(dcbpy)2+, electron transfer to SnO2  
nanocrystallites, a 138
Ru(bpy)32+, on colloidal Sb-SnO2, luminescence, a 190
RuCl3.3H2O in polycarbonate, interactions, a 93
[Ru(CO)6][Sb2Fl1]2, a 39
in sol-gel SiO2, for O sensor, a 191
[Ru(NH3)5Cl]Cl2,fac -[Ru(NH3)3Cl3], preparation, a 89
sandwich indenyl, (n5-C9H7)Ru-n5-C9H7,  
redox behaviour at a Pt electrode, a 90
trans -[Ru(bpy)2(pya)(pyb)]n+,  
chromophore-quencher complexes, a 190
used in molecular wire development 26, 72
Ruthenium Oxides, RuO2 grown on YSZ, a 38
Sr2RuO4, superconductivity, quantum oscillations, a 136
Schottky Diodes, Pt-InAlAs, Fe doped,  
IVT characteristics, a 142
PtSi/p -Si, IR, bias and thickness dependence, a 94
PtSi/Si(III), non-uniform barrier height effects, a 45
Sensors, ammonia, in biosensor, a 138
by Pt-doped CdSnO3, a 191
automotive, development of 110
O2 sensors, a 42
enzyme, a 191
formaldehyde, a 42
glucose, a 91, 191
H2, a 42, 191
H2O2, on polymer-modified Pt electrode, a 191
humidity, with Pt electrodes, a 138
LPG, a 191
NOx, with Pt gate MOSFET, a 91
O, dissolved, +fluorescent quenching of Ru complex, a 191
Single Crystals, CoPt, magnetism in, a 38
NaSr3IrO6, structure, a 136
PdCu, CO, NO surface reactions, a 38
Pt2Sn surfaces, for CO, CO:H2 electro-oxidation, a 90
Pt, hydride surface patterns, a 40
Pt electrodes, NO adsorption, a 39
Sol-Gel Process, for O sensor production, a 191
for Pt-Sn/Al2O3 catalysts, properties, a 192
for Pt/TiO2 catalyst preparation, characterisation, a 139
D-Sorbitol, electro-oxidation on Pt, a 40
Specific Heats, in nano-Pd, a 38
of pgms 62
Stearic Acid, production, a 41
Styrene, asymmetric hydroformylation, a 43, 44
hydrogenation, with a Pd sheet electrode, a 137
substituted, liquid-phase hydroformylation,  
on Rh-B, Rh-Zn-B/SiO2 catalysts, a 140
Sulphur, catalyst tolerance, a 43
effects on Pt electrocatalyst in fuel cell, a 141
S, catalyst resistance to, a 92
Superalloys, Ir-Nb, Ir-Ti refractories, a 189
Superconductivity, CeRu2 single crystal, a 89
flux pinning by Pt and Rh in YBaCuO 64
in LaRu4P12, LaRu3OsP12, LaRu2Os2P12, a 135
in LaNdRhSi system, a 38
Superconductors, CeRh2Si2, a 135
Sr2RuO4, quantum oscillations, a 136
UPd2Al3, crystal field transitions, a 135
YBaCuO, effects of Pt additions to solidification, a 135
Synthesis Gas, preparation, a 194
Temperature Measurement, by Ir-Au proximity  
effect thermometers, 20-100 mK, a 142
Thermodynamic Properties, Pt, Pd, Rh, Ir, Os, Ru 38, 62
Thick Films, Pd-Pt, H solubility, a 88
Thin Films, capacitors, a 45
CoCrPt(Ta, B) as ultra-high density recording media, a 45
CoPtP alloys, magnetic values, a 194
high dielectric, Pt bottom electrodes on SiO2/Si,  
for (Ba, Sr)TiO3 films, a 45
MnPt, magnetic properties, long range order, a 135
[Os(bipy)2(PVP)10Cl]Cl on electrodes,  
charge transport, a 190
Pd, ultrathin, Al(110), growth, a 135
Pd on ceramic composite membranes, a 142
Pd/Y and Pd/La, optical switching 102
PZT/Pt/SiO2/Si, (Ba, Sr)TiO3/Pt/SiO2/Si electrodes, a 90
RuO2/YSZ, electrical properties, a 38
SnO2, Pd 2-5 nm, activated, gas sensing, a 42
SnO2 nanocrystalline,  
electron transfer from Ru(bpy)2(dcbpy)2+, a 138
Tin, effects on Pt-Sn/C catalysts,  
for crotonaldehyde hydrogenation, a 139
Tin Oxide, nanocrystalline films,  
electron transfer from Ru(bpy)2(dcbpy)2+, a 138
SnO2, Pd thin films 42
Titanium Alloys, medical implants, Mo, Pd effects, a 94
Ru enhanced 54
Tunnel Junctions, H2 sensor, a 191
Vapour Pressures, of pgms 62
Voltresistometry, with Pt, Ir, for oxide film evaluation, a 91
Water, electro-oxidation by Ru/Pt 87
photodccomposition, a 41
sea, electrolysis, via RuO2/TiO2, a 137
Wires, composite Pd/Ni, interdiffusion, a 88
molecular, development 26, 72
m -Xylene, total combustion over Pd/stainless steel, a 43
Zinc, extraction with Nb-Ni-pgm electrode 18

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