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Platinum Metals Rev., 1999, 43, (3), 128

Noble and Rare Metals: NRM-2000

Third International Conference

The third in these broad ranging conferences, which take place every three years, is being held from 19th-22nd September, 2000, at the Donetsk State Technical University, Ukraine. The conference, which is entitled “Current Status and Strategy of Development in the XXI-st Century” is aiming to cover such topics as the geology and refining of the noble and rare earth metals; metal recovery, assaying and analysis; the science and technology of the platinum group metals and their alloys and a broad spectrum of their industrial uses and engineering applications.

The First Circular and further details on the conference may be obtained from the organising committee, Chairman: Professor Victor A. Goltsov, Donetsk State Technical University, 58 Artem Street, Donetsk 340000, Ukraine; e-mail:; tel: +380-(0)622-910-314; fax: +380-(0)622-921-278.

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