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Platinum Metals Rev., 2003, 47, (3), 121

Johnson Matthey Catalysts Division

In November 2002, Johnson Matthey completed the acquisition from ICI of its Synetix business. Synetix was added to Johnson Matthey’s Catalysts & Chemicals Division, which was then renamed Johnson Matthey Catalysts. This division comprises Process Catalysts and Technologies (PCT), Environmental Catalysts and Technologies (ECT) and Fuel Cells. The former Synetix businesses, now part of PCT, bring a complementary range of base metal technologies to Johnson Matthey’s traditional precious metals catalysis business.

Synetix was formed in 1998 from three ICI businesses: Katalco, Vertec (adhesion promoters) and Tracerco, and from businesses from Unilever: Unichema catalysts and the HTC catalysts business from Crosfield. It also included the former BASF syngas catalysts, linked to the ammonia and methanol markets.

Subsequently, units such as J & J Dyson’s ‘Dycat’ business related to the hydrogen industry and to refineries and the oil and gas areas, and the former catalyst units of Celanese: ‘Hoecat’ for edible oils and ‘CelActiv‘ linked to the alcohol sector, were acquired. In India, the catalyst business of Hindustan Lever - linked with oleochemicals and the Taloja facility for catalysts for oleochemicals and edible oils, were also acquired.

Synetix also brings expertise in chiral catalysis.


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