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Platinum Metals Rev., 2003, 47, (3), 121

‘Platinum Today’ Website — New Informative Features

The ‘Platinum Today’ website (, which along with the Ingenta Select site (, gives access to the electronic version of Platinum Metals Review, has been redesigned. ‘Platinum Today’ contains new features and services designed to maintain its position as the premier source of information on the platinum group metals and the platinum industry.

‘Platinum Today’ carries the Johnson Matthey publication ‘Platinum 2003’, the annual review of the platinum metals markets, as well as a library of earlier issues. The site also includes data on prices, metals supply and demand, applications and mining resources. It has an up-to-the-minute news service and a full news archive, a list of upcoming platinum industry conferences and events, and a photo library containing high quality digital images.

Five home pages cater for specific interests: Market Analyst; Press/Media; PGM Producer/Trader; Technical Research; and PGM User. These can be selected from a drop down menu. There are links to other Johnson Matthey sites which give access to technical data and to Johnson Matthey’s platinum group metals products and services.

‘Platinum Today’ has all the facilities and services expected of a well-run site, such as a ‘search’ function which enables a word search to be conducted on any item on the site; a ‘Register for Email’ facility, enabling alerts for new issues of Platinum Metals Review, price reports and updates to be received; ‘FAQ’s’; and a ‘Contact us’ link.

Platinum Metals Review can be accessed via the Technical Research homepage or the ‘Publications’ button. The features: ‘Back Issues, Instructions to Authors, Request Back Issues and Existing Reader Address Change’ — are retained. The address of Platinum Metals Review on ‘Platinum Today’ is:

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