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Platinum Metals Rev., 2004, 48, (1), 2

Platinum Metals Review: E-Journal

  • S.V. Ashton

Past editors of this Journal have said, within the confines of the Editorial Department of Platinum Metals Review, that the role of the Journal is to get information from people who didn't want to part with it and give it to people who didn't know they needed it.

The information world has changed enormously since those sentiments were first aired. Now, with the intense debate taking place in information circles and academic bodies over publishers fees, authors fees, copyright fees, university publishing and accessibility of scientific papers, it seems to us that this is a good time to extend the services that Platinum Metals Review can offer. In effect it has been decided that as from July 2004, Platinum Metals Review will become purely an E-journal with the editorial team offering a free quarterly E-journal on a dedicated website, with features to enhance the visibility of our authors and be a solid service to our readers.

In line with the original aims of the printed Journal, the E-journal will seek to encourage and stimulate scientific research in the platinum group metals (pgms). It is intended to provide a platform to aid pgm researchers, and provide opportunities and information. The E-journal will continue to be published quarterly as a survey of research on the platinum metals and of developments in their application in industry, as it has for the 48 years of its printed form, to which we will say goodbye with the April issue.

Unlike many online journals and databases, all information on the new Platinum Metals Review website will be accessible. For our authors we will be able to provide a faster, improved publishing service and, unlike at present, we will be less restricted in the number of pages and data we can provide. As many of you know, we spend a lot of time working with our authors, and our enhanced facilities will enable this to be continued and extended.

Having a dedicated website for Platinum Metals Review will enable authors to communicate more widely with other scientists, and indeed with the general public, in ways that the controlled circulation of the printed journal has not allowed, and we hope that you will take advantage of the facilities we will offer.

So, April 2004 will be the last printed issue of this Journal. There will still be some postal communications with our readers and authors after this last issue, but our main contact with you will be electronic, so please send your E-mail addresses to us. We will discuss some of the functionality features of the new website in the April issue.

Speaking on behalf of my colleagues, Pavla White and Keith White, it has been a pleasure to work on the print issues of Platinum Metals Review. We very much appreciate our contacts with authors and readers, and in moving the Journal onwards we look forward to continuing these and to providing a website that will inform, surprise and please you.

Susan V. Ashton


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