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Platinum Metals Rev., 1961, 5, (4), 139

A High Temperature Research Microscope

New Design of Platinum Micro-Furnace

For the study of crystallisation phenomena in glass and for the construction of phase diagrams a high temperature polarising microscope is needed capable of examining specimens at temperatures up to 1400°C. A new type of micro-fumace for use in this way on a microscope stage has recently been designed by N. Murphy, of Pilkington Brothers Research Laboratories. This consists of a 3 mm diameter vertical open-ended tube in 10 per cent rhodium-platinum, partitioned about its centre by a foil diaphragm which serves as a support for a coneshaped rhodium-platinum crucible. The current leads are of 3 mm square section rhodium-platinum. Equilibrium temperatures are attained very quickly, and can be measured accurately by means of a 0.012 mm diameter platinum thermocouple accurately located in contact with the specimen.

The platinum micro-furnace unit mounted on the stage of the microscope

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