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Platinum Metals Rev., 2006, 50, (3), 119
doi: 10.1595/147106706X129853

Launch of the Low Carbon and Fuel Cell Knowledge Transfer Network

  • M. Hugh

On the 25th May, 2006, Fuel Cell Today (, along with its partners CENEX (the U.K.'s newly formed Centre of Excellence for Low Carbon and Fuel Cell Technologies), Fuel Cells UK and Foresight Vehicle, announced the launch of the Low Carbon and Fuel Cell Knowledge Transfer Network (LCFC-KTN).

This new development, designed to enhance the U.K.'s competitive position in emerging clean energy technologies, was instigated by the Department of Trade and Industry. The Network was launched simultaneously in Yokohama, Japan, at the Japan Society of Automotive Engineers congress.

Fuel Cell Today and the other KTN partners have combined their specialist knowledge to cover broad aspects of sustainable transportation ( and the full complement of commercial opportunities for fuel cells, from portable battery replacement through to power generation and transport applications. A principal aim is to accelerate the development and deployment of fuel cells in the U.K.

The KTN will provide a range of services to the U.K. low carbon and fuel cell community including a dedicated website, Business to Business facilities, networking opportunities, online conferencing, briefing notes, and expert opinions on technology and policy. The launch of the KTN is timely. As the commercial phase of fuel cell development gets underway, the U.K. fuel cell community now has a real opportunity to influence domestic and even worldwide markets.

The advent of the Low Carbon and Fuel Cell Technology KTN is evidence that the U.K. Government is reshaping its approach to boosting U.K. fuel cell industry capabilities and competitiveness in line with broader international industry trends. Currently, the U.K. does not sit with the United States, Japan, Canada and Germany in the first tier of international fuel cell development, but it has an undeniable depth of expertise which bodes well for the future. The U.K. also has some of the most innovative companies in the business. With effort, and continued Government support, the U.K. might yet take a place at the top table.

The Fuel Cell KTN website can be viewed at: For further information on this KTN and the services which it offers, contact:

Mike Hugh ( is the Moderator of the Fuel Cell Technology Knowledge Transfer Network website He is interested in fuel cell paths to market and the corresponding policy process. He is on the staff of Fuel Cell Today, and his Ph.D. thesis focused on drivers and barriers for stationary fuel cell markets in the U.K.

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