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Platinum Metals Rev., 2011, 55, (3), 153
doi: 10.1595/147106711X587273

Guest Editorial: The PGM 2011 Industrial Commercialization Competition

  • Michael Joseph
  • Anglo American Platinum, South Africa
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Anglo American Platinum, the world's largest primary platinum miner, is a proud partner of the 2011 SA Innovation Summit. This aims to provide opportunities for innovators and inventors to communicate their ideas, including new applications for the platinum group metals (pgms) mined by Anglo American Platinum. Access to these opportunities is promoted through the PGM Industrial Commercialization Competition.


South Africa is home to 77% of the world's platinum reserves, and Anglo American Platinum accounts for about 42% of newly mined production globally, with its operations primarily based in South Africa. Beneficiation of South Africa's mineral wealth before export has huge potential for major financial growth with many opportunities for job creation in the country. South Africa's strengths include technical and production expertise as well as comprehensive research and development activities.

Anglo American Platinum launched the PGM Development Fund in 2009 with the specific objective of providing capital for future pgm market development and beneficiation. The Fund seeks to invest primarily in early stage or start-up activities with commercial viability. The Industrial Commercialization Competition for the best new application for pgms or an improvement on a current commercialised product will be a platform for funding consideration by the PGM Development Fund.

The competition is open to researchers, institutions, manufacturers, designers or teams resident in South Africa and must be submitted by 30th November 2011.

The unique qualities of pgms make them a vital component in many technological inventions and a part of our everyday lives – in applications as diverse as transport, industrial processes, electronic device manufacture and medicine. Their catalytic properties make them a significant contributor to improving the environment by providing cleaner, more efficient energy. Research and development into the applications of the pgms has brought significant technical and commercial success in all of these areas. Together with their ability to be recycled, pgm use is also increasingly sustainable.

Innovation and economic growth are integrally linked. This competition should help promote innovative, commercially viable technology that will add value to the pgm economic chain.

MICHAEL JOSEPH, Anglo American Platinum, South Africa

More Information


To download an entry form, visit the PGM Development Fund website: (Accessed on 15th July 2011)


For more information on the Innovation Summit, visit: (Accessed on 15th July 2011)

The Author

Michael Joseph is the Manager: Industrial Development and Beneficiation at Anglo American Platinum, and leads the PGM Industrial Commercialization Competition.

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