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Platinum Metals Rev., 2014, 58, (2), 59
doi: 10.1595/147106714X680212

Editorial: Platinum Metals Review: Looking Back and Moving Forward

  • By Sara Coles
  • Johnson Matthey Plc,
  • Gate 21, Orchard Road, Royston, Hertfordshire SG8 5HE, UK
  • Email:

This will be the last issue of Platinum Metals Review to be published under that name. From the next issue, in July 2014, the journal will become known as the Johnson Matthey Technology Review. Some of our readers will be aware of this change as information has been announced previously (1).

Looking back Platinum Metals Review has covered many groundbreaking technology areas over the decades in which it has been published. Highly downloaded recent articles from the Journal Archive include the health applications of platinum in medical devices such as pacemakers, neurostimulation devices etc. (2); the use of platinum group metals (pgms) to disinfect water (3); platinum's use in electrochemical measurements (4); the history of the pgms in the Periodic Table (5); preparatory techniques for pgm nanoparticles (6); the qualities of pgms that make them suitable for anticancer and other medical treatments (7); the uses of coordination chemistry in organic reactions, optical applications, hydrometallurgy and medicine (8); the reasons for the use of platinum in fuel cell electrocatalysts (9); a discussion of the relative importance of platinum, palladium and rhodium in gasoline automotive catalysts (10); and phosphorescent platinum complexes for promising organic light-emitting diodes (OLEDs) (11).

All past articles in Platinum Metals Review will remain available to access free of charge in electronic formats from the Journal Archive.

Of course during its publication Platinum Metals Review has been exclusively focused on pgm-containing technologies. From the next issue, the journal will have a much broader scope as it transitions into the Johnson Matthey Technology Review. The emphasis on pgms will cease, however the new, broader ethos will be to publish on selected topics of especial relevance to Johnson Matthey's industry, and to those working towards industrially relevant applications.

Johnson Matthey Technology Review

In mid-2014 there will be a new-look website. We have taken the opportunity to add some new functionality: authors will be pleased to know that we will offer faster publication as we will be publishing articles on a rolling basis, ahead of publication of the issue to which they are assigned. There will be Chinese translations of article abstracts, to help the rapidly growing research community in China to access the information that they need. It will also be possible to download articles on mobile devices such as a smartphone or tablet and it will be possible to sort articles by subject category to more easily find articles of interest.

The new website and journal will be found at: Please look out for further announcements.

Topics which will be eligible for submission to the Johnson Matthey Technology Review will include:

  • Analytical techniques

  • Biocatalysis

  • Catalysis

  • Chemistry

  • Electrochemistry

  • Electronics

  • Emissions control

  • Energy conversion & storage

  • Historical

  • Industrial processes

  • Medical

  • Metallurgy and materials

  • Nanotechnology

  • Pharmaceuticals and fine chemicals

  • Sustainable chemistry.

The full list with further details will appear on our website under Editorial Policy.

We are now inviting submissions to the Johnson Matthey Technology Review and these are not limited to people who already have a relationship with Johnson Matthey Plc. Contact us to submit a manuscript or if you would like more information.


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