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Platinum Metals Rev., 1962, 6, (2), 58

High-Temperature Properties of Platinum Metals

Strength and Deformation Characteristics

Some two years ago the Battelle Memorial Institute submitted to the U.S. Office of Naval Research a report on “High-Temperature Properties and Alloying Behaviour of the Refractory Platinum-Group Metals”, designed to survey the literature and thence to reveal areas in which investigation is needed. A further report, by R. W. Douglass, C. A. Krier and R. I. Jaffee, has now been issued, under the same title, describing the results of three years of study. The experimental work now reported was based largely on the results of the earlier literature survey.

Much of the report, running to 170 pages, is concerned with the strength properties of the more refractory platinum metals at high temperatures, and includes studies of strength-temperature relationships, deformation characteristics, strain and structure sensitivity and fracture initiation and propagation characteristics. At high temperatures the mechanical strengths of rhodium and iridium are shown to be superior to those of tungsten, molybdenum, tantalum and niobium.

Other sections of this report deal with fabrication, alloying behaviour and oxidation.

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